What's in your bag this year?


Not enough Cobra love in here so I’ll fix that.

Cobra F8+ 9.5D Oban Isawa 65-04
Cobra F7 3w Oban Isawa 75-04
Cobra F6 Baffler Aldila Tour Blue 80S
Cobra F8 4h Aldila Rogue Pro 75S
Cobra Forged Tec 5-GW TT DG S300 AMT
Cobra King V grind 54 and 58 TT DG S200
Bettinardi Queen Bee 8
Srixon Q Star Tour
Nike Air Hybrid II Bag

For whoever was asking about Bettinardi, they are great but most of their faces are quite a bit firmer than comparable high end milled putters. Not bad, just a different feel.


Reluctant to post to avoid going full WRX, but new MP18s are just too pretty not to brag about:

Titleist 915 D3 9.5* (Proforce UST X)
Titleist 917 F2 15* (Proj X EvenFlow S)
Titleist 818 H1 19* (Fuji Atmos S)
Mizzy MP 18 SC (4-7) - Nippon 120X
Mizzy MP 18 (8-P) - Nippon 120X
Cleveland RTX 52*, 56*, 60* - True Temper Wedge Flex
Ping Redwood ZB
Titleist Prov1


Shoutout to NLU for the Callaway Irons

Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 9* (Diamana Blueboard 63s)
Bridgestone J33 Airmuscle 18* (GD Tour AD-DI 95s)
Callaway Apex UT 21* (GD Tour AD-DI 95x)
Callaway X-Forged '18 4-PW (TT S400 TI)
Callaway MD3 54* & 60*
Odyssey O-Works Red Mini Jailbird


Callaway Rogue SZ 9* Project X Even Flow blue 6.5
Callaway XR 18* Project X 6.5
Titleist 910h 21* Diamana shatt stiff
Mizuno MP-H5 4,5 iron KBS C-Taper Tour
Mizuno MP-25 6-9 KBS C-Taper Tour Mizuno S18 Gun Metal 46*
Callaway MD3 50,54
Callaway PM Grind 58*
Yes Callie putter


Driver - Taylormade 2016 M1 8.5° Kuro Kage X Flex
3 wood - Titleist 913FD 14° ProjectX 7.0
Hybrid - Titleist 913H 17° Aldila RIP Phenom X Flex
4•5 - Titleist 710 CB X100
6•PW - Titleist 710 MB X100
Wedges - Cleveland RTX 3.0 KBS Tour Stiff 120 | 52° 56° 60°
Putter - Scotty Cameron Studio Style Newport | 35 Inch


Driver - Ping G30 SFT 10 TFC 419
4W - Callaway XR Project X 7.0
Hybrid - Callaway XR 4h Project X 7.0
6 - AW - Callaway XR
Cleveland RTX 52*, 56* - True Temper Wedge Flex
Cleveland CBX 60* - True Temper Wedge Flex
Odyssey Black Metal X or SeeMore Pure Center Blade
Callaway Chrome Soft X


It has been an expensive year…

New Stuff (well new to me):
TM 2016 M1 USA Limited Edition
Fourteen FH900’s currently on a USPS Truck
Old Stuff:
TM RBZ 3w, 5w
Vokey 50 SM4
Vokey 54 SM6
Vokey 58 SM5 Indigo with Limited Edition Modus 120 Blue
Cameron 2016 Newport
Mizuno MP-60 irons headed to the backup bag if I fall hard for the Fourteens


I’ve played and enjoyed golf for a long time, but was not serious enough (or had the disposable income) to upgrade my clubs until recently. Playing old driver and hybrid, otherwise here is where things have fallen as of now…

Titleist 913 D2 9.5 Diamana S+62 S
Titleist 917 F2 16.5 Diamana S+70 S
Titleist 585H 19 ProForce V2 100-S
Callaway X-Forged TT Dynamic Gold X100 Tour Issue 4-P
Vokey SM7 52 12F
Vokey SM7 56 10S
Vokey SM7 60 12D
Odyssey O-Works Red #1 Wide S


Ping G400 10 with Project X Yellow 6.5
Titleist 917 3 & 5 Woods
Cobra One Length Forged 4-GW
Cobra One Length Wedges 56 & 60
Sik Putter
Prov 1 Golf Ball - #1 ball in golf hands down


How do you like the one lengths?


Really have changed my game. I used to hate long irons but now with all being the same length I have more confidence with them.

The shorts iron felt weird the first time I hit them but got used to them as well and now they don’t feel that much different

I found a fitter through this and tried them before i purchased them:



Update! Apparently I was less sure than anticipated and now all that’s left is the 3 wood but I think I’m finally in a good place!

Driver: M3 10.5 Tensei Blue Pro Stiff 65g (Std setting weights all back)
M1 3HL Hzrdus Red 6.0 75g (Std w/ fade bias)
M1 19 Hybrid EvenFlow Black 6.5 100g (Std middle)
P730 4-PW Modus 120 X
RTX 3 50/54/58 Modus Black 115 Wedge
MySpider Tour Blue (Black shaft and no sight lines)


Quick update / endorsement:

Have fully transitioned over to a TM M1 Driver/ 3 Wood

Driver 9.5, Kuro Kage 65g S
3+ Wood 13.5, Kuro Kage 80g S

I’ve seen such a trend up in fairways, and am enjoying hitting more from the short grass. I feel so much more confident standing over those clubs. 10/10 would buy again


New wedges. Maybe now 135 yards won’t be a vast, suffocating wasteland.

Titleist 915 D3 9.5* (Proforce UST X)
Titleist 917 F2 15* (Proj X EvenFlow S)
Titleist 818 H1 19* (Fuji Atmos S)
Mizuno MP 18 SC (4-7) - Nippon 120X
Mizuno MP 18 (8-P) - Nippon 120X
Mizuno T7 50 - Nippon 120X
Cleveland RTX-3 54, 58
Ping Redwood ZB
Titleist Prov1


Just got the TaylorMade P790’s - I can’t say enough good things about them. I love everything! Second round out there with them and broke my PR by 4 strokes!


A Titleist metals man, I see. Have you happened to try the TS metals yet?


I’ve hit a Titleist driver since I was probably 12: 975D, 975J, 905R, 983K, 915D3. Still have them all, plus a 975f fairway wood that I want to re-shaft and put in a backup bag. I know that club geeks trash the technology, but I love looking down at the pear shape. Haven’t hit the TS yet - I’m not that into equipment, but the guys that are seem pretty pumped for it.


Careful! You’re ageing yourself! A genuine OG. I’ve always loved the way a Titleist driver feels but I’ve never owned one. Getting fit for a TS tomorrow afternoon. Not going to be a productive morning at work…


Anybody gaming the Teeless Driver?


I definitely think it could replace the traditional driver. You can even hit it out of a divot!