What is Minnesota's best public track?


Also looking forward to the Braemar reno. The renderings look pretty sweet.


I’m obviously biased since it’s the course I basically grew up on and I know it like the back of my hand, but Baker National out in Medina is great. On a park reserve so no houses and pretty fun layout. Lots of different shots due to all the elevation changes, green complexes, etc. And this is purely from a frequency of rounds perspective (i.e. you could play there all the time).

I would say the courses up north (Giants Ridge and the like), but they are more of a destination rather than an every weekend type of course.


LOVE Baker National. Hidden Gem IMO


I think because it’s kinda hard to get to if you’re not familiar with the area that it gets overlooked. But it’s usually in great condition and there’s nothing better than getting out there early in the morning and having it just be you and the surrounding nature


Blueberry is such a fun track. I think it’s for sale and I heard they might be closing the course. I played there right after the big fire and the setting was insane. The trees were gorgeous and you could smell the “campfire” everywhere.


I’ve played Keller 3 times and I love it. I’m curious to know what tree you’re referring to. The tree in the middle of the fairway of #17 would be my guess.


This tree. 4th hole. Par 3. 165(ish)?


That was my second guess. It really challenges you to get your mid irons up in the air, haha.


I played it really soon after the fire as well and couldn’t agree more, super eerie feel and smelled like a wood stove in an old cabin!


I have to vote for StoneRidge in the metro area, the conditioning and architecture are both great there. It’s playable for the higher caps but challenging and interesting for the better players. It’s also very walk-able.

Keller is an honorable mention.


Played it for the first time last year and it was great, not to mention a guy in my group got stuck behind the white barn on #11 or whatever hole that is.


I’m way late to this thread. But Troy Burne is an awesome course. I was able to catch a 70degree day in late October and play for $60 with a cart and felt like that was an incredible deal. Actually getting married there this fall!


How does one get a tee time at Hazeltine?


Tell them you are interested in joining and want to play the course first.


Know some members. Become friends. Eventually they invite you.


Best is relative. But hard to go wrong with

  • The classic at maddens

  • Deacons lodge