What “great” course interests you the least? - Lewis & Clark are the GOAT GCA's

The title pretty much says it all. I was discussing this over the weekend with some friends — which “great” course, whether highly ranked or because it has hosted major championships, interests you the least? In other words, which course are you not interested in seeking out access to play?

For me, the answer is an easy one. I’m not saying I would turn down an invite, because obviously I would not. But the one great course that really holds little interest for me is Pine Valley.

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I left off ANGC because I know there is zero chance I ever will play there. PV might be unlikely too, but at least there’s the chance of receiving an invite to PV at some point. Obviously, I would accept an invite, but I’m not going out of my way to secure an invite. For whatever reason, PV holds little interest for me.

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Are you trying to get us to roast Bellerive again? cuz we’ll do it.


“great” course

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Not my intent.

Oakmont, not sure where it falls on the “great” scale but I have no desire to experience this:


Is there any specific reason(s) for not wanting to play PV? Just curious to hear your thoughts considering it is at the top of my list.

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jesus christ this is actually unplayable

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I’m not sure there is a specific reason. It’s just not a course I have much desire to play.

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Not to call out greenjacketauctions, but 17.6 on a stimp meter has to be members or grounds crews just fucking with guests. That is borderline not possible.


Bethpage, Baltusrol and Medinah don’t really appeal to me in any fashion. Not saying I’d not play, but I wouldn’t go too deep into my pockets to make it happen.


Nationally I will say Bethpage Black, nothing about it seems fun, it looks like a exhausting slog with boring holes.

Locally I will say Spring Hill (shout out the Faz). I would never turn down an invite but most in MN consider it the best course in the state since it’s the most exclusive (ANGC syndrome perhaps), but from what I’ve read about it and the pictures I’ve seen it doesn’t look either fun or inspiring.


I do want to play Oakmont, and it’s high on my want-to-play list. But I saw that tweet about the stimp and it’s ludicrous.


Yeah. I was at a work conference a couple of weeks ago and learned that a coworker was a member at Oakmont. I now have zero interest in trying to hit him up for a round!

I was actually going to post Oakmont due to the penal nature of the place, but a 17.6 stimp has me back on board there. I’ll keep thinking.


Wait wait wait. Guise this thread is just Johnny Pants subtle flexing on us. Nothing to see here, next thread.

says the guy going to play Tara Iti? something smells funky

Would a flat driveway even stimp at 17.6?

Wrong, I only meant that there is at least a chance someone could invite me (or any other Refugee) to PV. It’s not happening with ANGC.

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Was just about to say Baltusrol. It’s never been too high on my list.

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