What podcasts do you listen to?

I sincerely apologize if this has been a thread before, but I work on a course and thus have infinite time to myself and I’m burning through podcasts. I’m open to any and all recommendations in any genre. Here’s my general rotation:

Trap Draw
Sports Wars
My Dad Wrote A Porno
How Neal Feel
Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend
You Made It Weird
Armchair Expert
How Did This Get Made
The Dollop
Shutdown Fullcast

I’ve also dabbled in a few other sports ones, but am looking to open it up to whatever. Eager to hear what you all like and hopefully my list can help shape some recommendations. Cheers!

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How Neal Feel!

Did you listen to The Champs?

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I will browse through Joe Rogan Experience and download one or two at a time that pique my interest. Also an avid Spittin’ Chiclets listener, but those + NLU are my only regular rota as I don’t have nearly as much time to listen and about 20 min each way to/from work

Pardon My Take and NLU only

Dropping the Gloves with John Scott


I did not and I don’t know what that is!

I can’t seem to quit Bill Simmons’ podcast. He gets pretty great guests.

Love Shutdown Fullcast. It’s a fucking hot mess, and they know it, but some of the funniest stuff out there.

And then outside of NLU and SGS golf pods, my favorite is The Rewatchables from the Ringer. Deep dives into great, rewatchable movies.


It was an old podcast that Neal used to do with Moshe Kasher. All the old episodes should still be up on iTunes.

It’s not really anything like How Neal Feel. If you told me you gave it a shot but didn’t like it, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised. But, if you like Neal’s work you might like it.


The ones I listen to almost every episode that have yet to be mentioned:
Lowe Post - Zach Lowe’s (ESPN) NBA podcast
Duncd’On - Very nerdy deep dive daily NBA podcast
Binge Mode - Jason Concepion and Mallory Rubin from The Ringer on GoT/Harry Potter and other fantasy books/media


Other than podcasts from the Woke Boyz:

Joe Rogan Experience
Hardcore History
Select WTF with Marc Maron

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Listen to Ponzi Supernova if you are at all interested in Finance and Fraud. It’s a mini series about the story of Bernie Madoff including a bunch of interviews with him from prison. Super interesting listen.

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This American Life
The Clubhouse with Shane Bacon
The Way i Heard it with Mike Rowe

pretty much everything already mentioned, but also:
Hello Internet
The Unmade Podcast

Dan Patrick Show
Shotgun Start
Fried Egg
Talking Golf
Silver Club Golfing Society
Chasing Scratch
How I Built This
Planet Money
Golfers Journal (most of the time)
Clubhouse Shand Bacon (most of the time)

On the same front, not necessarily a running podcast but great mini series. Dr. Death is an insane listen. Will leave you feeling very skeptical about ever having surgery again.

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Most already mentioned. To Live and Die in LA is a pretty good one if you like serial

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If I’m not listening to a golf podcast, I pretty much only listen to 99% Invisible. Sometimes I’ll sprinkle in some Gary Vee or Tim Ferriss.

Doug Loves Movies
WTF (dependent on guest)
Spitten Chicklets

Listen to every episode:
Trap Draw
The Dollop (“The Phantom of the Open” is their only golf related episode I think and is an incredibly funny story)
The Ron Burgundy Podcast
30 for 30 Podcast
Rewatchables (Only the free ones. I’m not paying to listen to a podcast on Luminary)

Listen to most episodes:
Clubhouse with Shane Bacon

Along with everything already mentioned I like The Jocko Podcast. Pretty heavy subject matter but you usually learn something from them. Also great for long drives/flights because you get sucked in and then time flies (they are usually about 3 hours long).