Where did you play this week?

Fun exercise that you can do over time if you’re interested.


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I keep a spreadsheet and pick up a logo ball if the shop has them. My course count is 116, not bad for 12 years in.


It’s in the conversation. Wild Horse in NE is still the value king for me.


Could not agree more. Played Chambers Bay myself for the first time this past May and enjoyed it beyond my expectations.

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Kids had the day off so long weekend up in Winter Park with some friends. Played this morning at Granby Ranch. Fun course and had place to ourselves on a perfect fall morning.


Got an early morning 18 in today at my home course. Had 4 3 putt bogeys, but still enjoyed having my grandma able to ride around with me. My grandpa introduced both of us to the game before he passed away, so I love being able to get on the course with her!


Tackled a quick trip to Long Island for the first time. Let me simply say, it did not disappoint.

Monday afternoon: Three hours buzzing around NGLA with my bro. Epic experience. Highlights would include so many of the well known templates, and just the vibe. From all staff, members, etc I met, it was, “Enjoy”, “Have fun”, “Glad you’re here”. Probably my second favorite US round.

Tuesday morning: Bethpage Black. Basically, this can be summed up as a “five hour hike, in which you will get punched in the face multiple times”. The length, the rough, the hills. The place is huge - corridors that the holes run through are massive - but tight. You have to hit the fairways. I don’t think I’ve made as many Dr-5i-Wedge-2 putt bogeys in my life. Still, would recommend…at least once.

Wedesday afternoon: Piping Rock Club, Locust Valley. I loved it. The routing, the green complexes, the conditioning. Fantastic use of the land, it played fast and firm, and the scale is impressive. CB knew what he was doing.

Can’t wait to head back next year!


I’ll agree to tag along to NGLA with you next year. What the hell, why not?



Had an invite to play Black Bull Golf Course today.

A beautiful early fall day in Bozeman and a fun Tom Wesikopf track.

Can’t take credit for the photo though as that is a stock image. Mountains did have just a touch of snow on them today.


If NGLA is your number 2 domestic, I think we have to know what your number 1 is


Sure - Bandon Dunes is my favorite/ no. 1. Been around it a few times, so that could be influencing the rating.


What if I told you, NGLA isn’t in my top 2???


I would call you a bad guy


Where does it fall?

It’s in the Top 5. Prairie Dunes and Cal Club are the top 2.


Got to get out and play the infamous Mimosa Hills. And definitely didn’t dissapoint. So good, great views. Had an absolute blast. Working nights leading into it whipped me on the walk but felt good doing it.


Also while down for work. I got to take a trip and play pinehurst #1. I liked it better than 3, but probably cause i played better. And greens are more forgiving. Either way it was a great time and in great shape. And as usual you leave just wondering when and how quick you can get back there


@LukeBoatright told you #1 was better than #3

@JoshBWNY I am sure you are the nicest guy in the world. This fact is already proven by your statements about this course which is at best the worst golf course in the state of North Carolina.

*this is a bit. I am sure its a fine course. I was forced to play this course against my will and forever will wish it to burn in hell.


Less of a “where did I play this week” and rather a “where have I played every week”… However, a move has me leaving Cabarrus CC.

My introduction into the refuge really set off in January 2021 after seeing some information on it in the newsletter. Before I knew it I was knee deep in every thread, jumped into the CLC local whatsapp chat (Carolinas and VA), and within a week I was hooked. Realizing I wanted to walk more of my rounds due to the influence here, I sought to join an affordable club in my area. Cabarrus CC fit the bill perfectly. A relatively flat front 9 with a little more undulation on the back 9, houses way off the fairway on only 4 holes, and some fast greens in superb conditions year round.

Besides the course, the best part has been hosting a good portion of the CLC. I did a rough count today and I believe I’ve had 28 refugees out, along with 1 former and 1 lover of wings (RIP). The 18 months here have been the best and plenty of memories were made. I’ll definitely miss this place.