What makes your butt pucker?

What is the one iron in your hand that you “dear sweet baby Jesus, I have no idea where this is going.”

Pitching wedge for me :joy:

60* - it’s how I got my name.

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Having to hit a cut off the tee with ob/hazard to the left


A half wedge where short is dead.

We’ve also got a green at my course with a deep bunker at the back. If you’re in that, you gotta go hard at the ball, the green is shallow and slopes away from you, the prevailing wind is also at your back, and there’s water on the other side of the green. That’s a horrible shot.


the dreaded chili dip…I know it well.

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5i for me - could go 210yds - could go 170yds. Directionally it’s a sweepstakes. I’m a 4.2 and I can not hit ANY 5i…That is all.

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Stupidly right now, a full wedge shot.


None, really. Sorry.

If forced, a chip or pitch off a truly soggy sloppy (wet) fairway.


Two things, any club with a side hill, ball above my feet lie and putts from 4-8ft.

You used to be my friend

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Without question it would have to be a 3 footer with left to right break…if I would put a number on it I have making these at a lowly 30% clip over my 20 year golf career.

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For me it’s anything with trouble long and short. Shots that you know you only have a small margin of error and if you miss, you’re dropping a new ball.

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200+ to the green with wind off the left - still working on correcting a leaky fade with long irons.

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10-15ft short-sided chip shots and landing the ball soft. I feel like I’m either going to cut under the ball with no contact or blade one into the next county.

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Agreed. A nipped chip off spring soggy turf is brutally challenging.

Samesies. My handicap would be so much lower if I lived somewhere with less rainfall.

Same. Always miss on low side too.

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I added something, my man! :slight_smile:

I imagine that I feel like @Tron in those situations: if the ball can be putted, I putt. :wink: (I’m usually a freakishly good putter, too, so that helps.) That’s generally a good strategy anyway, but off that soggy March/April turf, it’s usually a VERY good decision.


having to hit a draw/no room on the left to play a fade

Being stuck between clubs with trouble short (water) and long (rough, sand, trees) and the green sloping severely back to front. Usually this requires a 90% gap wedge which is making me sweat just typing it.