Whats everyones first set of clubs?


Oh God, I can’t even remember the brand name, but it was 1 of those complete sets that I picked up for ~$250.

Once I got a little more serious and started to improve, my first set of irons were Tommy Armour 845s, first driver was a used Taylor Made 360ti that had a loft of 8.5 degrees that I couldn’t hit if my life depended on it and a mizuno putter


Armour Ti-100s. First pure titanium irons.

They were literally HUGE and literally pieces of junk.


Snake Eyes. So gd pure.


Impulse bought a full set of Top Flites from Dicks over the summer of 2016 when I finally decided I wanted to start playing golf. I was immediately addicted to the sport and needless to say those clubs got replaced pretty quickly.


Wilson Prestige Tour


some arnold palmer golf set from Super K-mart!


Oversized Top Flite shovels and a Knight golf driver and 3 wood from Walmart. Oh and a Dunlop putter. PW was the most lofted club in that set


A set of Wilson Billy Caspers with persimmon Driver, 3w, 5w, and the flat side on the grips in 2i, 4i, 5i through PW, slightly before it was illegal. A blade putter of unknown origin. Got 'em from a friend of my Dad’s for $20 for the set.


First “Real” Set:
Ping i3 Oversize PW-3 iron. Later replaced the 3 iron with a Cobra Baffler hybrid.
Snakeyes mallet later replaced by the Scotty Cameron Studio Style No. 5
Titleist 975D Driver, 3W & 5W


As a young buck I cut my teeth on the Old Taylormade Burner kids set, then to Ping IST’s then Eye 2 Black Dots, now I have Titleist CB 714’s.


Ben Hogan Power Thrust. Vintage 1967. Leather grips. Next set, 1985-2016, Ping Eye 2. Should still be using them.


I learned how to play when I was 7 with Northwestern Ladies clubs because they were lighter.


Crown Royal (yes, crown royal) Cobra 2 knock offs… Free90free and I played them waaayyyyy longer than I should have.


loved the I3’s! I also had the Baffler hybrid in the bag back in the day.


Wow. No thread has ever made me feel older. Anyways, respect your elders and indulge me. This story is just as much about how as it is what.

(Cue “The Suburbs” by Arcade Fire)

Summer. Early eighties. Suburban Minneapolis.It’s a humid evening and the greenish sky looks like a thunderstorm is about to roll in. I went to the mall with my mom and on the way back we saw a garage sale and so we pulled the wagon over to take a look around. As my mom was milling over gently used kitchenware, I was in the garage standing by a huge wooden barrel with about 50 clubs in it. Next thing I know some old-timer, must’ve been 80 yrs old, comes up and stands right by me.This guy is probably 5’9", 250 and he looks terrifying. He’s wearing a wife beater, hockey breezers with hockey suspenders, (this is Minnesota) red wool socks up to his knees, hiking boots and a tam-o-shanter hat. To reiterate, he looks as crazy as anyone I’ve ever seen. He asks “need some clubs?” My mouth says “yes sir. I do” but my pounding heart is saying "please don’t kill me."
The old-timer sticks his meaty paw in the barrel (remember, there are like 50 clubs in this barrel) and in under two seconds he grabs some Wilson Patty Berg 3-5-7-9 irons, a laminate Northwestern 3 wood and a T-line putter. It was the perfect set for a 12 year-old and this guy snagged it from the bottomless barrel in no time flat. Golftec couldn’t have fit me any better. I think he charged my mom $5.00. I got my first Jones bag the next day and haven’t looked back since.


Wilson Fat shaft Irons, Callaway Hyper X Driver, Callaway X 3 Wood, Adams Hybrid

  1. I was 8. Spent some time that summer with my grandfather as his ‘caddie’, which basically involved looking for his lost balls at Lisburn Golf Club, near Belfast. He lost a lot of balls. But he taught me about etiquette.

In the pro shop was a half set of kids clubs in a royal blue leather pencil bag with Ben Sayer written on the side. I’d never wanted anything so much. But my grandparents weren’t rich. And I knew it wasn’t something I could ask for. So I never said how much I wanted them.

End of the holiday and he says he has a present for me, pulls the blue bag out of his car. I don’t know how he knew I wanted them so bad, but he was my grandad, they just knew shit.

Unfortunately my parents didn’t play so I only got to use them when I was with my grandad. Otherwise I’d have been a much better player.

My grandad gave me a lot but golf is the gift that sticks with me more than any others.


Callaway Big Bertha '96 and various banged up woods


Orllimar 3 wood, Callaway X-12 pros walter hagan wedges and a carbite putter.

Stepped up the next year and got some KZG blades. They were so pure, especially with rifle shafts. Dad said I would learn how to strike a golf ball properly. He was right.


Old rental set of DCIs from Pinehurst