Where did you play this week? (Part 1)

Played The Crossings at Carlsbad this morning.

A very nice course north of San Diego.

Must have cost a fortune to build all of the bridges over the canyons.

Great morning. It’s almost impossible to believe it’s this nice of weather in San Diego 365 days a year.


I played there years ago. Really enjoyed it.

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Played Pronghorn Nicklaus course today. It can really kick your teeth in. I was cruising along making pars and then boom. Triple. Cruising along boom double. There are some wild ass greens out there. I keep bugging the staff to let me on the Fazio. We will see if I can wear them down over the five days I’m here.

Tetherow tomorrow.


People love to shit on Pronghorn Nicklaus but I liked it very much (because I shot my lowest round ever). That said everyone says the Fazio course is significantly better.

You’re gonna love Tetherow even as it kicks your ass (as it does to most everyone).

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Try to get on Bend CC if you can.

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@duncmitchell and I had a blast today at Links of Gleneagles northwest of Calgary. A golf course that would be more cool without the housing development. Dramatic land.

Also, some incredible Duck Club member had bought us a round of beers before we even arrived! What a community.


Spontaneous and serendipitous trip out to Olympic Club’s “Cliffs” Par 3 course. As luck would have it, I was in the right place at the right time to accept the invite. Great views, fun shots, and great company! A double green with a bunker in the middle?!


It’s probably the best Nicklaus I’ve played. I feel like it asked a lot of interesting questions and the green complexes are better than anything I’ve seen from him. There’s probably a few more center line trees/bunkers than it needs and there are some cheesy features but overall I was impressed. And I didn’t expect to be impressed. Still hustling hard to get on Fazio.

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I hustled my way onto Broken Top and Awbrey Glenn but haven’t found a connection at BCC yet.

TDC remains undefeated!

I, however, couldn’t find even the biggest of clubfaces to start the round. So I could have been defeated by a stiff breeze.

Pleasure to connect with you, @Bunk - already looking forward to the next one.


Canadians… always making their southern neighbors look bad

(It’s all a ruse to cover up the hockey culture)


Shepherds Crook 1/2 way between Chicago and Milwaukee today.

Fun track with a pyramid built on ancient human waste. Just marvelous vistas.

@JAD @PinkPantser @Cswartz Made the round enjoyable despite my play.

It’s like there’s a wide variance of outcomes when you Play this game or something


Played Pacific Grove as a single and the threesome I joined only played the front. It was pretty awesome walking the back nine

by myself.


Been playing Bald Eagle a ton since it’s reopening. due to the border still being weird not many people are going down to play it. Their loss though as we have the first tee time out Saturday mornings and play in <3 hours.

Still pretty scruffy and the fairways are baked out but the transformation of the greens from being teebox speed 6 weeks ago when they reopened has been awesome. Been cool to see the course get back into better shape each week.


Lol what a course to only play the front. Wow.


Was gonna say exactly this. Hopefully they’re locals who play it all the time because that is otherwise a legendarily poor choice


These photos came out really good man. That was fun.


They were older and lived in Pacific Grove and still a terrible decision by them.


Thanks for having me, I had a great time!

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Warm-up round at The Hay before the Fleming Cup at Pacific Grove today.
Pretty fun little loop!