What is Minnesota's best public course?

In your opinion and why, what is Minnesotas current best public course?

I’ve played a handful of the top tracks in state like Maddens Classic and Deacons Lodge. None really came close to the Quarry at Giants Ridge. The scenery combined with the imaginative golf holes was just spectacular AND it was relatively cheap.

Best course in MN that I’ve played is a private one called Windsong Farm by the Twin Cities. The greens were by far the best I’ve ever putted on.

I’m partial to Dacotah Ridge. I know Rees Jones takes a lot of flak around these parts, most rightfully deserved, but Dacotah is a wonderful track. When it’s calm, it’s a fun course that can be had, but when the wind blows (as is usually the case), the course can be an absolute beast.


Minnesota is a tale of two states- the rural out-state and the metro (twin cities.) In terms of public courses, out-state dominates the “best” list. The Classic/Deacons/Quarry are all next level. Metro’s best is a short conversation- it’s Keller. Lots of close seconds, but Keller is pretty awesome despite one suspect tree.

Like other midwest states with real cities (Illinois, Mich, Ohio) Minnesota is littered great courses from the “Golden Age” (WBYC, Somerset, Interlachen, Northland, Minikahda) and a few very impressive new courses (Quarry, Windsong, Spring Hill.)

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I just moved to MN a couple of years ago, but since then I’ve had the opportunity to play quite a few courses in the metro area. Chaska Town Course is probably my favorite public track that I’ve played so far. I am looking forward to the Braemar renovation to be finished. Although it will have taken two years to complete, it looks like they have really done some great things with the re-design. I do look forward to getting to Giants at some point!

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I feel like you can’t talk about the Legend and the Quarry without including the Wilderness at Fortune Bay. I think this course gets overlooked because of how good the legend and quarry are but I’d argue that the wilderness deserves to be right alongside those two. Big wide fairways with a mix of good scoring opportunities, with an amazing collection of par 3’s.

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Never been down there to check it out. I have heard great things about it. It’s on my list.

Never played Keller. Heard it is a great value from a buddy.

In my opinion the best public course in Minnesota is the Quarry at Giants Ridge. I’ve played pretty much all of the resort courses in northern Minnesota and while there are many other really good ones, overall quality wise that’s gotta be at the top of the list. That said I think my favorite course to play is Deacons Lodge. I really haven’t played any of the public’s in the cities, so can’t comment on any of those. Some good under the radar ones in southern MN: The Jewel in Lake City, and Dacotah Ridge in Morton.


the lack of nice MN golf courses that I’ve played is pretty embarrassing being that I have lived here my whole life but here are my two

  • The Wilderness on lake vermillion, it’s a resort course so it’s super wide but there is an AMAZING amount of elevation change. Like I said resort course, so really wide off the tee so it’s playable, but their #13 is pretty much a reverse of the hole #16 at hazeltine along the lake.
  • Blueberry pines in Menahga is very underrated. Always in great shape and extremely playable

Surprised I haven’t seen anyone list StoneRidge in Stillwater yet. I live in Woodbury and it’s a top course in my opinion.


Never had a chance to play it. Isn’t it getting shut down?

Still open as far as I know. Just played it in September…

I enjoy Rush Creek in Maple Grove and Edinburgh USA in Brooklyn Park. Obviously bias because I grew up playing those courses once I was old enough.

I don’t live up the northern metro any longer, but The Wilds is my current go to public course in Prior Lake.

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I’ve played Keller many times. I’m not a huge fan of the front nine. The back 9 is great I think, but I always have trouble with pace of play there. I like the restoration of the course they did but it’s so short. I think there are better tracks out there than Keller in the Metro. I think Keller is a classic, but not the best Metro course.

I really like the new Meadowbrooke restoration. It’s long and a shot shapers course. Really generous with the width but just enough demand in the shots. Great par 3s on it it too.

I grew up playing Inverwood, and since they re-did the bunkering and some of the holes, I would put it out there as one of the best public courses in the Metro.

I also really enjoy morning/evening tee times at Stillwater Oaks and Loggers Trail.

Shout out to Clifton Highlands, a public course just across the border in Prescott, WI. I personally think this is the best public track for value in the Twin Cities and is always a 3.5-4 hour rounds!

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How does StoneRidge compare to Loggers and Stillwater Oaks? Is it more manicured or does it have the fescues and more natural look?

Very natural feel at StoneRidge. You could compare it to the back 9 at Loggers, which I think you get way more bang for your buck. The country club service at StoneRidge is nice, but the shack of clubhouse at Loggers gives it that Euro vibe that is just so dang charming. The conditioning is a bit better than Loggers and it’s more of a grind to play. My Saturday foursome always has a hard time choosing between these two courses.

I’ve only played Stillwater Oaks twice and each time I left very unimpressed. Maybe third time will be a charm.

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I love Loggers so much. It’s so great if you get out there during a weekday and you can go at your own pace.

To me what I love about Stillwater Oaks is that I can hit so many different shots off the tee. I like that you can hit drivers but it punishes HARD if you screw up the placement of the drive. But if you hit your spot and hit it well, you got a mid-short iron in. I think it’s a course that needs to be played without the Saturday slow-play where you can just take it in and try to play it strategically with all the time in the world. However, I did get sand mites (mytes?) from the sand there which was no bueno :frowning: (I am also looking to be in the public country club, so Stillwater Oaks will be free for me this summer which is great)

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Has anyone played Troy Burne just across the border? Is it worth the cash?

my favorite course in the metro area is Pioneer Creek. I hesitate to even share it on here because I’ve had such good luck with pace of play out there because they don’t cram too many tee times together like some of the public courses in the area and since it’s hardly even considered the metro since it’s so far out there, I think it gets somewhat overlooked. Anyhow, I’m no architecture expert, but I’ve always thought it’s a fun track for the price