Where did you play this week? (Part 1)

I havent seen any threads quite like this so I thought it would be interesting and fun. If you are like me, you dont belong to a club and like to switch it up with your local public courses from week to week (I try to avoid doubling up all throughout the summer if I can). Figure we can hear about a lot of different courses this way. If this thread already basically exists and I didnt see it please just let me know and we can delete this / merge them.

So this thread is for everyone to tell us what course(s) you played this week, a little bit about the course (history, architect, unique features, favorite holes, etc.), and any interesting stories about your round or just how you played.

For me, I have tee times scheduled at Suneagles in Eatontown, NJ tomorrow and Bunker Hill in Princeton, NJ on Sunday. More to come following rounds!


Just played 14 holes at Greg Mastriona Golf Courses at Hyland Hills in Westminster CO. Played the Blue Course (9 hole). After hole 7 we skipped back to hole 3 and replayed 3-7 again because it was empty.

They had a scramble tourney out there earlier today and in the bar, we ran into a guy who plays at my club normally. He told me it was a 6.5 hour round. It was 101 in the shade.

Hyland Hills has a 9 hole, an 18 hole and 2 separate Par 3 courses. The Blue is a 69.4/121 at 6420 yards from the tips.

Didn’t play too bad, I was fighting a low hook off the tee for a few shots when my normal driver is a mid traj slight pull fade. Couldn’t make a putt either. Mix of bogeys and pars on the card.

The rest of the weekend I’ll be at our club. The Ranch in Westminster. 6:30am tee time tomorrow and 7:30 Sunday. The Ranch is a private course, Dick Phelps design. I’ll try to do a write up at a later time.


Played Suneagles Golf Club in Eatontown, NJ this morning. Suneagles is an AW Tillinghast design here in Monmouth County NJ. Tillinghast is obviously much better known for Bethpage Black, Winged Foot, and Baltustrol but this is a nice little hidden gem of his from 1926. It is built within what was formerly Fort Monmouth…a number of the army barracks still line a couple of holes on the back nine. In 1935, Byron Nelson won his first ever professional tournament (New Jersey Open) at Suneagles…fun little tidbit (maybe could be a WWTBAM question someday @Lazstradamus)

The course has kind of been in limbo for a number of years now with new management and trying to figure out what to do with it so isnt always in great shape. It was pretty decent today though. It tips out at just 6385 with a 128 slope (Blues) but we played the Whites today (6021 at 122). Greens were moving quick and the course was decently maintained. Course seems to really test a number of different shot types. Plenty of small sloping Tillinghast signature greens and a bunch of uphill approach shots.

It was a scorcher here in Jersey (it is currently 95 with humidity making it feel like 107). Conditions were really, really, tough out there. Was also just one of those days where I had no feel for the club in my hands. Had to grind around the course for what was ultimately an unimpressive 92. Bad short game and no feel for swing with irons at all. Felt like I was between comfort zone yardages all day. Lipped a birdie on the par five 18th after flushing an iron to about 5-6 feet (would have been only of the day), that I was celebrating before it actually dropped…it was pretty saucy. Back at it tomorrow though!


Played 9 on Friday at Rancho Park in West LA. I shit you not it was the PERFECT weather. 72 and a light breeze. Played like shit. Did not care.


Was the course packed?

It was pretty jacked, yes. I teed off around 11am. 9 holes took a little under 2 1/2.

Played 2 holes with my 3 year old son.

He’s my good luck charm, played 2 balls and had 3 pars and a birdie.


Played a short executive course yesterday. Par 62. I hit 10 greens and 4 fringes in regulation. Shot a 75 and had 38 putts. Not a single birdie. Not great Bob. Nice to be striking the ball fairly decent.

Did some grip work on the range and seem to be hitting driver a bit better. It’s amazing how grip can affect the golf swing. I think if 85% of amateur golfers had a lesson in the golf grip they’d shave 5 strokes off their average scores in a couple weeks.

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Was thinking about playing a twilight nine in an hour or so, but then I checked the weather.
Not sure if that “Feels Like” number is correct, but leaning toward not checking it out for myself.


Played in Chicago yesterday and the 103 Feels Like felt like 103

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couple wet towels and 4 gatorades. you’re fine.


Oh, I loved it. My playing partners were not as thrilled.

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Call me weird, but I love playing in super hot weather. Where I am from, its 95-100 most of summer and an hour range session in the heat is just the best.

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Agreed. Grew up in St. Louis so 95 and humid is what I’m used to. I walked 18 up here a few weeks ago after it was finally balmy and felt the strangest sense on happiness. My friends called me crazy.

It’s actually cooling off a bit, but that’s because of the thunderstorms in the area. We’ll wait until tomorrow to play golf.

Shepherds Crook this morning before the big humidity kicked in. Three putted 8 times. YUK!


Sitting on #5 tee at rancho right now. 2 groups in front of us waiting to tee off. This place can be such a joke.

Love that course. Sneaky difficult.

I played The Colonial in Hart, MI - in town to visit my in laws. Shot 86 (45/41). Absolutely garbage golf on the front nine, but finished with 5 straight pars and had good looks at birdie on 3 of those holes.

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blah, that sucks. big reason I didn’t stop by last month when I was down there. wasn’t sure if I could squeeze into a tight time window.

I cant wait for this with my little guy