What is your "Dream 18" / Composite 18 for 2019

Back in the day, there used to be articles posted in various Golf publications about what a “Dream 18” layout would look like for the world’s most popular architects using holes that have already been created.

As Refugees, we experience a wide varitey of golf throughout different parts of the globe.
Your task, is to give us what a round of your “Dream 18” holes would look like. If you wish to use a tempalte/rules structure, see the options below:

Easy Mode: Pick 18 holes and put together a routing! No restrictions or limitations, just your idea of the “perfect” 18 hole golf course using 18 holes you have played or would like to play.

Advanced Mode: Pick 18 holes to put together your “Dream 18” routing. However, each hole must use it’s original hole number (Eg. Your 1st hole must be the 1st hole at another course, 2nd must be the 2nd, etc)

Top 100 Mode: Pick 18 holes for your “Dream 18” using only holes from the Top 100 Courses in the world rankings (any year)

Public Mode: Pick 18 holes to put together your “Dream 18” using only public golf courses currently ranked in the Top 100 Public course list (2017-2018 rankings)

Strapped Mode: Pick 18 holes for your “Dream 18” using only public golf courses that are OUTSIDE the Top 100 public course ranking (2017-2018 rankings)


Great idea. How much are we allowed to change the hole we choose? For example, if I pick the 16th at TPC Sawgrass for my 16th hole, can I add a tree or a bunker somewhere or does it have to be the same hole verbatim. Is the answer yes as long as it retains the architectural integrity and strategy of the hole, and is recognizable as that hole?

Gotta play the holes “as is”
No alterations of any kind

Got it, thanks.

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Covering both easy mode and advanced mode: Augusta National

In all seriousness, love this idea, to the drawing board!


I even kept the par of the course realistic (you’ll have to excuse 13-15 being three straight par 5s though).

Advanced Mode
1 Merion
2 Chambers Bay
3 Mauna Kea
4 Spyglass
5 Bandon Dunes
6 Royal Melborne
7 Tara Iti
8 Pebble
9 Royal County Down
10 Riv
11 Pine Valley
12 Augusta
13 Augusta
14 Old Course
15 Cape Kidnappers
16 Cypress
17 Old Course
18 Harbor Town

I did this one a couple of years ago, so i will have to think about possible replacements, but I still love this one. Criteria was courses you had played, only one hole per course.


11 at PV :heart_eyes:

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Sorry, I went for Advanced but thought they had to be holes I’ve played:

1st Quinta do Lago North
2nd Woburn Marquess (par 5)
3rd Royal County Down
4th Banff Springs (par 3)
5th Royal Portrush
6th Sunningdale Old
7th Royal County Down (par 3)
8th Royal West Norfolk
9th Royal County Down
Par 35

10th St George’s Hill (Red)
11th Black Rock Idaho
12th West Hill
13th Royal County Down
14th Coeur d’Alene Resort (par 3)
15th Banff Springs
16th The Berkshire Red (par 3)
17th St George’s Hill (Red) (par 3)
18th Royal County Down (par 5)
Par 34

Total par 69


I love #4 at Bethpage Black, especially the second shot. This is where the course starts to show it’s teeth.


I keep a running list of the best course I think I could put together off of the holes that I’ve played:

# Hole Par Yardage
1 1 on Blackwolf Run Original Championship Course 4 378
2 11 on Bandon Trails 4 445
3 11 on Arcadia Bluffs 5 633
4 4 on Pacific Dunes 4 463
5 11 on Pacific Dunes 3 148
6 5 on New South Wales 5 512
7 7 on Pebble Beach 3 109
8 8 on Pebble Beach 4 428
9 18 on Harbour Town 4 472
Front 36 3588
10 1 on Spyglass Hill 5 595
11 17 on Whistling Straits 3 249
12 18 on Whistling Straits 4 520
13 13 on Pacific Dunes 4 444
14 14 on Chambers Bay 4 496
15 6 on New South Wales 3 194
16 16 on Bandon Dunes 4 363
17 17 on TPC Sawgrass 3 137
18 18 on Pebble Beach 5 543
Back 35 3541
Total 71 7129

you Brits and your less-than-par 70 lol

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Par 5’s are over rated.


