What is the "Tiger is back" threshold?


You are right. His driving needs to improve.

Cannot totally attach to this rhetoric as we have only seen him play FIVE rounds. FIVE. The drive that led to a double was LOST IN A TREE or STOLEN by a fan - 9 times out of 10 he makes no worse then bogey from where he drove it.

Tiger has always been an erratic driver of the golf ball which is what made him so fun to watch.

So what you are saying is that if he has a good driving week, say he hits 60% of fairways, he should be in the hunt?


Wanted to bring this topic back up in light of Tiger’s results his last two tournaments.

Where is everyone at in the “is Tiger is back” question?


Smashing the back button. Ball striking was sweet. He had that stare as he watched shots. I hope he wins API

If I’m not totally out of mind, he used less than Driver on many tee shots at Copperhead. Considering it’s a tough course regardless, It was sweet to see him get in the mix so well. 180 in on 18 with that pin was unfortunate, I think it was said elsewhere would have loved to see him with wedge in hand on that shot. I think it’ll be interesting if that avoid the driver turns into a week to week strategy? I know he’s used it to great success in the past (British Open win with 1 driver all week…that went 100 yds right), but week in week out on tour does that prove to be successful for him?


He is back.

(That’s all I needed to say but for the 20 char min.)


This is a tough one. Love watching him plot it around strategically. Felt very low stress the entire time at Valspar. Can’t help but think if he hit 2 more drivers per round (barring that 6 of 8 end up with an open shot to the pin in either the fairway or rough), he may have ran away with the tournament. With his swing speed and carry distance, his driver is an equal to DJ and Rory. Then again, he is the best mid and long iron player of all time.


He’s undoubtedly back.

This might sound absurdly stupid on the surface, but from a playing perspective, I view this week basically the same as a win. He lost by one shot over 72 holes. On some level it’s almost a coin flip on where the actual trophy ends up on weeks like this. He played well enough to win, which is all the proof I need.


He’s back. Will be interesting to see how he holds up playing back to back weeks this week having been in contention the first week.

He would have had a whole new level of “feels” on Saturday and Sunday surely, and now we need to see how he can maintain form the week after that. Only saying that out of interest, I think he’ll be fine at API, contend over the weekend and then we start the countdown to Augusta!


That, and he lost to a 65 with 9/18 greens and 21 putts … can we figure out how many times something like THAT has been shot on tour?


If Tiger came to the John Deere, the people here would lose their minds. He hasn’t been here since 96 when it was still the Quad City Open.

If some idiot shot off an air cannon for local favorite ZJ, just imagine what we would hear for Tiger.


So apparently Tiger is “BACK”. Lets have a closer look at this apparent reality…

Final Rd @ Valspar, when pressure was at its highest…

  • Tiger shoots a average -1
  • Reed shoots a good -3
  • Casey shoots a great -6


And Tiger also shrunk under pressure @ Honda… If this is Tiger being “BACK” then Golf and players today have evolved while Tiger hasn’t.


Back 9 on masters sunday!