What's The Mt. Rushmore of Golf in Your State?


Still can’t believe the lack of love for Trevino.


Mike Keiser is from Illinois, I think. He is certainly on the list for Illinois.


I laugh my ass off everytime I read Bagdad Gerry.


Last I heard he was a member at Aronimink


North Carolina coming in hot:

  • Grayson Murray
  • Chesson Hadley (shoutout to Bojangles)
  • Johnson Wagner



  • Sam Snead
  • Lanny Wadkins
  • Curtis Strange
  • John Rahm


John Rahm is everywhere today. Please do tell, @OutsideTheCut, How in the hell are you leaving Vinny Giles off this list for Mr. Rahm?


Well he did win a bronze medal Laz…


Isn’t Jay Haas from Belleville?


Trevino is on my personal list. I only didnt mention him because you already had.

Ben Hogan–64 Tour Wins, 9 Majors
Byron Nelson–52 Wins Tour Wins, 5 Majors
Lee Trevino–29 Tour Wins, 6 Majors
Ben Crenshaw- 19 Tour Wins, 2 Majors

Honorable Mentions
Tom Kite–19 Tour Wins, 1 Major
Jordan Spieth–11 Tour Wins, 3 Majors…he will eventually replace Crenshaw.
Harvey Penick–one of best golf coaches of all time

The Texas Mt. Rushmore might be the best one. Spain is pretty salty as well but that isnt a State.


I claimed him for South Carolina because he has been in Greenville forever. Had no idea he was actually born in MO.


Can we claim John Feinstein, author of a number of great golf books? Also, Deane Beman is an easy one to replace Denny or Billy III.



  • Perry Maxwell
  • Bob Tway
  • Rickie (While he was only in Oklahoma for a short time - he’s commonly tied to Oklahoma/OSU more than any other place.)
  • Scott Verplank

Although if we’re counting golfers that had an impact while playing college golf in a state, I’m fine with having four statues of Anthony Kim. I’d also throw Gil Morgan in as an honorable mention (7 PGA tour wins, 4 T-3s in majors, 25 Champions tour wins (3rd all time). While not a person, OU and OSU’s golf programs both have great histories.


Couple others to consider for South Carolina @Blewett

-Betsy Rawls (Born in Spartanburg)
-Beth Daniel
-PJ Boatwright (Executive Director of USGA)


I’d respectfully mahe the following changes:

Hord Hardin for Arkansas. Chairman of ANGC and booster of Ark golf

Martha Lang over Thomas for Alabama, played and captained Curtis Cup teams, first american women in R@A, heads Walker Cup selection committee, and has 20? Bama state championships.

John Fisher over Weiskopf for Ohio. Fisher partnered with Bobby Jones on Walker Cup teams at Pine Valley and St Andrews. US Am Champ. Longtime hole setter for Masters.

Also have to think about Mark McCormack for Ohio. Founded IMG, pretty much ran golf in the 60’s and 70’s other than the majors. Did more to ramp up pay for pros than anyone but Tiger.




CB McDonald for Illinois


All born in NY:

Walter Hagen
Gene Sarazen
Devereux Emmet (quite a few of his courses locally too)
Butch Harmon


@JohnnyBoy we have already established early on that Northern Ireland won this game. Not Texas.

I’ll give you a consolidation medal for Best US State.



  • Michelle Wie
  • Dean Wilson
  • Ted Makalena
  • Tadd Fujikawa

Pretty slim pickings after Wie and Wilson…


Somewhere in Hawai’i Mark Rolfing sits on a la’na’i crying.