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Grilled a pork loin last night with some asian spices. Thinly sliced off some pieces and added to Trader Joes’ cauliflower stir fry. Tasty weeknight meal with leftover pork for lunches for the rest of the week.

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  1. Set desired temperature for doneness (e.g. ~130F for medium rare steak). Let the water bath come to temperature.
  2. Stick vacuum-bagged steak in water bath for 1-4 hours.
  3. Remove, de-bag, pat dry, sear in blazing hot cast-iron.

There are a ton of great resources on sous-vide. From easy intro stuff like this BA video from the before mentioned Brad Leone: https://youtu.be/Np0LMwqtOVM. To deep dives from Serious Eats (https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/topics/method/sous-vide#techniques) and Chef Steps (https://www.chefsteps.com/sous-vide).

Sous Vide makes a lot of stuff very easy. It’s terrific for pork and chicken. It’s a nearly fail safe way to ensure something is cooked to a safe temperature without overcooking. Plus, as a single-guy I can buy steak or chicken breasts in bulk on sale, package them individually and cook them all at once and put the ones I’m not going to eat right into the freezer. Then I just reheat at a slightly lower temperature from frozen.


yes cook it in the sous vide and when its at 129.5 i take it out and sear it either on my grill on in a cast iron.


sous vide 2+" thick pork chops @ 140F for 2 - 2.5 hours, then sear after drenching in butter, salt, pepper, and garlic. You will never cook them any other way


there is an alarming lack of pictures in this thread

Aside from the massive tomahawk (and @aannddyy00’s salad) , and it might be better off that way

Double trouble burger on a brioche bun with a wedge of the best blue cheese in the world*. Also a kitchen sink salad to wind down the week. Not a huge fan of the kitchen sink salad but my wife likes it and it cleans out the fridge.

*Arethusa Blue cheese. Made in Litchfield, CT just a town over from where I live. Won best blue cheese in the world in 2018 at the world championships for cheese (yes that’s a real thing). It’s life changing, life affirming and might be too good.


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Current favorite recipe, short rib ragu (its also the one that I bust out when I spend way more on golf or scuba diving than I should). Get super meaty beef short ribs season with salt pepper and generic Italian seasoning ( drizzle a bit of olive oil to make it stick if necessary) fire up a charcoal grill and get it 600+ degrees hot, sear short ribs on all for sides for 30 second each.

Let cool, vacuum seal into bag with fresh oregano and a tiny bit of basil with a frozen 1/8 c of arrabiatta sauce per short rib sous vide for 36 hours @ 150.

Next day dice and sauté 2 large onions, mushrooms , and fresh garlic to taste once carmelized deglaze with Nebbiolo or Chianti, ratio should be 1:1 with arrabiatta till you reach the total volume of sauce you want.

Drain the stock out of the bags and set aside, shred the beef and dump in the stock pot full of red sauce, separate the fat from the stock and add stock until you reach the “beefy” flavor you like (should be pretty thin at this point) and then simmer for 2-4 hours until you reach slightly runny from desired thickness, i like something akin to a well cooked oatmeal or grits.

Add pecorino romano cheese until you get to your desired flavor and thickness, serve with polenta or noodles and top with cheese as desired


This burger looks absolutely wonderful. I can see the tasteful toasting of the lower bun you did as well. It bugs me to no end when people throw a bun on the grill or something and burn it, but my god an artfully toasted bun is instrumental to the success of a good burger.

This is great as well. Thanks for the detailed write up on the recipe.

This was a couple of weeks ago, but it’s a fun recipe -

Sous Vide Lobster Salad in Parmesan Cheese Basket
(Lobster tail, tomato, sauteed asparagus, corn, avocado; not shown: sides of grilled shishito peppers and roasted potatoes)


that cheese basket looks awesome

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Oh, it was. Super simple to make…parchment paper in a skillet on medium heat. Shave Parmesan over paper and wait until it browns. Carefully remove from parchment and place on an upside down bowl, pinch edges (like you are making a pie crust). When it cools, you have a tasty bowl.


Tried out a pellet smoker for the first time today. Ribs Tasted good but I need some more reps, over cooked it


Questions galore, I’m bored out of my skull. Traeger? What kind of wood? How long and what temp?

Green mountain grill - it’s an old handmedown from my dad who is giving up meat because of cholesterol. Baby backs at 225 for 6 hours. Put mustard and Stubbs bbq rub (probably was too salty) before cooking. Used camp chef hickory pellets. Added some apple cider vinegar here and there. Put sauce on for the last half hour (just Aldis kc masterpiece knockoff). I have no idea what I am doing so this was an experiment - any tips please send my way.

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I would consider wrapping in foil, everybody does it differently, but I’m a fan of ~3hrs unwrapped, wrap for 2-2.5hrs, and then finish unwrapped / sauce 'em, about 30min to an hour.

Also, my condolences to your old man


K, we Will try the foil next time maybe that we’ll help moisten. Probably will do pork butt next go around

Check out https://amazingribs.com/
Huge forum there too

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