What's your annual golf spend?


btw, that was meant to be a reply to @scuff. Not sure what happened.


Just a joke my friend…figured there weren’t going to be a huge number on here north of 15k annually so I went with a funny bracket instead of more numbers, and it appears I was correct based on the votes.


i just want oprah money


Only Oprah has Oprah money. The world would be different if she golfed, for sure.


bigger carts, for sure.


Yeah - I think nearly anyone who is a member at a private club will be in the “Oprah Money” bracket and that is very misleading. As others have mentioned I don’t want to add it up but I rationalize the cost because I’m confident what we spend on golf is cheaper than what a divorce would be so with that line of thought I’m coming out ahead.


Oprah can make TBC public!.. I think ZB should set a meeting at Harpo Productions.


I can confirm your line of thought is correct. Oprah-money correct.


Guys, semantics! Oprah Money simply means >$15,000 annually. A large amount of money spent each year on golf. Couldn’t care less if it’s $16,000 or $100,000. It’s just the top end of this particular pyramid. :man_facepalming:


Golf is an expensive hobby, but that entirely depends on how deep you are into it and its all relative.

I absolutely cannot get my dad to spend $50, 60, 70 on a tee time. That price point seems to be what many courses charge. He thinks that’s an absurd cost to play a round of golf, yet he probably spends more on something mundane like 2 cans of paint for the boat. The peak of his golfing experience is just going to be the senior rate he plays at the local muni.


Callaway execs looking at these results…


Haha I was thinking the same thing. Performing some solid free market research for NLU and its sponsors.


Man this become easy to just keep adding too. Membership, equipment, green fees at other places, trips if your lucky.

My only add would be if you happen to have won enough side bets to decrease the amount and then gift cards on top of it… someone has to come out ahead.

Thankfully the wife is a big skier which is another expensive hobby so our golf and ski expenses are very similar. I hope as our income increases that this budget does as well cause I want new irons, lol


This is exactly why in my personal breakdown I include nothing for equipment/clothing/etc. I haven’t paid real money for any of it in years. And the wife makes me put all cash game winnings in the college fund for our daughter now, so they don’t get to offset any golf stuff haha.


Wife: “Honey, we should take the money you make off your friends and put it into the kids’ college funds.”

Me: reading comments on Refuge “What? Sure, babe. Great.”

Six months later:
Wife: “Negative six dollars?? WTF!”

Me: “It was your idea.”


haha, thats exactly what happened this year. All winnings into son’s education account as the expense is already accounted for, and all of my wife’s tips (ski instructor on weekends) do the same.


How did you do an AZ golf vaca for $800? Did you come in the dead of summer? or are you only counting golf expenses and not the related travel expenses?


I go the first weekend of May and my parents have a house and car down there. Flight is usually under $200 and since it’s generally just a long weekend $600 easily covers the rest (essentially just golf) at that time of year when you’re drinking off-sale and cooking for yourself at a house. It’s an extremely fortunate setup that I’m sad I only take advantage of once a year generally.



This is what kills my expenses (and why I don’t really want to add it all up). I don’t play all that often so just the green fees probably don’t add up to all that much, but there was one trip I took solely for golf and I know it was in the neighborhood of 2k all-in (flight, lodging, golf, rental car, food) and since I only took that trip for golf I figure that all counts. That’s when it starts to sting.


I am not going to add it all up, because I don’t want to know the exact number, but probably somewhere between $5 - $10k. It’s worth every GD penny though. And it’s a much healthier addiction than meth or heroin.