What's The Mt. Rushmore of Golf in Your State?


Prefer sticking with people actually from the state.


“We” already established? You’re joking, right? I think you’re joking. Line your rushmore up against Texas and make an argument for the northern irish golfers with a straight face. But you were right about Roy McAvoy.

No doubt you dominate in the golf course category…but this is a thread about golfers. Accomplishments. Personal contributions to the game.

I’ll give you the silver medal in Europe. Did you see Spain???


Me thinks these are you winners…so far.

United States
Gold- Texas Varsity: Hogan, Trevino, Nelson, Babe Zaharias
Silver- California: Tiger, Phil, Johnny Miller Mickey Wright
Bronze- Texas JV: Spieth, Pennick, Kite, Crenshaw
Honorable mention- Pennsylvania, Had @paul not left off A.W. Tillinghast, they had a shot at bronze.

Gold- Scotland: Old Tom, Young Tom, James Baird, Monty
Silver- Spain: Seve, Jose Maria Ola, Sergio, Rahm (apologies to The Mechanic)
Bronze: Northern Ireland- Rory, GMac, Clarke, Feherty


Tom Watson (we claim him along with MO)
Jim Colbert (K-State alum)
Dwight Eisenhower (famously average golfer, but famous golfer nonetheless)
Jug McSpaden

HM: Gary Woodland, Chez Reavie, Marilynn Smith (LPGA co-founder), Judy Bell (first female USGA Pres.), Grier Jones. Hale Irwin spent time as a kid in Kansas but I’m not sure how long he lived in Baxter Springs. If you count him, he’d be the 4th.


are we not going to give love to the Philly School of architecture?


I think Paul Azinger was born in MA. Meg Mallon was too


True on both, but my understanding is that neither lasted long enough in MA to play so much as a CYO Tournament at Ponky. Zinger was an Army brat who belongs to FL, if anywhere, and Mallon seems to be a a conflicted scarlet and grey Michigander.


Before we get ahead of ourselves crowning the talent of Spain/Northern Ireland/Texas, let’s not forget our talented brothers in Thailand:

Kiradech Aphibarnrat
Thaworn Wiratchant
Thongchai Jaidee
Prayad Marksaeng


Yeah fair points. I am really just trying to do anything I can to make sure Keegan Bradley is not included.


Agreed. Mallon went to school in Michigan elementary-12th grade and grew up in Birmingham. She’s a member of Michigan Golf HOF and Michigan Sports HOF. If Michigan can’t claim her, then there are many more on this list that are subject to scrutiny.


N@Lazstradamus @JohnnyBoy Spain? Spain? Are you serious?

8 majors between them. Norn Iron has 6. But all those 6 have been since 2010. And it’ll be 8 by next year once Rors wakes up.

I left out Fred Daly who won The Open at Hoylake in 1947. So it could be 7. Instead I included Feherty. The only golf based TV presenter in the world worth watching.

And Royal County Down. And Royal Portrush. And Portstewart. And Ardglass.

And all this from a country with 1.5 million people. That’s less than live on Manhattan. Most of which want to murder each other.

Plus, bonus point, we make Game of Thrones there.

[mic drop]


Admittedly Scotland are hard to beat. That beard of Old Tom’s is something any man can respect.

And between them they win the Open like, 4 million times. But it was in a period where 5 people were watching and they played for a fish supper, so does it count? Modern period it’s only Monty and he was shite in Majors.

Influence wise it’d be hard to compete with Braid. But this isn’t a question about influence. It’s about success. If it was pure influence it would be between Old Tom, Mackenzie and Tillinghast.


[picks up mic.]

@The_Cad_Says If you wanna go full-on GRR Martin you’ve found your guy.

Much like the men of Iron Islands The Northern Irish do not reap, they sow. They are the living breathing embodiment of House Greyjoy.

Unbowed (Olazabal) unbent (Sergio), unbroken (Seve): Spain is House Martell of Dorne.
And while you may have left out someone we’ve never heard of, the Spanish/Dornish have left off the Sand Snakes: Azahara Munoz, Belen Mozo and Beatriz Recari

I don’t know when you’re going to learn, @The_Cad_Says…Don’t try and match wits with me, good sir. It’s like bringing a knife to a gunfight.
Enjoy your bronze- and go grab your shine box.

[slams mic, smashes remnants]


This could be kind of fun with amateurs too - PA we have the likes of Nathan Smith and Sean Knapp


My God that was good.


I would remind you, good sir, that House Martell is no more. Much like the Hapsburgs, the Bourbons and Kevin Costner’s career.


Dirty Jersey:

Brad Faxon
Morgan Hoffman
Val Skinner
Jim Colbert

We win for Mt. Rushmore of golf courses though


Surely Faxon belongs to Lil’ Rhody.


Jay Don Blake
Dan Forsman
Tony Finau
Mike Reid


For my home state of New Mexico:

Nancy Lopez
Steve Jones (1996 US Open Winner)
Notah Begay III
Kathy Whitworth (born in TX, but raised in NM) - 88 LPGA tourney wins!!!