What's in your bag this year?

My setup for this year is:

Callaway Rogue Driver 9* w/ EvenFlow Blue 6.0 65 +2* w/ Draw Bias
2017 TM M1 3HL w/ Hzrdus Red 6.0 75 +1* w/ Fade Bias
Mizuno MP-H4 2 Iron w/ Project X 5.5
Srixon 565 4 Iron w/ DG TI X100
Srixon 765 6-PW w/ DG TI X7
Callaway Jaws 50/54/58
SuperStroke Sizemore DCF-1 Custom Shop Gold Putter

Only clubs I’m still unsure of is my wedges, I have some Vokeys that I’m still dialing in so they might knock the Jaws out but they’re so consistent idk.

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(Lowers head in shame slightly. Sighs)

Ping Rapture 10.5* (Real old)
Ping i25 3W (Old but not bad)
Ping G15 4H 23* (Old. way too draw biased)
Ping G15 4-7 (Old. can’t flight these down for the life of me… Everything balloons)
Ping i15 8-PW (Old. But trusty short irons)
Vokey Spin-Milled (WAAAAYYY illegal)
Odyssey DFX 2-Ball Blade w/ Superstroke Flatso 2.0 (my first love)

Same 14 I’ve been playing for 9 years. Anyone willing to support a GoFundMe to upgrade my wrenches?


How do you like the Rogue? I demoed the exact same set up minus the draw bias on Sunday at my club and the EvenFlow felt so light and whippy. I know that’s the exact design of it so it is interesting to see that you play the EvenFlow in your driver and the Hzrdus in your 3w as the Hzrdus is meant to feel 180 degrees differently.

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I was lucky enough to go through a full bag fitting at Callaway HQ back in December as part of an event they do with another site. This will be the first time I have a full bag of brand new clubs, so needless to say I’m excited for the arctic weather up here to go away.

  • Callaway Rogue SZ 9* (NS, hot melt added heel side to bring the swingweight up) 45" with either a Project X HZRDUS Yellow or EvenFlow Blue in 6.5
  • Rogue 3W 15* Project X Even Flow Blue 75g 6.5
  • X forged UT 21* (bent to 20*) 95g KBS Protype Hybrid shaft
  • Epic Pro 4-PW Project X LZ 125g 6.5 1* upright
  • MD4 Wedges 48S (bent to 49*), 54S (bent to 55), 60C Project X LZ 6.0
  • Toulon Atlanta H4 SS Pistol GT Tour grip (or a black pearl Toulon Rochester H5)

To say I’m in love with my bag would be an understatement. It’s going to be a fun summer.


Ping G30 LS TEC 9 degree Diamana W70 X Flex
Tour Edge Exotics CB2 15 degree UST Proforce V2 75-S
Titlesit 915H 18 & 21 degree Hybrids Accra Tour Z M4
Titleist 714 AP2 4 - PW KBS Tour C-Taper Lite 110 S
Titleist Vokey SM5 52 degree F Grind KBS Tour C-Taper Lite 110 S
Titleist Vokey SM5 58 degree M Grind KBS Tour C-Taper Lite 110 S
Scotty Cameron Studio Style Newport 1.5 303 Stainless

I recently went to Club Champion while another friend was getting a driver fitting. I snuck on and tried the Ping G400 and Rogue but the numbers were about the same as my G30.


My setup for this year is:

Callaway Rogue Driver 10.5* w/ Fujikura ATMOS TS Black 6 Graphite X
Titleist 917 F2 3 Wood with Fujikura Speeder Evolution II 757 X
Hybrid: TBD
Callaway Apex 4 Iron KBS Tour X Flex
Callaway Apex Apex Pro 16 Irons 5 & 6 Irons KBS Tour X Flex
Callaway Apex MB 7 - AW KBS Tour X Flex
Titleist Vokey 54 & 58 Wedges
Putter: TBD
Titleist Pro V1 Ball

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Replacing my woods shortly, can’t for the life of me decide what I want.
Current setup:

Taylormade SLDR 12.0 Driver.
Adams Speedline Super S 3-Wood
Adams 3H & 4H
Mizuno MP-5 3 iron, KBS
Mizuno MP-59 5-PW KBS Tour
Mizuno S18 wedges, 52, 55, 60
Mizuno Bettinardi A-02
Currently gaming the Srixon Z-Star. (and love it)


Man alive… You got the draw going with the driver - and then just when you thought the right rough was safe, we find out you fade on call with that (high launch) 3wood! Bring on the doglegs in 2018!



I’ve used an older titleist driver for years now, and am declaring this year of finding one I truly love.

