What’s your wedge setup?

Just went to 4 wedges for the first time.

48, 52, 56, 60

Used to always be 48, 52, 60 or 48, 54, 60

Looking forward to not having to manufacture the 60-80 yard shot as much as I used to have to.

Finally went to 4 wedges this season too. used to be 48 (i think it was part of the set) 53 58.

I like your current set up and the 48 54 60 for your (3) wedge setup. My problem is my AP2 set includes a 50 A/G wedge already so I always have 46 50 and then Ive been tinkering and interchanging 54, 58 or 56 and 62. Kinda worried 62 is gonna be over kill around the greens and out of the bunker and useless for full shots.

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46, 50, 54, 60 for me.

One day I want to be a person who has a Vokey for every degree 46-64. Then I would just change them round to round for no good reason just to flex on everybody. A kid can dream, right?


59deg - 95yds full shot
56deg - 105yds full shot, but maybe can squeeze 108 out of it sometimes.
52deg - 115 yds full shot, maybe 118 if I really crank it
PW i think is 48deg - 135 yds full shot but can fill in the gap between 125-135 pretty well with it. Problem yardage is 120-125.

If it’s windy then this is all meaningless and I might hit 9 iron from 110.


46,50,54,58 is my wedge set up for this year. Went back to 54 / 58 from 55/60 and use a Vokey D Grind which I picked up and have really liked in softer conditions and a Scrach 58* wedge (precursor to National Custom Works) on firm and dry turf

46,50,54,58. We kind of have a “no wedges over 56 degrees” rule in my crowd. They can bite it.

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I have the PW & SW that came with the set of Taylor Made 320 irons my ex-girlfriends father gave me. Might be time to invest when I swap them out at some stage :flushed:


45 & 60. Huge gapping issue that is built in as an excuse for terrible play. Currently in the market for some 2nd hand ones.

Side note; also go from driver to 4-iron :no_mouth:


I have a set of 52, 56 & 60 degree Cleveland wedges. All with the black finish to stop glare.

I hit the 60 about 85, the 56 about 100 and the 52 about 115.

I then have a PW as part of my CW iron set up that is about 48 degrees I assume. I hit that about 125-130.

The shots I struggle with are the 50-75 yard half or 3/4 swing shots. Bloody useless with those.

Usually my wedges are the strongest part of my game but I’ve been struggling recently. The bastard tendinitis affects the shorter more delicate club’s more than the ones you just whack.

Tend to use my 52 around the green.

Also 52, 56, 60, and I think the p-dubs in my set is 47.

I rarely (never) hit anything below 9 iron full, just use the different lofts to produce different flights depending on how I see the shot.

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52, 56, 60 right now but thinking of going to 50, 54, 58


Jpx-900f, s-18, s-18, t-7

Vokeys. 46, 52, 58. Less wedges to learn and get comfortable with. Easier decision on what to do for those in between yardages.

Pw-44, AW-49, 54, 58

PW 46
G 50
S 54
L 58

a 60 has been tough for me. Always seem to hit it fat or thin

  • PW - 47
  • GW - 52
  • SW - 56
  • Lob - 60 or 64

I think having 4 wedges helps you overcome day to day inconsistency and variable conditions if you can’t quite nail down your ideal approach distances.

Wedging Pitch

Had a club champion guy recommend a 64 and drop my 2 hybrid.


PW - Mizuno JPX 825 pro is at 45 degrees

Oil Can Vokeys

Used to have 50, 56, 58 which did not make much sense.

I got a new 52, and 60 this year and took the 50 and 58 out.

Slightly off topic but anyone have the Callaway MD4 raw wedges? I have three with black onyx S400s (Hot AF) and they just refuse to rust. Weirdest thing is that after playing a wet or dew-y round I will have dots of rust in the sole of the club but the dots wipe away with a towel.