What's The Mt. Rushmore of Golf in Your State?


Born in good ole oceanport, NJ he is ours LOL


I suppose you can have him on your Mt. Rushmore as long as you don’t mind him wearing a Sox hat.


LOL plenty of sox fans in Jersey you’re talking with one


Washington State

Not super impressive, but we are proud of them.

  1. JoAnne Carner. World Golf Hall of Fame member; 43 LPGA Tour victories; Only woman to win the U.S. Girls’ Junior, U.S. Women’s Amateur, and the U.S. Women’s Open, which she won twice.

  2. Fred Couples. World Golf Hall of Fame member; 1992 Masters; 15 PGA Tour victories; 13 PGA Tour Champions victories; No. 1 in the world for 16 weeks in 1992.

  3. Ryan Moore. 5 PGA Tour victories; Won the NCAA individual title, the U.S. Amateur, the U.S. Public Links, the Western Amateur and the Sahalee Players Championship in 2004. Holed clinching putt in 2016 Ryder Cup on way to 2-1 record.

  4. Ruth Jessen. 11 LPGA victories.


New York

Seth Raynor
Gene Sarazen
Walter Hagen
Walter Travis


Michael Greller, too. Not from the state originally, but may well belong on the list by the time Spieth’s career is done.


Greller?!? For what state? The State of Slow Play??? C’mon…
[picks laptop off floor. Reassembles.]

Karsten Solheim could be a nice add for Washington. He’s from Ballard.


Can we count Jason Day as well? Born in Australia but met an Ohio girl, settled in Columbus, has been there ever since. Even shows up at Buckeye football games.

Also, John Cook


So weird. Anyone with enough money to live anywhere in the country yet chooses Columbus raises serious flags in my book.


Can’t personally imagine a worse place to live than LA.


I’ve heard it has something to do with the rough upbringing he had, not having his dad or much family in the picture other than a very close relationship with mom. When he met his wife, he really wants to be near an extended family (her family lived in Columbus). Appealed to him in a special way given what was lacking in his life. Don’t quote me, but this is the general storyline I’ve heard in Ohio.


I hear that all the time…from people who have never been here.


The only question I have about JDay and Columbus is what does he do in the winter…if he has any off season goals he has to be going someplace warm to get time in.


Another guy who could live anywhere but picked Columbus? Eric Clapton. That, to me, is even more random than Jason Day.


I think he knew life in NYC/LA/London would mean far more access to his vices.


What, in God’s name, are you on about? Clapton lives in Surrey, about 30 miles from London, in a house called Hurtswood Edge, that he’s lived in since 1969, surrounded by his Ferraris. When he’s not there he’s on his yacht, Va Bene.

Columbus, Ohio, indeed!




Isn’t Keegan from Vermont?


Maybe? I knew he graduated from Hopkinton HS in MA but Google indicates he was only there for his senior year and grew up in VT and NH. Perhaps we just make it a New England Mt. Rushmore (giving us Julius Boros from CT), but it still isn’t too impressive once you get past Ouimet and Keegan’s Aunt Pat.


New Hampshire has slim pickins

From my internet research

  1. Jane Blalock - 27 LPGA wins and still holds the record for most consecutive cuts made on a professional [golf] tour with 299 (Shout Out to @ClubProGuy for his equally impressive cut streak)

  2. Aaron Baddeley- Somehow despite being Australian was born in New Hampshire

  3. Bob Mielcarz- 9 time state am champ

  4. Bode Miller- Olympic Ski champion who hit his wife in the face with a drive one time (https://www.usatoday.com/story/gameon/2012/12/13/skiing-miller-accident-wife/1767091/)