What is it worth to live *AT* par?


I found myself with a lot of free time on my hands, the PGA Tour website, and a question that had been in my head for a few days: How much money would you make if you were a PGA Tour pro, and shot every round of the season at even par?


-Used the 2016-17 PGA schedule
-Played in all Majors
-Did not play in any WGC’s or small field events (like the Hero)
-Used all actual cut lines and MDF’s
-Did not play in the BMW or the Tour Championship
-Skipped the Barracuda because Stableford doesn’t fit this stupid project


Congrats, you made $1,068,420! Of that, $501,920 came from the Majors, so if you want to say you didn’t qualify that puts you at $566,500. You are basically David Lingmerth!

You made 22 of 39 cuts, 56%.

Your highest finish was T13 at the PGA, and you’re highest paycheck was $181,500 for a T16 at the Masters.

Moral of the story is don’t be a hero, just grind out pars and get paid.


If you still have free time, can you run the numbers for Web.com, LPGA, European, and PGA Latinoamerica? I think I need to see a table with how much par gets you on each tour. This could go somewhere.


No, what kind of loser would do that?


Can we see source of value for the major payouts? Pretty even spread, did you even sniff money at Erin Hills?

NLU was founded by accountants…this is the right place for this nonsense


I wonder how that translates to FedEx Cup points? Do you retain your card? I see that’s 106th on the money list, which is pretty darn solid.

Also, I love this for sentimental reasons because my high school golf coach used to ALWAYS say, “You show me a par, and I show you a winner” in his super thick Missouri accent. Asshole also kicked me off the golf team for petty reasons but that’s a different story.


Surprisingly, even got you a T32 and about $71k at Erin Hills. Halfway through I thought I should have included FedEx points as well, but I just didn’t have it in me.

Also, former accountant here.


“Kicked off the golf team for petty reasons”? You can’t just casually drop that in here and not expect to tell that tale…


It is funny to me that everyone thinks Erin Hills had the entire field going deep in the red when in reality, there was only 7 players that got to double digits under par, +2 missed the cut, and the majority of the field that made the cut were at E or worse after Sunday. A few players went off, not the whole field. (RIP Hao Tong Li shooting an 82, 84 on the weekend to finish at +22).


Well since you asked… it’s junior year and our team is out playing 9 after school as we normally did for practice between tournaments. These scores do not count for anything, our spots on the 1st team were decided by tournament performance. On the 3rd hole, it’s a par 4 dogleg right and it’s really tough to cut the corner but if you catch one solid, you’ll be perfectly in the fairway about 75 yards out. Since it’s a silly practice round, we all go for it but no one reaches the fairway. We are walking up to our balls, all roughly in the same 20 yard area, when our coach rolls up in his golf cart and sees us in the rough. The following exchange occurs…

Coach: “How come we are halfway through the season and no one can hit the fairway?”

/silence from everyone

Coach: “I SAID, how come we are halfway through the season and no one…”
Me, cutting him off as I know where this conversation is going: “We aren’t going to hit every fairway, every time, Coach. It doesn’t work like that.”
Coach: “Oh, is that right? Is that what you think?”
Me: “Of course. We are all going to miss fairways once in a while.”
Coach: “If that’s how you feel, you can just turn in your bag now. I don’t want players that are alright with missing fairways.”

I just stand there, dumbfounded by the entire situation. All my teammates are just staring at each other. I decided to just continue playing, thinking he’ll just drive away. I take no more than 5 steps and he drives towards me.

Coach: “No no no, you said this is how you feel. You are done playing. I’ll take you to your car and you can hand me your bag.”

So I get in the cart, he drives me back to my car in the parking lot. I dump all my shit into the trunk, give him the empty bag, and he drives away. Last I ever saw the guy.

It may be worth saying this was an old Vietnam vet who had a history of kicking guys off the team. It was very much “his way or the highway.” My sophomore year, he kicked off our senior captain, and best player, because he told the coach to stop bothering him during a tournament round. He kicked off one of the most talented kids because he couldn’t make every practice, because of club hockey commitments. Did this despite the fact they made an arrangement before the season that he could alternate between golf and hockey practice. Guy was a total nightmare to play for but because all my friends were also golfers, we still had a blast.


Thank you for your service. This is fantastic.

Now let’s dig deeper and indulge some of the replies below for Web, especially. I have a feeling you’d be making $20K at most.

Also the source data would be awesome - would love to see which tournaments you made the most from!


I couldnt help myself so I went back and added FedEx cup points, which totaled 560.92 or about 92nd in the standings.

I have attached tournament by tournament breakdown, which I got from the PGA website. I revised the Players total because for some reason that page is down. I had used an estimate but ended up tracking down the actuals.

I’ll look into doing the Web version after i finish this bottle of Wild Turkey.


This is both the best and the worst college golf story ever. He’s like the anti-sensei. The college mentor who actually teaches you zero life skills. In the movie he’d be played by Alan Rickman. If he wasn’t already dead.


As someone who generates #content for a living, this is a prime example of an original idea that has legs. You could easily create an infographic and an article that would make the homepage of any golf website.


Excellent Stuff, just don’t pass out on us!


I couldn’t help myself.

Here is the Web data. I substituted the 2018 Great Exuma in for the 2017 event because of the crazy wind conditions that year. An even par finish would have been good for 2nd place and a $50k payday.

Par just won’t cut it out there on the Web.


This further validates the idea of shooting 3-under for four straight rounds and still getting smoked on the Web.


This is such an interesting piece of data!! Obviously scoring in majors is higher by trend, so the at par player performs best there. It would say something about the golfer, who’s relatively playing much better at majors than regular tour stops.

The web data is great too…I was thinking earlier “man pars make you $1mill at the show” … but youll never get there by making pars on mini tours. I loved the pod with the Web guys where they said their biggest realization was how freaking low they go.

This does have legs, need an WAR stat for a golfer’s seasonal performance. Macro-level strokes gained.


Another issue is that in reality, this golfer likely wouldn’t qualify for the majors, which would reduce his earnings by about 50%. Although maybe he’d get special invites for being a model of consistency.


Tom Berenger was who I was thinking would play the coach. And I think that’s high school golf he’s referring to.


How was the Wild Turkey?