What's in your bag this year?


915 D2 currently testing G400max
Ping G 3 wood
Ping G 19 hybrid
Ping G 22 hybrid
Mizuno MP 64 4-9
SM6 48 F grind
SM6 54 S grind
SM6 60 M grind
Cameron x7m

I Know ping calls the 22 a 4 iron hybrid but I feel like when I leave out the 4 iron and go from 5 iron to 22 hybrid the distance gap is too large. Having the 4 iron in there covers that gap. I have played 48-54-60 for years and enjoy that set up. It is a 5 degree gap from 9 to 48 but I don’t notice it.


Has anyone hit the Miura “baby blades”. I’m very interested in picking up a set but wanted to hear from others their impressions of the clubs.


For as much shit as there is spoken about the ForePlay guys, I think Michael Brede was on there last year and spoke about this briefly…without listening to it again I believe he said In short,you should always be playing a top performing ball as it will help you more than you realize because of the better balls having true consitency. Basically, you know what you’re getting with ProV1, ChromeSoft, etc…he is also on the Titleist advisory board, so he could just be a good company man…


2016 M1 9.5 Degree
Srixon U65 2-iron 18 Degree (steel shaft)
Srixon Z545 3-4 irons
Srixon Z745 5-6 irons
Cleveland 588 MB 7-9 irons
Cleveland RTX 3 46 Degree Satin finish
Cleveland RTX 2 50 Degree Chrome finish
Cleveland RTX 3 54 Degree, 58 Degree Raw finish
2016 Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5
Srixon XV ball


Callaway Epic SZ 9* (8) Paderson Kevlar Green
Callaway Epic SZ 15* (14) Paderson Kevlar Green
Callaway X Forged UT 18* Stock Recoil shaft (probs getting changed)
Miura CB-57 4-PW C-Taper Lite
Vokey SM7 52(51), 56(55), 60(59)
Scotty Cameron Futura 6M Dual Balance, cut to 35" with Dual Balance Grip


Trying to do some updates this year and next. Just picked up new wedges today, so here’s the bag now:

Titleist 913 D3 8.75* with D+ White 70 X-Stiff
Titleist 915 Fd 15* with Aldila Rogue 80 X-Stiff
Titleist 695 CB 2-iron with Rifle 6.5
Titleist 695 MB 3-9 with Rifle 6.5
Cleveland RTX-3 48.08, 54.11, 58.09 with Project X PXi 6.0
Ben Hogan by Bettinardi Big Ben BHB-7 Putter

I’m looking to upgrade to the Rogue SZ 9* with a stiff Oban Devotion 6 shaft later this spring and a combination of X-Forged and Apex MB irons with Project X PXi shafts later this year.

I also had my driver cut down from 45" to 44" and got a chance to hit a few on the Trackman when I picked it up. No more than 1 mph slower clubhead speed, but the strike was so much more consistent and the shot dispersion was much better. Hell I haven’t swung in over a month and I was commanding low baby-cuts and high draws like I’ve been playing lately. It’ll be a different story on the course, when all I think is “send” haha, but it was still pretty fun.


For the first time in a while, I’m not embarrassed by my bag:

  • Titleist 915D2, Diamana shaft, R flex, 9.5° set to D4.
  • Titleist 915F, Diamana shaft, R Flex, 16.5° set to D4.
  • Titleist 813H (19°) and 818H1 (22°) hybrids. I used to have 4 when I was carrying Adams A12OSes and looking ridiculous for the last six years.
  • Titleist 718 AP1 5-iron through gap wedge (48°) irons, Mitsubishi Tensei GK series graphite shafts, R flex. (These are my new babies, and I’m going to chop for a while until I get used to these clubs.)
  • Vokey SM6 wedges, 54° and 60°, steel. The 54 has 14 bounce, which according to Titleist is the most, so I use that in the sand.
  • Wilson Infinite Bean putter, 35".

I let NY Guy at PGA Tour Superstore talk me into that Wilson putter. Not terribly fond of it but I don’t suck with it, either, so it’s on probationary status.

For now my ball is Titleist DT Trusoft, which is their discount soft rock. I’m trying a bunch more, kind of in sequence.

All in an original black OGIO Silencer bag, which I adore. I hear my cartmate’s clubs click together and just SMDH.


What’d you have for wedges before the Clevelands?


