What is the most bizarre thing you have seen on the golf course?

As the title says, let’s hear the weird, the unreal, the odd, the unforgettable, or the just plain fucking dumb things that you’ve seen out there.

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If you aren’t from the south east, the first time you see a GATOR on a course is a mind blower!


Last year I played a last minute random round at The Belfry in England. For those who don’t know it The Belfry is a resort course that has hosted the Ryder Cup 4 times. With rumours it might go for a 5th soon. So it’s a prestigious place, if dull as dishwater.

Anyway, I’m paired up with two young lads and on the 18th tee, heading back to the clubhouse and the very busy terrace outside the bar, one of these eejits mishits his tee shot. It stops short of the red tees.

He walks up and his friend says “You know what you have to do”. He sighs, pulls down his trousers, then pull down his pants, dropping his cock out, stands over the ball and starts taking a practice swing.

I can’t stop laughing but I’m thinking he better put it away quickly. No, he hits the ball and shuffles off after it with his cock swinging away in the breeze. Turns out his intention is now to play the whole hole like that, ending in front of a crowd of 50 odd people.

I managed to persuade him to put it away after pointing out there was a very good chance we’d all be thrown out and we wanted to get a beer when we were done.




while playing our 9 hole muni with @Bullseye and our cousin, we caught up to a twosome of old-farts on the second tee teeing off the opposite direction and loudly complaining about the hole being on the other side of a clump of trees (wrong hole), we asked to play through and they said sure but after we hit and were about 50 yards down the fairway the one guy teed off into us, after yelling at them and getting to my ball they came up in their cart right next to me while i was set up and about to hit and asked if it was their ball. i’m still baffled by all of this, how can people like that survive in this world?


someday you will get old too, i hope that people are more polite to you when you age and give you the leeway needed.

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haha what?? they weren’t senile they were stupid! probably in their late 60s

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you never know!

A couple of girls in the condos on the Wizard in Myrtle Beach were deep into their drinks on a Sunday AM and showed us all of what they were working with. To this day, I’m shocked that we didn’t lose anyone in the group that morning.


I love everything about that Golf Course (from their website):


The Scottish Highlands!? Hahahahaha. I’ve played there a couple times and never at any moment thought I was anywhere else but Myrtle Beach.

Are most Scottish courses lined with Condos and have island par 3s?


I saw my cousin take a shit in the woods and wipe his ass with a ball washer towel.


I was playing at a local muni and we are behind a golf outing. Evidently a construction company. Guys wearing steel toes and cutoff jean shorts while playing. Group ahead of us tees off on hole ahead and starts driving. I hit my drive on a par four, hits right side of fairway I am playing and kicks right into the rough, just into the trees. The group on the hole ahead, which runs back in our direction on the other side of the trees, turns around drives back to my ball stomps on it with his boots, opens a beer pours the entire thing onto my beer and drives off before we can get up there.


Realized I never submitted my own:

This year I was in a foursome where two different guys on two different holes both had their ball hit a tree and then the golf cart.


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This isn’t as bizarre as some others, but this was both impressively bad and really funny. Visual aid included below for reference. On the 9th hole at Warren GC (185 yd par 3 from the back) a dude hit a truly impressive shot. Playing from around 160 yards, he hooked it so much, that the ball ended up on the roof of the starter’s cart which is about 40 yards offline and 30 yards short.


Got in a fight with a kid on the 15th hole. I called him a name and he took his shirt off.

Hole 15 runs right along a highway. So i’m sure a few cars were confused.


I can confirm that they were stupid snobs and I have the drawing to prove it. One of the guys asked the other “Have you ever seen such a horrible routing in your life?” The way they were aiming was horrible routing, but then again Donald Ross wouldn’t put 35 ft. trees 5 yards in front of a tee box.


best inset graphic description ever. so @bullseye is new money and @Trfly_Lr is old money?

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