Whats everyones first set of clubs?


I started out with some hand me down Titleist DCI’s. I had that old Callaway square driver as well and 0 fairway woods. Picked up a 7 dollar putter from the club house and i cant even remember the brand…i know it said “sun devil” on the sole though. I had more invested in the Nike golf bag than in all the clubs and balls combined.


First real set after US Kids clubs was a Ping G2 driver and fw, Titleist 704cbs, couple vokey 200 series. Ping zing2 orange dot


Tommy Armour 845’s irons. Dunlop Titanium Driver. TearDrop Putter


Wilson Fat Shaft irons with a hybrid, my dads old Orlamar 3 wood and Taylormade burner driver with the bubble shaft (GOAT), a Nike OZ putter, and some Ping Zing wedges.


Macgregors. Still have them hiding in the basement.


Golden Bears from Costco baby


Started in 6th grade about 8 years ago, had a Wilson driver and woods, TaylorMade R5 irons, an old Vokey 56 degree, and a Ping Anser putter


The most beautiful set of ping eye 2’s copper beryllium. Man do I love those clubs


the same knockoff Callaway irons I’m still using & have been using since 2009ish, a Tommy Armour driver, an old Callaway wedge of my dad’s & an Odyssey putter


3rd hand Mizuho T-Zoid Pro II and a Titleist 975J driver.


DCI 990’s heads that my dad cut down and put some 90 gram shafts. One 58* Callaway wedge and Ping Si3 driver and the original 2 ball.


Ping irons in the color coded days. Mine were black. Wilson staff woods and I still have them.


Ben Hogan Apex blades. Dad said if I really wanted to play golf, those clubs would let me know.


Same but mine were from Sports Authority 10+ years ago. $30 for the whole thing.


Ping G2 irons. Odyssey white ice blade. Everything else hand me downs.


I had the Ping ISI’s as my first set of irons but my dad had the berylliums. So pure.

I had the Big Bertha driver and a ping putter.

I don’t play them anymore but Ping will always have a special place in my heart.


Tommy Armour 845s. DL3 fanboy in the house.


Wilson K28s bought at Service Merchandise. Eventually upgraded to Ping Eye 2 black dots.


ben crenshaw MacGregor irons


Didn’t start playing until I worked at a golf course around 17-18 years old. Boiught some Cobra S3 irons. Got them brand-new in-wrapper off eBay for $175.

Pieced together the rest of the set with clubs that had been left behind at the course I worked at (clubs that had been sitting there for a long time. I wasn’t jus straight up jacking new clubs when the came in lol). Was able to snag a TM R7 driver, some older Cleveland wedges and Ping hybrid.

Used these for a few months before just upgrading my whole bag.