What is your pre-round warmup routine?

Most of us have seen the features on PGA Tour dot com about different warmup routines of our favorite players. Routines involving trips to-and-from the short game area to the driving range and finishing over at the putting green that usually run about 50-90 minutes long and include about 100+ swings.

What about YOUR pre-round warmups? Take us through the pre-round process of an NLU Refugee…from your pre-round diet all the way up to the first tee.

This is my routine on my home course and I’m going to pretend it’s a Saturday
-stretch for about 3 mins on the first tee
-let it rip

I use to spend an insane amount of time warming up on the range and it did nothing but wear me out.


As a fellow weekend warrior, my goal is to roll up to the course about 20ish minutes ahead of my tee time and roll putts.

Biggest thing pre-round is getting a feel for what the greens are going to play like, so I’ll focus on longer putts more than anything (basically trying to 2-putt from 20+ feet out every time). Swing stuff is WAYYYY too much to think about pre-round, so I save any adjustments there for a range session I almost never get around to during the season.

After about 15 minutes on the practice green, some “mild” stretching, and a few bites of a Sausage McMuffin, it’s off to the first tee!

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I generally wake up somewhat hung over with an immediate thought to curse myself for making such an early tee time. I then shower to try and wake myself up grab a breakfast sandwich somewhere and head to the course. I generally get there about 30 min early, spend some fruitless time on the putting green, stretch for 5 min, then balls in the air. Probably why I’m terrible


Weekend Morning Round - 7:00 AM Tee Time
6:20 AM - Leave Home
6:25 AM - Pickup a Starbucks Americano
6:40 AM - Arrive at course
6:50 AM - Stretch and make some practice swings on tee
7:00 AM - Swing Away (probably will become a breakfast ball)
7:00:30 AM - Probably hit another ball
7:01-9:00 - Sip coffee and eat a Clif Bar


DO NOT FOLLOW, 15 index.

Pretty standard no matter where I am playing or what the format is. If I do anything, it is the following:

3-4 minutes stretching
10-15 minutes wedge work
10-15 minutes putting
Tee it up

Any and all range work is done post round or separate from a day I am playing a proper round of golf. I may hit the range if I’m just going for a 4-6 hole loop.

I’ve actually found that by playing/practicing the day before has been the most beneficial to a round of golf’s scoring. That, plus avoiding a hangover.

I am curious, however, when the trend of pros doing more athletic warm ups started. I doubt it was a thing until recently, but it’s interesting to hear that guys like Brooks and DJ are doing some light weightlifting work before tournament rounds.

I have a habit of being TOO early to the course. So I usually end up hitting several 10-15 foot putts, stretching, taking 3-5 practice swings, and then standing around aimlessly jugging on my 58* wedge for 20 minutes while cracking jokes with any playing partners that are around.

Haven’t played a tournament round in a few years, but that routine was much different. Cereal and protein bar at home after a good night’s sleep. Get to course and stretch on driving range then work my way up from pitch shots to full wedges, 8iron, 4iron, driver, 8iron, wedges, putting green, peg it. Usually spent about 40-45 minutes on that routine pre-round for tourneys.

To the point above, I can’t imagine that a weightlifting routine pre-round would do anything good for my game…

McDonalds Double Sausage & Egg McMuffin and a Flat White

10 double wedge swings

Some stretching

10 mins of putting

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Some form of breakfast sandwich from the local bagel shop on the way to the course and a coffee. Got to start the day off right. Once at the course all depends on the round ahead. Member guest, money match or some other tournament at the club usually involves getting there early and actually warming up. Ten minutes on the putting green, 5-10 shots with a wedge, 5-10 with 8 iron, 5 or so with a 3 wood and a few drivers then we’re off. Casual round with my less serious golfing buddies is usually just roll up and head straight to the first tee.

I usually try to get to the course 45 minutes early.

First thing I do is get some water in me, especially in the summer. I find that those humid Florida mornings are just dredges on my ability to stay focused and swinging well late in rounds, so I’ve started to pound a good 8-12 ounces of water before I do anything else, just to get hydrated.

I like to stretch using clubs, mostly upper body. I usually try to get a good lower back crack in…I know its bad for me, but it feels like a release. I also take some full swings…15-20…using two clubs to get some extra weight and start feeling loose.

With 35 mins to go, I like to warm up by hitting some half wedges…usually a 50 degree. No thought, just feel. Trying to get crisp contact and focus.

Then, I like to hit a 10 or so balls at full swing with the wedge. 10 more with an 8 iron. 10 more with a 5 iron. 10-15 with the driver.

