What first attracted you to NLU?


Came across the twitter account a couple of years ago, then started listening to all the podcasts.

The intro with the jay z PSA sample really got me hooked, still love hearing that at the beginning and end of the podcasts. The NLU podcast actually introduced me to fried egg which i listen too regularly as well.

Tron is by far the best follow on all of twitter


Heard @Soly on the Touching Base Podcast right after the Super Bowl. Checked the site out and liked the content. I also listen to the podcast even though I’m horrible at golf and still trying to break 100 for the first time.


I like that I can have the same approach to golf with people that I could also debate the relative pros and cons of INDEX MATCH v. VLOOKUP (INDEX MATCH wins, hands down).


Are there still vlookup groupies out there?!


I might be the only one in this category, but I think I found an article first. As I got more into golf, I found golf coverage to be absolutely horrendous - just a collection of cliche-laden superficial, safe, luke-warm takes with zero depth. Compare to say NBA where you’ve got everything from Dunc’d On (PhD level analysis) to The Starters (very knowledgeable and also funny) and tons of stuff in between. Plus tons of team-oriented blogs, analytics blogs, humor, Zach Lowe, Bill Simmons before he became terrible…

Golf had none of that. I think I found either a NLU post killing CBS or a detailed breakdown of Ryder Cup selection, both of which were excellent. It was a serious value-add to the marketplace.

As they get bigger, it’s a tough tradeoff between getting famous / cozy with the dudes and retaining their trademark outsider spice. I hope they can become successful while still keeping it real to the greatest extent possible. Good luck to the guys though - it was a big risk to go for it full time. Hopefully it will pay off. Certainly it will be an interesting experience for them.


Dropping the Sauce. Watching Tour Sauce clips got me hooked.


The facial hair.

But really, the non ESPN hot take like discussion about sports that wasn’t Barstool douchey. It feels like listening to your friends and is an approachable and fun way to digest news about a sport that isn’t projected that way by traditional media outlets.

I feel like guys of my age (early 30s) are oddly under represented with media personalities. I’ve grown tired of ESPN after my teenage and early 20s. Too old for Barstool. Not that interested in the old guard type content of Golf week.

Its high times for guys with desk jobs and bank bods to have the NLU guys, Andy Johnson, Porath, etc covering the sport at the same time an insane crop of 20 somethings are about to lift the sport collectively for the next 15-20 years.


I didn’t know anything about NLU at the time but @ClubProGuy tweeted out he was doing a pod with them and that was a must listen. I tuned in and have been hooked ever since.

Since then @Tron eclectic vocabulary and hot takes have kept me coming back.


“attracted to” is not exactly how I’d describe it

not that there’s anything wrong with that


The pods are great obv, but the guys seem like good guys.

They’re all golf geeks and don’t seem to think they’re better than others.

Worse turn off to the game.