Where did you play this week? (Part 1)

Woods and putter were on FIRE this morning at Belmont CC (Ashburn, VA).

All the other clubs in between were very hit-or-miss. Lost 5 balls en route to a stupid 96. Greens were pure AF.


Played the OFCC double today in a cracker day!

South/north combo is a fun one!


Walked the back 9 at my “home” course AL Gustin in Columbia after work. Beautiful day made up for the lackluster play.


Where is this @baberuth? It’s beautiful

The Paintbrush.

Canada, got it… making me Google :rage:


New work around the bunkers makes them stand out more

Getting elevated this weekend up in Denver. Got out to City Park Golf Course with a few Urb Rohlers. City of Denver muni. The course was in solid condition. Some quirky holes and a weird routing but the views and vibes are immaculate.


The Pulpit and the Paintbrush were founded by the creators of Trivial Pursuit. The ultimate dream, invent something that makes a bazillion dollars and make your own golf courses.


Stellar day with @@Setwilli and the bladez out at Stonebridge Country Club.


2:32 minute walk this morning at Fargo CC. It was glorious. Managed to make more birdies than sixes, so I consider it a success.


Earlier this year I bought a foursome at a charity event. It was for the Rising Sun Golf Course, a private course about an hour away from me that is only available for guests of the guest ranch that owns it.

Since I wasn’t paying 7k+ for a week of dude ranch activities to play the course, the charity round was the way to go.

Course was in fantastic condition which makes sense because it gets like 2-3 groups a day maybe.

There were a couple of groups that finished up right when we got there but after they left we had the entire place to ourselves.

It was glorious.

We played a few different games and took our sweet ass time to enjoy the day. Probably the only time I’ll ever say I enjoyed a 6 hour round!


Played the River Course at Queenstown with my dad this morning. Flew really close to the sun. Had a 15 footer for birdie on 18 to shoot under par for the first time but left it a touch left. I guess even par for the first time will do.


Sounds like an awfully boring round of golf! :wink:

Got to watch @mmckenney take his first lap around Blue Mash from the tips and come within a few strokes of even par. Joined by a solo player named Billy who was a freak athlete and also apparently my neighbor. Good times were had.

Mash was in terrific shape. Toasty walk though, as it was cart path only. Bev cart was handing out free icy cold towels which was a godsend.

Unfortunately something had killed all the fish in their ponds and the local heron population had taken to littering. These were getting a bit odorous after baking in the sun.


Past 8 days were pretty great.

Last Saturday- Alister Mackenzie’s first US commission:
Meadow Club, Fairfax Ca

Generous off the tee, the fun begins trying to get an angle into some seriously amazing greens. The thing that struck me most was how quiet this course is. Not one house or building in sight (besides the clubhouse). Mt Tam watching you try not to 3-putt. (Managed just one…if you don’t count the par 3 I putted off the green :joy:). Shot 85 with only 1 double. Ran outta gas on the back as the heat and hills became an issue. Ha.

Sonoma GC

A Really solid Sam Whiting with some great holes and surrounded by the wine country foot hills. Greens were in awesome shape. I had a nice 38-43 as part of the NCGA outing.

Saturday - Roost regionals
Pasatiempo, Santa Cruz Ca

Mackenzie’s gem. I doubt I can say anything that hasn’t been said. Some of the best holes in the world. The bunkering is unreal. 16 is an all world par 4. I missed the back plateau by 1 ft and it rolled back 15. Lol. I did make par. But that would have been sick.
I really enjoyed the par 3 18th finish. Provocative. I stuffed on to the back left pin but came up short on the bird. Best part is RACDG Norcal is on to KC :tada:.

Be interesting to see it again after the Reno. The greens do need it. You can kinda see / feel the soil just isn’t right under there. Still - the best course I’ve played in CA.


Went out for a second 18 after getting an invite to play the US Naval Academy Golf Course. Place is absolutely incredible after a great Andrew Green renovation. Par 3s are insane. We were dodging rain and chasing sunlight but got 18 in. Made double on 18 in the dark to shoot 80. Today may have been one of my favorite golf days ever.


I had the privilege of playing Bald Head Island for the first time this past weekened with two awesome dudes for our matchplay series we have here in NC. The ferry ride, the course, the hospitality & food & spirits were awesome. Absolutely some of the best greens I have ever putted on. Cannot wait to go back and do it all over again sometime soon…Maybe when it is a little cooler though lol.


Had a friend come into town (Northern California) and convince me and two others that it would be worth it to spend the money to do the Pebble Beach “thing.” I’ve been fortunate enough to play those courses as discounted COVID rates, but this was full freight, including staying on property. Was it worth it? Who can say…but it was magical. Incredible weekend.

