What is it worth to live *AT* par?


Might be too tough to go back and look at, but I wonder how many of these tournaments had a cut line under par, then had some major ejections to have E be in the money.


I love this. The one thing I would say though is that if you’re shooting par in every event, you’re not gonna qualify for the majors or The Players, and those five events are where a bulk of the success comes from. Taking out the WGC’s is probably huge though, so thanks for making that move.


Someone do the PGA Tour LatinoAmerica


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Sorry for the delay, I forgot to say congratulations on winning the US Open.


Somewhere out there Smylie Kauffman is doing everything he can to become Even Par guy


I had some time on my hands the other day and I calculated what it would be like to live under par (-1) for a tournament.

Using (roughly) the same rules as @bmr21:

  • No WGC events
  • No Barracuda (Stableford)
  • No Zurich (Team event)
  • No events that did not award FedEx Cup Points
  • No FedEx Playoff events included
  • No secondary cuts included
  • Competed in all majors
  • Included opposite field events

Total Earnings: $1,586,734.20 (that’s $518,314.20 more than living at par)
Average Earnings/Event: $42,398.22
Median Earnings/Event: $16,188
Mode Earnings/Event: $11,XXX

Highest Finish: T9 PGA Championship $250,000 (that’s $68,500 and seven places better than the best finish, T16 Masters, of living at par)

35 of 37 cuts, 95% (as compared to 56% at par), Cut at Barbasol and Puerto Rico Open

Total FedEx Cup Points: 623.06, 81st (560.92 was at par, 92nd)
Average Points per Event: 16.84
Median Points per Event: 5.70

Person with the most (-1) finishes in 2017? Brooks Koepka (4)

I hope you enjoyed what’s it like to “Live Under Par”


Interesting how over half a million more in earnings and making nearly every cut only moves you 11 spots in the FedEx Cup standings. Wonder what the response would be if you asked each theoretical golfer if it was worth the $500K to miss all those additional weekends with family and friends Assuming endorsements paid out similar (given they are so close in year end rankings).


Even worse from a HS golf coach. I could see if he was maybe trying to get you to explain that you guys hit the wrong club off the tee trying to be too aggressive, but to actually take it to the point of making you empty your bag and actually kick you off the team? Horrible coach. Had a buddy who’s HS coach walked up to them before the end of the year county tournament, looked at everyone and said, “Well boys, don’t take last…”, worst pep talk ever.