What grind do I use?


I haven’t bought wedges in a while and now I see this whole grind options, and its off-putting cause I want to pick the right one. I hit the ball high, like really high, and unless I plug it back in my stance a lot and take 3/4 swings I don’t hit tragy wedges.

I play at a course that has firm sand with generally not a lot of sand in them. I am also in Canada so for a good portion of the year its pretty “firm” aka, frozen turf. I don’t take big divots, more of a sweeper.

Club guys, any suggestions on which grind I should be after? Need any more info?


Generally speaking, since you play on mostly firm turf and are a sweeper you should go with something with lower bounce.

Beyond that recommendation go with a sole width that you’re comfortable with.


You probably already have wedges with good grinds, but are just tuning into some keen marketing. Grind options are nothing new. I’d recommend a gap with high bounce and a lob with low bounce. You may already have that? Good luck! New wedges are fun!


Not interested in hearing people’s wedge setups but I am curious if people keep multiple wedges of the same loft with different bounces and choose what to game based on turf conditions…

Obviously not a cost conscious choice to own 5+ wedges but given their importance it’s something I’ve often considered. Having the wrong sole in either very dry or very wet conditions raises the degree of difficulty for ball striking/finesse quite a bit, imo


There’s a private course here in Jacksonville, Timuquana Country Club, that has manufactured sand in the bunkers that lays very, very flat. If you have a high-bounce wedge you’re going to get a surprise when you use your regular technique and the sand ejects the club instead of letting it in.

If I were a member there I would have a different sand wedge with low bounce and maybe even grind it down razor-thin. Unfortunately, I only get to play there about once every year so it really isn’t a concern at the moment.


I don’t even think PGA Tour pros go to this extreme.


I have a few different lob wedges with different bounces. I basically will throw a low bounce in the bag only if i’m headed to the desert on a trip… More than anything I like having options to put something different in my hands to practice with when my “feels” are off.


Yes they do go to extremes to get the best performance.


Here is titleist take:

Here is callaway:


Yeah, they go to extremes to get the best performance, but that doesn’t reach to constantly switching up grinds/bounces between tournaments and even mid tournament to cater to how the course is playing. I’m sure there are a few who do switch from time to time, but for example I know Spieth plays nothing but 46-08F, 52-08F, 56-10S, 60-04L in his Vokeys. There’s a reason why you need to have a mixture between high/low bounce in your wedge setup.


I disagree. My wedge has 22° bounce… and I can hit it off a cart path if I want. Or soft lies. Doesn’t matter.

The thing is… while the 22° is legit… it’s also about 1/2 to 1/3 of the width of the sole, and with some relief in the heel and toe. A Vokey with 10° of bounce but one of their non-grind grinds is actually tougher to play off tight lies (and a lot of other lies too).

I recommend, generally speaking, as much bounce as you can get (22° in my 60°, 18° in my 54°, and 14° in my 48°), but with a grind that creates a lot of versatility and isn’t very wide.


Can you translate this to the Vokey letter grinds for us simple folk please?


You must be getting super custom grinds to get anything above 14° of bounce as that’s about the highest I’ve ever seen offered. 22° is insane to me.


They’re Edel wedges. 22° and I can hit it off a cart path or hardpan or anything else.


Bounce can be measured in different ways. Edel has a different standard I think.


I think for most people there will be very little difference that they would notice.

The level of bounce is important - generally higher bounce for sand or longer grass… lower bounce for firmer turf.

However, again this may not be noticeable for the ‘average’ golfer and they wouldn’t necessarily be consistent enough to really test what clubs were best for them in certain situations. And probably would tend towards more neutral set ups. 8 deg of bounce for example.

But I think the grind is very much fine tuning and is more marketing than anything that most golfers would benefit from.


I don’t really agree with either of those statements.


Wow, I’ve never heard of a 22deg bounce. If you open the face up at all with that club, isn’t the leading edge like way up on the ball? How would you get under it with that kind of bounce if you need to play a flop off a tight lie?


Not at all. I can hit pitches and flops off hardpan. Cart paths. The grind matters quite a bit.


Edels and Vokeys are a bit apples and oranges in their approach to a wedge. With Edel, you don’t even pick a bounce, you pick a specific grind that corresponds to one of their prescribed swing types (driver, digger, trapper).

I have a 52/16 Edel driver grind, 56/12 vokey, and a 60/04 vokey. I want to love the Edel (they look amazing at address) but it’s probably going to have to find a new home soon… Has more to do with club head weight than anything else, I think.