What’s cooking? WITB

What are you filling your face with?
3lb tomahawk this evening. Did a reverse sear on it. Turned out killer.


One big ass salad and a Manhattan was dinner tonight


Did not take a picture because it looks like poo, but made Chili Colorado last night. I would recommend throwing all of the seasonings besides the bay leaf into the blender with the chilis instead of in the pot. Outrageously good recipe. If you guys do not follow the Bon Appetit Youtube channel, do so immediately. Some of their recipes are a little complex, but are all really great.


I’m mostly pescatarian these days when at home. Tonight’s meal is broiled salmon that’s marinated in some soy sauce and rice wine vinegar. Also, shout out to NY Times cooking. A lot of it requires a subscription now, but there’s quite a few good free recipes on there that are usually awesome.

And you didn’t invite me!!!
That thing has “Tour Steak Sauce” all over it!!

THAT is a properly cooked steak. Wow.

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Agree. I’m considering a subscription. Think it’s only $5/month.

Brad Leone is the best.


We did a tri-tip a few weeks ago, and I’m thinking it’s now my preferred cut of beef. It’s reasonably priced, well-marbled, tender, and has a stronger beef flavor than many other cuts.

I cooked it using the reverse-sear method on the Big Green Egg — started at 250* with the deflector plate in until the meat hit 115* internal temperature, then cranked up the heat and seared the meat for 4 minutes per side. It was delicious.

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Reverse sear. Best option for cooking steaks.


Interesting. I never buy tri tip. Will give it a try.

Best personality they have for sure, although I think i’m most partial to Carla’s recipes. Need to make that white pesto bucatini ASAP.

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It was my first time trying tri-tip in a long time. I was amazed how good it was.

I usually am just watching for entertainment.

For actual recipes, i go to serious eats or king arthur flours website for baking.

do you have a sous vide? i did tri tip on the grill on the traeger and in the sous vide and the sous vide was by far the best version.

I do not. We don’t have room for any more kitchen devices.

But out of curiosity, how do you cook it? Do you get it up to temp and then sear the meat?

Serious eats is the best. Halal Cart Chicken is in my regular rotation. I think the GOAT is Chef John with FOooooodwishes dotcommmmm. Ever watch his stuff? His inflection takes some getting used to but he has incredible recipes.


yeah, here and there. I did make one of his recipes lately, cant recall what it was though.

His lasagna is hands down the best recipe I’ve seen.

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With a newborn (and before with wife pregnant) we’ve lately been on a Home Chef (home meal delivery kit) kick. Quality has been far superior to HelloFresh, and it helps a lot with portion control and not wasting leftovers (we’re admittedly bad about that). Also been on a meal prep kick for lunch with salads or protein + veggie, and really enjoying that.

Last night we had some BBQ pulled pork tacos w/ a cabbage slaw