What (only Golf) content are you watching now?

I’m enjoying the 2013 US Open video from the USGA at Merion right now. If you are watching golf content now, what is your poison?

Full final round broadcasts of The Masters on YouTube. When all else fails. It’s my go to especially this time of year.


Which year?

I graduated from St. Joe’s right down the street from Merion in 2011. I was looking forward to the US Open in 2013, but had moved out of the area. Phil should have won.

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Link? YouTube?


This is awesome, thank you for sharing. I live in Philly and have fond memories of this US Open. Gonna rewatch this weekend for sure.

All the years, but I’ve watched 2004 and 2005 more than once.

I’ve done my fair share of rewatching 2004, but love me some 2014 and 2015.

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Some of the new European Tour content just popped up on my recommended videos list on YouTube, so I’ve gone through that and rewatched some of my old favorites. Their 14 Club Challenge is absolutely brilliant, and the Luck of the Draw: Beef vs. Hovland clip from a couple weeks ago may be as good as it gets.

The USGA posted a bunch of good documentaries about the US Open on YouTube. I’ve watched the last day of the 2011 Presidents Cup on YouTube as well.

Just put on the back 9 from 2016 Masters. I’ll never forget my jaw just dropping for 3 straight hours

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One thing the usga does right is YouTube…its quite shocking to be honest

I agree. Hopefully next they will post rounds of the us open.

Bringing this back. Where are you finding old tournament rounds online other than Masters/US open feeds on YouTube. Feel like I’m struggling to find other old videos of previous Open Championships/5th majors on YouTube.

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I find quite a bit on YouTube…not necessarily from the masters/usga channel…I try for sky sports feed of major s mostly

Again…not from the sky channel…this is all from non legit uploads for the most part. I watched the 2015 us open…then gave a listen to the pod from soly after…was a blast… despite all the controversy around that week…I enjoyed the re watch

Just rewatched the 2018 Masters. Not much of a fan of Reed, but the run Spieth made to try and upset Reed was pretty impressive to watch. Hope Spieth returns to some form of his 2015 self

I mean…this was fun to watch and was fairly recent. They way golf coverage should


I caught some if this…good stuff!