What makes a good headcover?

Whelp … Pretty self explanatory … Have at it …

Recommendations? Preferences? Tassle? All leather? Subject matter? Meaning? Color scheme?

(I’m considering switching things up with my club clothing and was looking for a dialogue to spark my creative side.)

I like the Daphne’s animal ones but sadly I’m still waiting for a lemur or proper monkey species.

I think Etsy do some quirky ones eg I’ve seen a Mr Meeseeks cover from Rick and Morty doing the rounds on Reddit.


True to your name, sir


It has to stay on. Some of those animals are very top heavy and kind of hang over the club.

Mine are what came with the Titleist set except for Driver, which is from my first World Am swag.

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Headcover has to stay on. Should be thick enough to protect from scratches and dings. The bounces on carts should not knock them off. I like them to slide on and off easily, so the lining has to not come inside out when pulling clubs out.

Waterproof is good. Cleans easily.

Looks are definitely a factor for me.

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I had never fully considered the waterproof angle. Would you give the thumbs up to leather in that situation?

Some very solid brands as I’m sure you probably know are Winston Collection, Fore Ewe, AM&E, Dormie Workshop, etc. I would say Seamus is hit or miss (Fellow woke friends do not burn me at the stake for this). From all my experience with Winston and AM&E, their leather is incredibly waterproof and super easy to clean.

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Waxed canvas is another great option for waterproof textile with some body. I haven’t seen them in person, but it looks like Bluegrass Fairway makes a good leather and waxed canvas product.

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Checked out some dormie covers, they are sick but OMG expensive.

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Is it a dog? If yes, then good.

First and foremost, headcovers should be easy to take on and off. There’s nothing worst than struggling to put a headcover back on after hitting your drive. They should also fit somewhat snug and stay secure, and also have some padding/give to prevent damage. Lastly, I’m trying to rid my golf gear of any big BRANDING - no Titleist hats, Ping bags, Callaway headcovers, etc.

I can’t recommend Seamus driver headcovers enough for this. They’re super easy to get on and off and look great.

A good putter cover has been tough to find. Most that I have seen/used and velcro and they end up wearing over time. I’m curious to see what people recommend here. Has anyone tried the Seamus putter cover?

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i have a seamus putter cover, it has the velcro issue you referenced, but its cozy and protective for my Beatrice (don’t make fun of her name- and only I can talk to her, she’s mine). I can’t believe I still have it, its fallen off of Beatrice a lot over the last 2+ yrs. But thankfully I try to stay in the short grass and the group behind or a partner in the group, has always noticed and snagged it for me. I too like Seaumus head covers for woods - one of my buds calls mine a Horse Blanket. It has that SW Aztec print, i think its bad ass, but he says it looks like a blanket in a barn.

I love my AM&E college covers from my Furman days. And I’ve also been underwhelmed with some of the Seamus products I’ve had in-hand.

Another interesting sub-conversation: what is the best/ least worst closure system for a putter cover? What is your favorite?

You have to throw Iliac in there. I’ve bought 4 headcovers from them. All phenomenal.

I love the ones with magnetic closures. Closing them is just so satisfying. Also, they are less likely to fall of your bag when you are putting since they stick to your irons. Same thing if you happen to drop it - you don’t need to bend over to pick it up, it will just stick to your putter.

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Will second magnetic covers on putters, but after having recently purchased one with a very nice velcro closure I can assure you that no magnet is not a deal breaker. I have found my velcro one to be very manageable and is easy to just slip my putter into when the cover is on the ground. I also have a mallet which may help. There is no excuse for a blade cover to not be a magnet.

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The only issue I’ve experienced with magnetic closures is that (in my one experience) they broke through the lining of the headcover. But I definitely agree.

I’ve enjoyed the head covers I’ve gotten here: https://girlygolfer.com. Of course, if you can’t get past the domain name, your (possible) loss… :wink:

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+1 to Delila, she does great custom work. I had putter covers made for all my groomsmen as a gift and I’ve also done a separate custom driver headcover. Both orders turned out really well!