What podcasts do you listen to?

Then how is it personal?

You make it sound like he’s being persecuted. Any attacks have been reactions to what he’s said.

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Is it personal if it’s just an alt?


Coming in every thread he sees that offends his version of polite society calling us all radicals and hippies and commies, or whatever it may be is personal. It’s just the same tired shit over and over and over.
Yeah we can use the ignore but if it’s the same person time after time after time just stirring shit up for the purpose of stirring shit up maybe that person should just not be here anymore or at the very least not be praised by the people that run this message board.


My fallen brother in arms. Good soul.

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Waiting for the inevitable ED turns face, Laz turns heel to fully materialize

(Face turns are fucking hard to pull off btw)


As Randy said, just use the ignore feature, problem solved. I’ve used it before, works well.

Imagine being this triggered by someone on an online message board…

The guy genuinely sounds despondent about my existence on here.

I mean I thought the whole “digging through my posts to find a picture I posted of myself and then repeatedly message it to me/post it on here” thing was pretty weird if were being honest, but I’m not surprised at all


Weren’t you supposed to log off like an hour ago


Yeah this is a bit suspect. Not a fan of that

Weird? Yeah, probably, I’m bored.

It’s just that the picture is such a stark contrast, I was shocked.

Generally, if people literally can’t tell if you’re a caricature or parody or not, that’s not a good sign, man

Where’s @Lazstradamus?

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@BigtimePolecat @munihack7

Sorry if you guys missed the pointed attacks on @HaveOuimet where ED repeatedly said “You are a terrible parent”. Go digging in the Parent/Dad thread (whatever it’s called at the moment), the receipts are there. Then come back if you like.

To be fair, I didn’t go searching for it, I remember him posting it like 2 days ago.

But yeah, I shouldn’t have posted the picture on a different thread. It comes off as creepy.

This is all he does. Does he maybe cross the line while doing it, absolutely. I just look at it as this is what he likes to do for entertainment on a Friday night.

The way I handle, is read 50% of what ED posts, then read between the lines. 30% of the time, what he is saying actually has some substance and is worth thinking about…the rest of it is great for a laugh


Yep I am triggered. Despondent, no. I like this place and I spend a lot of time here and think it would be better off as a whole without you. I didn’t used to think you should be banned but I’ve changed my mind.

But it’s not up to me so it doesn’t really matter. So I’ll just state my opinions on the matter since it is the topic at hand.


If that’s the worst thing you’ll hear in a heated debate, you got off easy.

It’s just a tired narrative and at some point, the game ends.