Where did you play this week? (Part 1)

Those are some green greens.


Nitrogen rich for sure! But I also enhanced the lighting on the photos, to accommodate for the overcast

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Does a hole in one at the Hay count as a hole in one?

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My heater on the coast came to a close yesterday with 24 of us out at Pacific Grove for a little RACDG NorCal competition. As noted above by my guy Dylan, we pregamed at the Hay, Tiger’s little short course, which is always fun. We played a couple sixsomes and had a hoot.

Pacific Grove was the best, as always. $45 to walk, a great staff, true links shit on the back nine. Delightful. On a personal note, I got to play with @catshannon and @giles which is always great for the soul.


Yesterday’s round was special. Not because of the course or what I shot (although I did score well for me) but because of the company. I got to play with one of my best friends who I haven’t seen in 2 years and 8 months because of covid and him living in Winnipeg. Amazingly we’ve grown closer during the pandemic and it’s been because of our shared love of golf and constantly texting about pro golf and our own games, and jumping on FaceTime to debrief rounds.

Hug your people folks and enjoy your time together. Who knows what life will throw at us.

We were supposed to play another 9 this morning but of course life happens though and I started feeling super sick over night and tested positive for the vid this morning. Ugh.


Played Awbrey Glen in Bend on Saturday with @b_lehmann and had an absolutely delightful time. My man is a too notch nice guy and at the risk of volunteering him for hosting duties definitely reach out if you are in Bend.

The course was equally fun with some really memorable holes and nothing to complain about.

Which is in stark contrast to the absolute ass kicking I took at Tetherow. You all know why that place is great and I tried to remind myself of that every time I hit a bad shot and knew I was absolutely boned before I even got to my ball.


Just a little place outside of Boston, site of four U.S. Opens…


It was as an amazing time playing with you my man! Enjoy your time in town!


Played Bethpage Black for the first time on Friday.

Didn’t do the parking lot routine as it’s pretty easy to get a spot as a single as a NYC resident. Though the 2hr train and 20 min walk from the station made me feel deserving enough. Always wonderful to come in at <$75 for a round at such a great course.

Clubhouse and surrounds is a very cool complex of 4 courses with a really interesting mesh of northeast prestigious country club vibe and muni facility. Maybe a COVID development, but not alot of direction when getting there. Found it a little hard to figure out where to pay/where the range was/how to find the first tee. Had a nice laugh when I asked the high schooler taking my payment where the Black first tee was and he said “whats the black?” Similarly was not given a scorecard or anything to describe the holes–kept score on my phone. Was sent off about 30 min early by the starter as I was just hanging around the famous sign and soaking up the atmosphere.

Course was in absolutely amazing condition. Played with a GolfDigest course rater and he was also remarking on how pure things were. Was a brute as expected: narrow fairways, huge bunkers, and thick rough with a dose of fescue to boot, but I was pleasantly surprised how fair it played. I had heard horror stories of how tough a walk it was, but found it overall pretty mild other than a few big hills, though a couple of times in the bunkers I felt like I had been walking for 10minutes and was still in the sand.

The echoes of Pine Valley are evident especially on the front nine. In contrast to Pine Valley I found it played much more open–you had to look in the fescue and hack it out, but you could find your ball.


I found out that there was a golf course up in the mountains and among the redwoods in Boulder Creek, CA and that they were very narrowly spared by a wildfire in 2020… Well I was staying just a few miles down the road and decided to go see it for myself. All I can say is, very tight, tight, tight piece of property. Also, I saw a shirtless man playing golf amongst a sixsome… So I guess there is a first time for everything.




I thought bragging camp was in full swing with the three paragraphs on Bethpage Black, and then boom here comes the line of the post.

Great writeup! Let it be known that a golfer who has played Pine Valley is not above taking the LIRR to Bethpage and then hoofing it to the tee box. I hope you found yourself a perfect bagel along the way.


Yea I hated myself a too…but the same guy did maybe possibly consult or design them, so felt like it was within the realm of a post. Just trying to give some color to the experience. When I inevitably do it again, I’ll compare to my usual Van Cortland Park.


Ravisloe CC, General at Eagle Ridge, Sandbox, Mammoth Dunes, Sand Valley, and Lawsonia Links. Long drive home yesterday.


My man it’s like a $5 cab ride (or Uber these days)… why you killing yourself like that??


Yesterday was a pleasant afternoon 9 in the sweltering heat of August in Virginia. My playing partners had a blast. Eli loves shooting the laser, Katie loves hitting it further with each round. Eli had his first experience with the snowcone cups at the water cooler. Eli let out a heroic yawlp each time the cart kicked to life. As we were waiting on the par 3 teebox, the twosome behind commented how they could not wait for their son to grow old enough to play. We raided the clubhouse for snacks and a perfect cap to a weekend home. Brookwoods is growing the game the right way.


Them Pine Valley memberships ain’t cheap… Gotta cut costs where you can


Me and my middle man hit up Rock Creek Golf & Country Club yesterday in Jacksonville, NC. 35 minutes from home and somehow never played it before. Green were in great shape although pretty slow. I did find it interesting that they have no central irrigation system with limited sprinkles and most of it done by farm tractors with boom sprayers lol. Nonetheless, we had a great time and will be going back. From the tips it was well under 6k yards but I had 3 par 3’s over 180 and two par 5’s over 550 yards which blew me away…


Only with a giant asterisk, simply so you can recount the tale of the time you jarred one from the tee box and how it totally didn’t count. Strictly for the vibes

Sand Valley, Sandbox, Mammoth Dunes, Sandbox, Lawsonia Links, Kettle Loop, Erin Hills.