Where did you play this week?

I totally agree. I had no concept of my grip or feel for the club in my hands today. Playing early AM tomorrow so hopefully Im alone and can work on it.

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TFW you play in real feel 139 degrees…


This course looks awesome in the pics.

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Got in a second 18 of the weekend early this morning with a 7:21 am tee time at Bunker Hill GC in Princeton, NJ. Its about 15 minutes away from the well-known Ivy League university. Weather out here was a bit more bearable than yesterday (the early morning tee time helped too).

Its an Alec Ternyei (never heard of him but looks like he did a few courses in this area of NJ) design opened back in 1972. Not particularly long but definitely has a few holes that bite (the par five 18th can kill ya if you play it wrong). As far as my round, I played much better than yesterday (10 shots better on the scorecard…82 vs 92) but the shot that really stuck with was on the par four 16th. 344 yards from the whites I hooked my 3 wood through the left trees into the 17th hole’s rough…far enough left that I actually had a shot but it was a small window. I was about 140 out with a back pin so I pulled 7 iron playing it about 150 and hit an absolute missile at the pin…landed it 3 feet and stopped. Buried the putt for my only birdie of the day.

Real story of my round though was this guy Bill I got randomly paired with. He was 61 years old and usually plays a Monday morning game at this course but came out today because its due to rain tomorrow. He has worked the past 34 years overnight’s in the produce section of a local grocery store and is getting ready to retire so he can just play lots of golf while collecting a pension and social security. This was the nicest and coolest dude I have ever been paired up with…and he was absolutely lethal with his approach shots. A “dont think, have fun” kind of golfer who found the game a bit later in life. Wonderful round playing with Bill…perhaps the best I have ever had rolling solo and getting paired with strangers. Really rewarding experience and feel like I learned a thing or two.

Feel like I am going to have to make an obligatory post in this thread every Sunday inquiring with our fearless leaders to see where and how they played each week…and especially any fun/interesting stories from the course. Well boys?

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We got home from Cabot a week ago Friday and I haven’t played since then. Been kind of nice.


Played Rustic for the first time since leaving LA 6 years ago. Took way longer than I remember to get there and back (about 2 hours each way). They added fencing for the native areas which is a bit of a bummer (I rolled just into it on 10). Also the greens and surrounds were a bit softer than ideal.

Still a crazy good course. Also, I feel like the price has gone down which is insane.

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Always good to decompress after a golf trip. My annual buddies trip is almost always Labor Day week (a few exceptions in our 8 years of doing it)…I generally dont play for the rest of September following it (maybe once or twice).

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I’m a member at my local public course, Wyong Golf Club on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia. This weeks Saturday comp was just the standard single Stableford comp and I had 25 points, with 6 wipes and 3 x 1 pointers. My brother and I have to play our quarter final match for the Team Match Play this weekend coming so hopefully I got all the bad holes out of my system…

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You must be from out west where it is dry heat vs the humid heat of the east. It’s like playing in a sauna vs a steam room. After driving cross country realized 100 and dry is way better than the high 80’s and humid of the southeast.

If you like the humid heat well…don’t know what to say.

No golf this week for me. Tendonitis is a real bitch.


Great golf week for me. Played Denison with @LJP and @Tgilbert18, and the very next day I played WP9 (thanks, business trip to FLA!). Two exceptionally fun days of golf. Some times you’re just happy you learned to swing a golf club, you know?

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you from the area? bunker hill pops up when i’m browsing nearby courses, but i’m pretty bad at checking out new courses in the area (heron glen is at the top of my list)

i played last monday on the way up to canada. stayed in upstate new york sunday night right near the border, monday morning while my girlfriend and friends were sleeping snuck out early to play alburg links in vermont, on this peninsula on lake champlain… incredibly beautiful & quiet course, wide open with a lot of variety and undulation, good condition, cheap, and was the first one out so i got to zip around in 2 hours. felt like i had a smile on my face the whole time, what a great golf experience


Ugh aint that the truth. What kind? Ive been battling some in my right wrist this season…mostly gone now but it was at its worst during my 144 hole bonanza in Pinehurst a little over a month ago. Fortunately has gone away on its own.

Grew up in Monmouth County (great muni lineup), live just over the border in Middlesex County now and spent the past 5 years in Hoboken before recent move. Never heard of Heron Glen but just looked it up and the Hunterdon area is definitely a bit of a hike from here but closer to Bunker (I am more east). Course photos look really nice though, may have to take the hour drive to Heron someday.

Shot 77 on Saturday with Driver / 3i / 5i / 7i / 9i / 54 / Putter.

Woof. Up down and around.


Left wrist. Third bad flare up since February. No rhyme or reason as to why it flares up.

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Damn brutal…heal up soon!

How did you like WP9? Pretty special place huh? Glad you made it out there.

I obviously thoroughly enjoyed the round at Denison Saturday morning, great company, fun golf course; but, I played pretty poorly. Legit don’t think I made a putt outside of 2ft. didn’t hit it well off the tee or around the greens. Was just off. Shot a discouraging 88.

Then today, got out in sweltering heat at 11am at Maketewah CC here in Cincy. Same story on the front 9. Hit a few good shots, but mostly didn’t have it. Putting was still as bad as it has been in a while (switched to the trusty MG today though). Went out in 43. I proceeded to bogey 10 after barely finding my ball in long grass, things weren’t going well…

… then, I have zero clue what happened, but something changed. I ended making 6 pars and 2 birdies coming in to shoot 1-under 35 on the back for 78. Long drives, good irons shots, putting close and making a few. It was nuts. Actually, I think that’s my first under par 9-holes. Just when my frustrations were as high as they’ve been in a while, I go out and do that. Golf is wild, man!