We started out first playing the Stanford course through an alumni friend of my buddy’s - note, his friend was not part of our foursome and seems to have fucked up by telling us this would work, but after a while in the Pro Shop they let us go out unaccompanied. I have no idea how lucky we got or not, but it was…concerning.

Centerline trees in the fairway were provocative, indeed. Many mentions were made of @Randy

The horses were in the back. I also checked out the Club Championship plaque in the restaurant and found a fellow Refugee there, twice! (I won’t out him here, but nice work, my man.)

Next, after a delightful dinner at Hula’s (hat tip @b_lehmann) we played 36 on Friday, at Poppy Hills and Pacific Grove. I hadn’t been to Poppy since they flipped the nines and did some work on the greens, and it is impeccable.

Pacific Grove was also a delight, apparently so much that I barely took photos. I did count over 30 deer on my round, none shown here.

Saturday, we hit up Spyglass Hill. We had been playing a tournament the first three rounds, and Spy was our semi’s - I beat my buddy soundly (4 and 2) and played really well for me.

The opening hole, so damn good.

My buddy walks up to the 4th green, maybe the coolest - and meannest green on the coast. I didn’t get a photo of my birdie putt on 3, but it happened.

The par-3 12th is like the 12th at Augusta, but flipped and it’s terrifying in the best possible way.

I will say that stress of the match, plus a HEALTHY walk (there are some really good uphill climbs) got me pretty tuckered by the end of the day. We spent that for drinks at Spanish Bay where you just gotta get there for the bagpipes.

Finally, Sunday we played The Hay in the morning and Pebble Beach in the afternoon. The Hay is a delight, kids everywhere giggling and a lot of fun, silly shots.

As you can see the weather was nice and calm. We kept starting sentences like, “If we get weather like this today at Pebble…” and then stopped, not wanting to curse our luck. I played Pebble one prior time, in the middle of winter and a torrential downpour, with 30 mph winds, sideways rain and a smattering of HAIL. Not great.

Yesterday? Great. Beyond great, in fact.

My buddy Rob and his fancy pants made a great swing here (and put the ball in the back bunker.)

The 17th hole was stunning and I scrambled for a bogey to tie our match when my friend got stuck in the bunker. We headed to the 18th hole, all square with everything (everything being defined as a Pebble Beach shoe bag) on the line.

But we didn’t let it dampen our mood. I’m the guy in the glasses looking a bit like a serial killer, I fear.

It’s hard to describe how perfect a day it was out there yesterday. 65 degrees, a light wind that really didn’t do much to your golf ball - and real challenges in the bunkers and the rough. The pace of play wasn’t ideal (to say the least, it was 5:20) but aside from that, I can’t imagine expecting a better day out there. I didn’t play GREAT, but I played decently and made five pars, including the 7th, 8th, 14th and 16th and those are moments I don’t expect I’ll forget anytime soon.

The costs are a disgrace and though I can afford it, it did start to get to me by the end of the weekend about just HOW much they charge for … everything. I got it in my head that a light shell vest would be nice - and most everything i saw for sale was between $250-300. That’s just silly, and I say this as a guy who buys merch without shame. But again, from a pure life experience, it was hard to beat.

From a pure golf course perspective, I think Spyglass Hill might be the best one we played, but I refuse to listen to the slander folks throw on Pebble, saying it’s only great because it’s on the water. 9 and 10 are genuinely HARD holes and they’re quite different from each other, despite both being par-4’s that run in a row. 13 is a tricky uphill par 4 with some brutal bunkers in annoyingly relevant spots. The only hole on property I think is sort of mediocre is 15, and even that has a challenging tee shot if after that it’s a bit more pedestrian. Spyglass has zero bad holes, and I’d probably say the same about Poppy Hills. And Stanford, man - that’s a fun course. The par-3’s are great and there are a few shorter par-4’s that put a lot of options in play. I would be afraid to play it when the fescue is grown out - it was mowed but could have been tough sledding if it was it’s typical thigh high level.

Anyway, an amazing golf weekend, and an experience I won’t soon forget.


[Shameless Self Promotion]
Victory SZN continues for @ASplashOfOJ leading up to KC Roost Finals! Despite a psycho scorecard including a quadruple bogey 9, I managed to fend off a small 50&under field to win the FSGA one-day event at Bay Hill Club & Lodge. I certainly did not think my score was good enough to win today, but that’s why we all play I guess. The stretch of 16-18 is the obvious highlight of the course, but I think the front 9 is actually on the better part of the property.

Having finally played it after 16 years in FL, I don’t think I’ll be clamoring to play it again, at least for the $200+ I paid to play it in this event. The conditioning was great, but the course overall didn’t blow me away. I’m sure others love it, and they’re not wrong either.


Had a great time Saturday morning at Disney’s Lake Buena Vista Course!