A 52* Cleveland CG10 and a very illegal 58* Vokey Spin Milled. Loved both but I’m trying to work on the gaps some more.

I settled on the RTX-3 during my full bag fitting at Club Champion. I hit everything blind, didn’t want any manufacture bias.


Have the same. How do you like them? Believe my shafts are KBS Tour 120s


Titleist 915 d2 9.5
Callaway Epic 3w
Ping g25 irons
SM6 wedges
Scotty Newport

Need to find a hybrid or potential heavenwood to fill a gap, that will be the only new addition any time soon


PIng G30 Driver
Cleveland Launcher (2009) 3W HT 17*, 7W - 21*
Titleist 816H1 23* hybrid (very new, replacing a Ping G20 23*)
Ping G25 5-U
Vokey SM6 56*
Odyssey Works 1W

All regular flex shafts and not ashamed to admit it. 13 clubs - cannot hit the 60 reliably and don’t want the extra weight.

Bag has been very stable except the recent new hybrid.


Nike Vapor Speed 10.5
Nike VRS 3W
Nike Sasquatch 4H
Cobra F7 Forged Tour 5-G
Cleveland RTX-3 54,58
Nike Ignite 001 w/ Tour SNSR Contour 140cc


Grizzly (wintergreen)
Skittles (wild berry)
Wood Tees (silky smooth finishes only)
Straight Cash Homie (washingtons)


Have had a Ping Hoofer or 4 Series bag for the past 10 + years, can’t go wrong with them especially if you carry regularly.

Thinking of joining Club Cameron for the Scotty Sunday Bag, thing looks pretty sweet. If anyone has it, let me know how you like it.

Titleist 915 D3 Driver - 9.5*
Taylormade RBZ 3 Wood - 15*
Titleist 915 Hd - 17.5*
Ping i20 Hybrid - 20*
Ping i20 Irons - 4 thru PW
Vokey SM6 Wedges - 54* and 60*
Scotty Cameron - Newport 2 Notchback


I really like the Rogue. It’s weird bc I literally couldn’t hit the Epic so I figured the Rogue would be the same and I stroke it. The EvenFlow is kinda whippy, I had the Hzrdus Yellow 75g 6.5 in my M1 Driver last year and it caused me some fits later in the year so maybe I like it b/c it’s so different.

I want to see if the Handcrafted Evenflow feels any different bc as my swing gets stronger thru the season I’m a little worried it’ll get wild and the handcrafted Hzrdus feels better to me than the std one. We’ll see.


I’ve hit them, they are buttery and lovely to look it but unless you have silly money the cost is a little steep…


(sorry, hit the reply wrong).
Driver: just got fitted for a new one. Moving from Cobra Fly-Z + 11* but front-weighted VLCT 70 X-Flex to the new PING G400 Max 10.5 – HZ Yellow 75 6.0
3-Wood: Titleist 917 F2 16.5 – Speeder X 74
Hybrid: TaylorMade M1 19*-- KuroKage X 80
Irons 4-PW: TaylorMade PSi Forged Tour --Project X shafts 6.5
Wedges 52-56-60: Titleist Vokey SM4 – (High bounce - 08-14-10)
Putter: PING B60 Karsten TR (the classic B60 shape with new grooved face technology) – 37 or 37.5" (I choke down), extra flat lie angle.

Basic Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips (midsize)
Pro V1 (experiment with X, but like the feel around greens better with the Pro V1)

Best thing in my “bag:” the Nike Lunar Control Vapor 2 shoes (the Rory’s).

That new Ping G400 Max was insanely accurate. I’ve never fitted into a PING, but Trackman and a fitter who knows what he’s doing doesn’t lie. When I hit it well, it was a bit longer than the other closest competitors, but the biggest thing was the difference in dispersion. Insane


My bag this year will be the same as it has been for a few years now…

Titleist 913D 9.5 (delofted to 9), Aldila Phenom stiff
Titleist 913F, Mitsubishi Diamana Blue stiff
Callaway X 5 wood, steel shaft (see Stenson's 2008(?) 3 wood and other much loved relics)
MD Superstrong Forged 3-PW
MD Norman Drew wedges 54 and 60
Mizuno Dare to Dream S302 putter


I love them. Wish I would have gotten the 3-4 as well. I went with the stock XP 105.