My last bit on the range, I like to try to play the first 6 holes in my head using my full preshot routine. On my home course, that means driver, hybrid, half wedge // hybrid, full wedge// 8 iron // 3 wood, 7 iron // driver, wedge // 6 iron. Really trying to visualize each shot and take myself to each hole mentally. Puts me in a good place of focus and confidence.

With 10 mins left, I’ll go to the green and start rolling putts. Start with 3 footers, then a few 6 footers, then a few 20 footers, then a few lags if the green isn’t too crowded. Finally, right before tee time, I will hit like 10 two-footers straight uphill in a row. I want to see the ball go in the hole repeatedly. I want to hear it. I focus on hitting the back of the hole. Confident, aggressive strokes. Even though they are tap ins…I want my last thought/visual before going to the first tee to be the ball going in with ease and pace.

I’ve tried to stick to this warm up plan for the last few years. And while I deviate occasionally, that deviation is usually to spend more time on the green, especially if it’s a course i haven’t played before.


Jeez, this guy’s :arrow_up: a baller.

I’m usually trying to keep down a fresh champagne Bellini. Champagne for me. Fruit juice for the body.


All joking aside, does anyone else get super tense when they start striping it on the range pre-round, because there is a direct correlation between hitting it well on the range and being utterly, hopelessly, shit on the course?

Conversely, if I can’t hit it on the range that means I’ll also be shit on the course.

I have issues.


Weekend golf: Get to the course about 45 minutes prior to tee time. Hit about a dozen 60*, a few 52*, a dozen 7-irons, a couple 5-irons, a couple 3-woods, and finally 3 or 4 drivers (more if it’s particularly non-compliant that day). Hit a variety of chips and then putt for 10-15 minutes before heading to the tee to establish the bets for the round.

Weekday golf: Arrive maybe 7 minutes before tee time, sprint to the clubhouse to check in and grab a cocktail, rush to tee and establish bets. Almost certainly will be one of the first three out of five to the tee box. We are weekday trunk-slammers.


Not really. I’m a 6ish index that is just trying to break 80. But I figure if I’m going to spend disposable income and take 4+ hours out of my weekend to play golf, I should at least try to play well, and starting with a good pre-round warm up can’t hurt.


There really isn’t a practice area at the local muni, so the range is a separate trip. Only warmup I have is taking a few practice swings into the cold wind

I’d say this most closely matches my routine, or at least my ideal. Actual results vary depending on hangovers and other life circumstances, but given the choice this is what I try to do.

Back when I was playing Tuesday and Thursday leagues there was no greater stress then that fight through traffic to get to the course. Every time I think about joining a league again, I think about this stress/combined with getting out of work/still dealing with work from the course and I think twice…

I did add an orange whip to the bag last year. Haven’t really used it much as a training aid, but its great for helping the body loosen up. With a bit of a bad back, the other thing I really need to do is make sure to get a good stretch in at home if at all possible. That said, it can usually be skipped if hungover enough as that keeps me naturally loose.

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If by warm up, you mean squealing tires into the parking lot, then I have my routine down. If by some miracle of God our group arrives with time to hit balls then it usually goes like this:

  • Fill cooler full of beer
  • Stretch
  • Swing (2 clubs) a few times
  • Hit balls with 4 iron; I figure if you can hit a 4 iron right out of the car then you are ready to go. If I don’t hit it well then I just tell myself “it’s a 4 iron, don’t worry about it”
  • Putt a couple; I’m a generational putter (opposite of @Tron) so I just need to feel speed
  • 1st tee; mandatory Shapiro (or some call it a breakfast ball) and away we go

Shotgun a can of monster and eat a snickers bar.

Swing 2 clubs a couple of times and complain how much it hurts.

That’s it, unless it’s after 10am, then replace the monster/snickers with a hot dog and one of the keystone lights shoved in my bag. But Honestly even when I played seriously the range would make things worse- it would mess up my tempo—i could never duplicate good swings and the bad ones would psych me out.

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My local course renovated their practice area this summer so did quite a few rounds there with nothing but stretching before and really changed my mind. I started playing better and hit more good tee shots off 1 than ever before.

I have back problems so I do some pretty aggressive stretching. Twists to start out, then full baseball swings with a wood (backwards and forwards), then some extensions on the ground.

Some of the nicer courses in my area have free range balls and nice practice areas so I like to treat the practice session different from playing. I thoroughly enjoy winding down on the range or putting green on a weeknight so I don’t like giving it up if it’s free (I’m frugal).

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