  • Taylormade R11s 9.5, adjusted down 1.5 deg and draw bias weighting. Stock Rouge shaft 65g S, 45". Little extra #leadtapemafia biasing face of sole to get a little lower flight
  • Titleist 910d3 13.5 deg. UST Proforce V2 hybrid shaft 85g S
  • Titleist 915H 18 deg, UST Proforce V2 hybrid shaft 85g, S
  • Titleist 712U 4 Iron, KBS Tour C-Taper Lite 110 S, .25" short, 2* up
  • Titleist 714 AP2 5-9, same KBS specs
  • Egregiously Illegal Vokey 46, same KBS specs
    Vokey SM5 50/54/58, same KBS specs
  • Scotty Cameron California Newport 2, Fatso 1.5 grip, little extra weight on toe end vs. heel.
    Ball: ProV1, but do KSigs when I like to talk dirty
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Fade on call might be an exaggeration. My 3 wood demands a high slice and will not take no for an answer. So bring on the dogleg rights.
It is high time I get a better plan in place with my driver-3wood. Obviously windy days are not my friend.

Hah. I hear ya.
But I was replying to the original post from @DartBrigade and his setup with the draw/fade.

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Not finalized yet… we still have snow cover but currently:

Driver - Taylor Made M2 10.5 deg. with a Matrix Ozik M5 white tie
3 Wood - Callaway X-Hot, stock stiff graphite shaft
Hybrid - Callaway Xr 18 deg with hazardous stiff
4-8 - Mizuno JPX 900 Hot Metal with Nippon Modus 105s
9-G - Mizuno JPX 900 Forged with Nippon Modus 105s
Weges - 52-56-60 - Cleveland Rotex 2.0 matte black finish
Putter - Odyssey #9 with insert and Super stroke mid-grip
Ball - Pro V1

Still looking to maybe update wedges (New Mack Daddy’s?) and may try out the Chrome Soft ball. Also might drop a wedge or 4 iron and get a 23 deg hybrid.

2017 TM M1 Driver 9.5* w/ BiMatrix Tour Proto X
TM R9 15* 3W w/ Graffalloy Blue Proto X
Titleist 670 MB 2-9 iron w/ Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100
Titleist Vokey 50* 54* 58*
Odyssey Pro V-Line 35 w/ SuperStroke
Pro V1

Callaway Rogue 9* (Absolutely love it)
2016 TM M2 3 Wood
Ping G10 Hybrid 18* (Money club)

Taylormade M2 Irons 4-AW
54* Titleist Vokey
60* Titleist Vokey
Odyssey white hot putter (no clue the model but at least 12+ years old)

Done a decent overhaul the last few years, even had a scotty in the bag for a while but never truly liked it more than my old odyssey. Still putt like shit either way. Absolutely love the Rogue, still getting used to it but it has been awesome, and obviously the taylormade M2 products have been great for me.

Callaway Epic 3-wood
Nike VR Covert 3H
Callaway Steelhead XR Pro 5-PW
Nike VR V-Rev - 52*
Nike VR Forged Tour Satin - 56*
Cleveland RTX 3 - 60*
Nike Method 003 putted (fell into the Tiger trap when he switched from the Scotty)

Looking to add a driving iron as a substitute for the 3H. I really like the look of the X Forged utility iron but I might just get the Rogue X 4 iron, which is damn near a 2 iron loft. I struggle with the driver, so not gaming one right now.

Driver - Callaway Epic 9.0 w/ Kuro Kage XM60
3W - Callaway Diablo Octane (not sure this will ever leave the bag)
5W - Callaway Epic
4H - Callaway Epic
Irons - Epon AF 502 5-PW
Wedges - Vokey 50F, Vokey 55V, Callaway PM 60
Putter - Byron Morgan DH89

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Has anyone ever got fit for a golf ball? I went through a full bag fitting at Club Champion at the end of last season (more of a gift to myself rather than much of a game improver as an 18 HCP), but I don’t know whether it makes much of a difference between brands or models. I’ve used everything from ProVs, Chromesofts, and various Vices, to whatever my grandma gives for Xmas (usually an 18 pack of Top Flites).

I can clearly tell a difference between a super soft and super hard ball, but not sure if I’m at the point where I can actually blame/praise the ball for the outcome of a shot.

All time grandma gift, never without the shiny wrapping.

Taylormade M3 9.5 / Tour AD-MT6 x Delofted to 8.5 and shifted weights slightly back
Taylormade m2 15 / Tour AD-MT6-x
Callaway Alpha 815 20degree hybrid Fuji Speeder x set to 19
Titleist Tmb 4 iron /DG amt x
Miura MB001 5-P /DG amt x
Titleist Vokey SM7 50 (f) 54 (m) 58 (d) DG s400
Scotty x5 34" / cord rubber grip
all iron / woods gripped with Victory cords and I add a rib



Lotta #jailbreaktecnology on this thread. With all these fugitives one can only wonder who is actually left in the jail?