Where did you play this week?

The 6th hole turns me into a mental midget. I can’t tell you how many balls I put into that pond and it’s like a 150 carry from the blue tees. The 16th is a shorter carry but still over water and mostly it doesn’t phase me at all.

Agree with @fullbodyfix that the 7th is a fun short 4 and the 8th is a short par 5 often with the wind at your back.

And yet… it still ain’t great.

I will add that the restaurant is pretty solid and all I would expect from an on course post round drink or meal.


Windsor GC
Windsor CA
NCGA Weekend Net Tour event


The iconic silos!


I’m a firm believer that those silos should be WGC’s logo


Same. And it helps that that hole is extremely fun, and that the silos can be used as an aiming point.

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Langston wasn’t in the best of conditions for our local Roost outing, but then again neither was my swing. Shoutout @mintbucket for bringing the literal mint bucket (4 parts bourbon, one part simple, lots of mint leaves & ice). Kept doubles off the scorecard for a clean scramble just out of the money. Overall good day with Capital Roost, many thanks to @RobertHunter for his highly active and dedicated captaincy.


Inject this in my veins

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Mintbucket is a cardiovascular surgery nurse… could probably go straight for the arteries tbh. Maybe even the aorta.


Tough scene for Team Heath/Jeb in the match, but love Jeb’s strategic press on 8-tee to salvage some dignity.


Pump it straight into my ventricle.

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Strap in



We’ve lost the greens…



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Played Cherokee Run GC in Conyers, Ga. About 20 minutes outside of Atlanta. It’s a gem of a course. Designed by Arnold Palmer it has zoysia fairways that are like carpet.


I’ve played there. Do they still have that par 5 that basically gives you no option except to hit a mid iron off the tee?

Got some rounds in while out in Scottsdale this week. Played We-Ko-Pa Saguaro right off the plane so I’ll use the jet lag as an excuse for my poor play that round. Even with less than great play, my first experience with C&C designs was a treat.

Next up was the Stadium Course at TPC Scottsdale. I know this course gets some hate but I had a great time. Could’ve been because I was dialed with driver or because we were vibing hard with our playing partner Ali, but definitely enjoyed the course.

We’re on to Troon North Pinnacle. Definitely target golf but a visually stunning piece of property. Multi million dollar properties in play off the tee on some holes can get the palms a little sweaty. Gonna have to make a trip back to play Monument.

Final round was a scramble format at Papago, I was preoccupied with consuming as many beers as possible and didn’t end up with any pics of the actual course. Fun layout but I wish the greens had been in better shape.

Desert golf ain’t so bad.


Yep. #8


Few photos from the first walk at southern hills, gonna be a good week


What we lacked in scoring was minimal to what we scored in style! Always a pleasure to get a round in with @jandywlu at all the @NationalLinksTRoost members!!
Mint Juleps for all!


After 16 rounds in 12 days in the US, it took me a month to touch a club again.

I proceeded to shoot 93 yesterday in that comeback game, so I snuck out again this morning before work to make amends and got around in 76. Stupid fucking game.

Day for it!

Found this too, which always puts a smile on my face to come across in the wild.