Here is my list which only includes courses that I have played.

Couple of observations

  • This was much harder to come up with than I expected
  • The 4th hole was the hardest for me to settle on (Fisher’s Alps vs.: NGLA Redan, Bethpage great hazard par 5, Yeaman’s hall Bottle template, the best par 3 at RCD imo, Portrush… I’m sure I missing more from what I have played).
  • This helped reveal my preference for strong par 4’s vs. 3s & 5s. In the tough decisions where I had one of my favorite par 3’s/par 5’s when asking myself the question given the choice to play only one of the 2 right now which would you rather play the par 4 generally won out. (examples: No 2. Portstweart vs. No.2 Somerset Hills; Fishers’s Alps vs. NGLA No 4 - redan / Bethpage No 4. par 5; No. 11 Ballybunion vs. LACC No. 11; NGLA No.17 vs. Merion No 17)…
Hole Course Par Comment
1 Merion 4 The intimidation of the tee shot next to the patio during lunch, coupled with the anticipation of the round in front of you…
2 Portstewart 4 The dune scape is just wild & the half blind elevated tee shot down to the landing area followed by an uphill approach… fun.
3 Passatiempo 3 Tough uphill par 3 (the rare exception for a feature I often don't prefer)
4 Fishers Island 4 Maybe my favorite hole on the planet. Alps template with the massive punch bowl green. extra credit for the peg board by the tee
5 Pine Valley 3 A brute of a par 3, but one of the best. (side note: if staying onsite a fair amount of the rooms face this hole, so you wake up full on golf-aroused by this 1 shotter
6 Seminole 4 Strategic par 4; great bunkering/waste area down the right side from the fairway run out up to the green
7 Shinnecock 3 Redan
8 Pine Valley 4 Fun short par 4 with two greens (that they alternate). Requires less than driver off the tee, but small green requiring you to throw a dart with a wedge.
9 Royal County Down 4 Maybe the greatest view on the planet when you crest the hill. So good.
10 Shinnecock 4 I think people that played shinny might object, but this penal but unique par 4 sticks with you.
11 Ballybunion Old 4 Wild par 4 especially with the wind blowing. I have aimed over the ocean multiple times with the wind and my draw (hook) swing curving it more than 70 yards right to left
12 Oakmont 5 Underrated hole at OCC. Just solid all the way through
13 Pine Valley 4 Hole plays almost like a cape with one of the best second shots on the course
14 LACC North 5 Great par 5 with one of my favorite greens on the property
15 Friar's Head 4 Just a gorgeous hole.
16 Passatiempo 4 Often cited as the Good Doctor's best 2 shotter.
17 NGLA 4 Beautiful with the iconic windmill hovering above you just behind you on the tee box.
18 Philly Cricket 4 A very tough closer; with your approach shot being one of the more pressured especially with an audience on the patio

Prefacing with this ^ and then having the holes you do - you realize we all hate you now, right?

Further - please adopt me.


holy mother of god, you’ve actually played ALL of these? Seems fishy.

See @Macgolf to be truly blown away…

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/unsubscribe to this thread out of pure jealousy…


Woah we have a lot of the same ones. I went similar to your criteria and only used courses that I’m a member at.


#1 Firestone
#2 Bellerive
#3 Firestone
#4 Torrey Pines South
#5 Bellerive
#6 Brough Creek National Golf Club (current condition)
#7 Firestone
#8 Bellerive
#9 Top of the Rock
#10 Firestone
#11 Augusta National
#12 Bellerive
#13 Firestone
#14 Bellerive
#15 Firestone
#16 Bellerive
#17 Firestone
#18 Bellerive