What was your favorite course you played in 2017 and why?


Out of curiosity - what brought you to play that course? I live in Bozeman which is just an hour or so away. That place, along with Spanish Peaks Mountain Club and the Yellowstone Club are on my bucket lists but none of those are easy to get on…gotta know someone that knows someone…or have be a member and i don’t have that type of $$$.


Latrobe CC was my favorite, I wish I had played better. Old time charm, tough as nails. The shop staff was great and a host took us around the clubhouse after our round. A Ketel Palmer on that patio off the 18th was one of the best parts of summer. I fully plan on going back this year. For $250ish its a night in a nice Marriott Palmer owned property (with a Masters trophy in the lobby) and a round. Totally worth it in my book.

If not for Latrobe, a toss up between Paiute Wolf and Bears Best LV


For me it was easy, for years me and my dad had talked about going to Pinehurst and playing for a few days. We finally did it this past year and it was a trip i will never forget. The town was great and the golf was great. #8 was a hell of a track and great way to start the trip but nothing will top the day we spent on #2 our caddie Rocky was great, we played well, the course was in great condition, and I got to spend a great day with my Dad I will never forget


I know this is a late response but I am heading to A-Ga-Ming in May for a few days and playing both the Sundance and Torch course. Will be my first time there but glad to see someone mention one of those courses. Excited to see the place.


Played Broadmoor West Course in August. The 2018 US Senior Open will be played on the East Course.

Hands down the fastest greens on the planet. Mule deer roaming the property made it even sweeter.


These are both great tracks. I am a little more partial to Sundance, but you’ll have a good time at both of them.

9 is a brute of a Par 5 from any tee. Plays about 75 yards longer than advertised. Club up on your 2nd.
18 is a difficult but awesome closing hole.

Check out the Torch Lake Cafe for food (about 10 minutes north on 31). Super cool Up North Michigan vibe. They also have good live music most evenings.


I was very fortunate to get in a lot of travel golf during 2017 (7 states+Mexico).

I think my favorite was Chambers Bay. The course beat me up (48-38), but I wanted to go around again as soon as I finished. It’s a real unique feeling when a putt runs off the green into a bunker… I wish the rates for non-locals wasn’t to high.


I totally agree with We-Ko-Pa Sagauro. I played it in November and had an absolute blast. My favorite new course of the year. What a treat to play in 70 degrees on a cool course when you live in Seattle and it will rain for the next 4 months. I played the Troon North courses in January and I also really liked Monument. I thought the routing of the back 9 was amazing. On Pinnacle I chased the sunset on a twilight rate and played as a single, surprised a bobcat sunning itself in what was left of the sun. Very fun rounds!


I live in the Seattle area and have just never had a good time at Chamber’s although I’ve played it six times or so. After reading all these rave reviews I’m definitely going to keep an open mind and give it another try this year.


Best course I played in 2017 was probably Wilshire Country Club in Los Angeles.

About to turn 100 years old in 2019, Wilshire CC has hosted the LA Open, including the first 4, but the LA Open hasn’t been back since WWII. The club also hosted the Champions Tour from 1995-2000, and the LPGA in 2002.

Wilshire CC was designed by Norman Macbeth, and was recently restored by Kyle Phillips. It is a fantastic case study of how to route a golf course. They were able to incorporate a stream that cuts through the property on 12 holes, almost all in different ways or situations. Also, the set of greens offer a wide range of variety. Most notably, the greens on the par 3s are NOTHING alike.

The green on the par 3 4th is like a Biarritz but with an even higher back level.

The green on the par 3 7th is two greens in one.

The green on the 10th is like if you took 10 at Riviera and 12 on Augusta National and fused them into this diabolical little hell-hole. At its skinniest, it is just 7 yards from front bunker to back bunker in the middle.

Not a par 3, but the par 4 15th shows off another skinny green.

It was such a unique experience.

The LPGA actually returns after 16 years in about three weeks. With how precise the women hit their irons and hybrids, it will be interesting to see how the precise approach gauntlet of Wilshire CC holds up. Be sure to watch!!! I know I will!

The LPGA in best stretch on their Tour schedule

Just as a follow up, I did play Chambers right at the end of May, and I had a great time. Weather was perfect, the green fees were on the last day of “May” rates and were reasonable for a Seattle resident (about $100), even more so as my buddy treated me. I was sort of a buffer guest for a business deal. My buddy got caddies for he and his business friend and I benefited greatly on the greens with some help reading the breaks from the caddies. The greens really have large undulations and they are monstrous. I had a 4-putt bogey and a 3-putt par which is actually not that hard to do there.

I learned that they are planning on replacing all the greens with poa annua this fall. One of the greens is done and it is awesome. The poa will grow much more uniformly on the site and I think with good greens the place will be killer. Looking forward to playing it again.


I played there a couple weeks ago, and two more greens have been re-done with Poa. They definitely roll better and a bit faster than the others.


2017 was my first shot at Quail Ridge here in SoFla. Played the South Course and it was immaculate. Have been there one more time since and will play an FSGA One-Day and a Golfpass One-Day out there yet again, which at least one of those times will be the North.

Not only is this a great track, with every amenity, but even if you’re a 10 handicap you’re starting out > #100 on the Member Rankings. I can’t imagine you wouldn’t get better playing here.

This’ll be a long term goal to get membership here. I think the equity payment is only about 60K.


What about 4, 5, 17, and 18?


It is his best use of visual deception I’ve played. Every tee shot looked horribly tight but luckily I was driving it well and just hit it where my caddie told me too, then when you get up in the fwy you realize how wide it really is. Very fun course, but very difficult.