What's your annual golf spend?


We’ve had extensive talk regarding the cost of private golf, cost of golf trips, cost of golf equipment, etc. I’m curious what everyone spends in a typical year on the game. I’m talking all in. If you spent 8 grand going to Scotland to play for a week, the whole amount counts because damnit you weren’t going without golf. I set the results to private, so nobody can see what bracket you “voted” for.

  • $0 - $2,500
  • $2,501 - $5,000
  • $5,001 - $10,000
  • $10,001 - $15,000
  • Oprah money

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There isn’t a “just in case my wife ever finds out about The Refuge, I decline to publicly identify my spending habits” option.


Hell, man, I don’t even know that I want to add it up.


I’ve actually been tracking all golf costs for the calendar year. Talking everything from greens fees and range balls to equipment to media (TGJ was a solid cost this year) to sustenance (read: Beer) at the course.

It’s the first time that I’ve done something like this. My dad races dragsters as a hobby (way more expensive than golf) and his comment when I mentioned this was a surprisingly stern “Yea, you’re going to not want to do that. Bad idea.”

So…I’ll report back I guess?


$1,426 in 2017 and $1,573 so far this year. Doesn’t include cash paid for beer at the course, basically just green fees and equipment (driver, bag, irons). Flights were all for something else with golf thrown in.

Thankfully live in an area where $20-40 rounds at nice courses are easy to find.


Why on earth would I want to know how much I spend on golf? I’m not going to like the answer and will only feel shitty about my poor lack of judgement.

And the app where I can check my expenses is down.


£1,000 on golf membership (unlimited golf)
£100 to sign on guests at my course (£10 for 1 guest, and would be repaid by getting signed on at other places)
£200 to enter qualifying competitions (£5 entry, but you’d hope to get some of that back with a placing or a 2)
£200 on lessons (concerted effort to play better golf and use practice time wisely)
£400 on clothes, equipment (this is a worst case scenario and would only spend it if at times I can easilly afford it)

Total is £1,900 - this is around $2,400.


Up to now, I’m just under $2500 for pure greens fees in 2018. I also took a couple trips (Australia/Seattle) that included lots of golf but weren’t pure golf trips so I didn’t count the flight and lodging costs. That number doesn’t include balls or clothes either since they show up under a different category on my budgeting app and I don’t feel like calculating them too. I’m guessing those are around $400 or so for the year. Lastly, I paid for a lot of the Australian golf in late-2017 even though I played in 2018 so that screws with the accounting a bit.

I’ll creep above $2500 in pure greens fees since I’ll likely pay for a couple more rounds for a Scotland trip next summer, and buy my frequent player card at a local course before the end of the year. Next year will likely be more spending since that Scotland trip that is pretty much all golf. Although, since I’m “paying” for most of that with credit card and airline points, the biggest out of pocket cost will be the greens fees. Luckily, most of my normal rounds are <$50 at the two local courses I usually play, and I haven’t bought new clubs this year.


It’s too much but at the same time not enough.


Why are you throwing your awesome golf deals in the faces of Americans? Not cool. :slight_smile:


I’m too scared to even add it up at this point I prefer blind ignorance…


When I made this I knew generally what bracket I fell in but hadn’t actually itemized it. So here goes.
$2,000 playing membership and cart fees (5-6 month playing season at best)
$1,000 annual ryder cup style trip
$800 annual AZ excursion
$1,000 home club shootout tourney
$1,500 other tourneys with associated costs
$800 drinks/food at home course

Summation of this tells me I in fact didn’t know which bracket I was in and selected the wrong one lol.


I’m not doing this. Way too much.


^sounds like a confirmed oprah vote, be proud and thankful!


it’s hard to say, because mentally it’s kind of meshed in with basic necessities like groceries and gas


With 68 voters in the books our total annual spend is north of $420k. Fascinating.

Votes Range Midpoint Spend by Range
32% 22 $ 7,500 $ 165,000
29% 20 $ 1,250 $ 25,000
21% 14 $ 3,750 $ 52,500
12% 8 $ 12,500 $ 100,000
6% 4 $ 20,000 $ 80,000
68 $ 422,500


Nah, @official_Grant is good, we all understand that golf in GB&I is a much better deal than here. Put it this way: Europe is a serious contender in the ‘where do I spend my golf retirement’ sweepstakes, and I already live in Florida.


I’m genuinely hopeful that the awareness of golf set ups in countries with similar economies as America will gradually change how golf operates in America.

Don’t get me wrong, my course is great - but the clubhouse and lockers are in a big need of a lick of paint. The vast majority of UK clubs need some investment to upgrade their properties, and in some cases their courses. The average age of members is rising and there are too many clubs in most areas to all be sustainable.

That said, it’s still far better than trying to get similar value in America.


Mine is skewed because I’m still not quite a year out from new sticks, so whether or not that will go down in 2019 or I’ll join a decent, affordable club to compensate for that spending is up in the air. I’m truly blessed that my wife enjoys the sport as much as I do and fully subscribes to the priority of golf in our lives that we’ve set.


i think there is a large difference between 15k and oprah money. my dues are about 16k then another 8k in club spend over the course of the year between food parties events carts pool etc. 4k on a trip to bay hill 2k on a charity outing at liberty. 500 on lessons, prob forgetting some other stuff but it sure isnt oprah money.