Whats everyones first set of clubs?


My first set of “kid” clubs was a set of Snake Eyes. I got my first set of “adult” clubs when I was in the 6th grade and they were my dad’s Titleist 762s. I used them off and on for 11 years.


I was stoked on my TM RAC TPs from 2005.Got lucky and got them for free from a friend that couldn’t hit them.


Much like @ClubProGuy I was a Lynx ambassador starting out. My first real set of clubs were a hand me down set of Lynx Black Cats from my uncle. Paired those with Wilson persimmon woods and a Knight milled face putter. I don’t think I ever drove the ball as well as I did with those Wilson’s


I believe they were Goliath clubs with a fake bubble shafts and fake winn grips, sounded very “clanky”. Woods were Taylor made Tour Preferred that I shared with my dad when we played, one snake eye wedge and one lynx wedge I believe and a putter I am fairly certain my dad got as a “impulse add on” when he put the electrical inn at the local driving range and mini putt which is sadly now a superstore parking lot…


Tommy Armour 845s. TaylorMade Nubbins putter.


My first clubs were a set of junior Fila clubs my dad got me when I was really young. My first real set were my Grandpas hand me downs. I first took over a set of Titleist Accu-Flo irons from him. I still have them. We lived just down the road from my grandparents and I would hit balls from one house to the other with those all day. It’s 140 yards of carry from yard to yard. As I got older the club needed for that carry went down. I broke a few windows and some siding figuring out that I needed less club from time to time. I used those until I got serious about golf and went and got my own clubs. I got a set of r7 irons and a super quad driver. I used those for a few years then I first got a set of used MP14 Mizuno. Wore the grooves off those things have had multiple sets of Mizuno blades since. Have MP64 in the bag now. Really like them.


Anybody have the Golden Bear GB-1 Tours? Those were my first set of adult clubs, got a full set, new, for a whopping $30 at Sports Authority about 15 years ago or so. They probably weren’t great, but the bigger problem was the user.


Started with some Northwestern’s my dad picked up at a garage sale.

Following xmas I got a new set of “Executives” Not sure the brand.

Turned that into a set of Titleist DCI’s with a TM bubble burner driver

Then got hooked on Mizuno’s… Went T-zoids (With big bertha), to MX-18’s (Nike sasquatch, then TM RBZ) to now using JPX 900’s with an M2


I think the executive irons were Spaulding. We have a set of Spaulding executives somewhere around the farm in an old bag.


This reveals my age but a set of Andy Bean Classics for 8th grade graduation in 1983. The poor man’s Staffs.


That’s it. Spaulding executives. With a glued on blue label in the cavity. They weren’t actually terrible clubs for the time.


I had a knockoff set of pings. Hey they worked as a kid and were pretty cheap. My favorite part of my first set of clubs was my zebra putter though :).


Power Built blades and persimmon, had 2 full sets of them, with the funky square push cart.


Bought a set of Wilson Swinglites off the rack back in 1986.


845s for life. Cleveland Launcher driver. Callaway Steelhead 3 wood.


That set still holds water today. Solid.


Affinity GTX set from Dick’s I replaced the SW almost immediately. I replaced the driver about 5 years ago and just bought a new putter. I’ve held off on replacing the 3W, 5W, irons, and PW because I tell myself I’m not good enough to justify buying them.


Same here… Hand me downs from my grandpa! They now hang on the wall as decoration.


Started in the early 90’s. My first real set that wasn’t a grab bag of hand-me-downs was a set of Wilson Staff Progressives. I also had a Lynx Boom Boom driver, Pro Select Prism 3 wood, and Cleveland wedges. I had the irons forever, until I snapped the 6-iron off at the hosel while at the range, and by then Wilson wasn’t able to replace it. Now that eBay is around it might see if I can find a spare one to complete the set.


Spalding woods & driver (pro fligtt i think?)
wilson bullseye putter