What first attracted you to NLU?


Nice. I got hooked maybe in 15 with the saucies. Been loyal ever since. Always rocking an NLU towel on the bag.


Actually started with @KVV as a resident of Baltimore followed him on Twitter when he was covering Baltimore sports. Couple years ago he retweeted something of @Soly. The rest as they say is going back and listening to every podcast and reading everything on the website until you’re constantly refreshing the feed looking for more #content.


I may be misremembering this but I want to say maybe two years ago I was listening to the Ringer Golf Podcast Shackhouse (which is awful, Shackelford is smart and funny but House is incredibly grating and obnoxious) and Shackelford mentioned NLU as a great pod and as a big podcast guy I gave it a try. Either that or it may have something to do with me reading “Slaying the Tiger” earlier than year and finding out about the pod from there. Regardless of which actually spurred my interest I’m glad it worked because they’re my go-to.


Podcast. I remember hearing the Peter Uihlein one after I had been listening for a awhile. So good. I love the perspective and insight that Soly gets at. His inside the ropes access with an outside the ropes/working class vibe, refreshing! I worry that as time goes they get too chummy and insulated with the tour,media,the c-suite (just say No to proam invites and resort golf freebies). But everyone’s got to sell something to put food on the table.

the cool kids lunch table- NLU is getting a glimpse and occasional seat at the cool kids table. I kind of hate it. I prefer the nomadic and scrappy NLU.


The saucies first attracted me. The takes, Twitter personalities, and podcasts sucked me in.


Agree. @Soly has already said that he has not said/tweeted a couple of things because of how it would be perceived. Now that @tron is full-time, I am afraid that his takes will not be as saucy. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it is their fault…you can’t piss off organizations that control access to the players, caddies, etc. The Tour and equipment-related organizations have become such money machines that they have all of the power.


To be clear, that comment is more saying that there’s things I don’t tweet/say because I don’t trust people to get the nuance or the joke within in it. An example being, I tweeted the same gif twice within a few weeks of each other (the one of the Asian guy doing the crazy follow through). The first time making fun of Tiger’s recoil at Torrey. The second time, it was for Kevin Na at Riv. Sure enough, it got labeled as racist the second time it was used. When there were 500 people reading these things, thing kind of stuff never happened. There’s a ton of other similar examples, but it’s really challenging trying to find the balance between authenticity, humor, and “worth it?”. The Noren thing might be the perfect example. What started as a statement about his world ranking was overinflated by Euro Tour wins, and that he wasn’t a top 10 player in the world, has turned into a flurry of tweets after shooting a good Thursday score.

Part of the charm of the things we said in our early days was that we were just flat out wrong a lot. When no one was listening, it didn’t really matter. But when people actually start listening, you owe it to them and to the subject you’re talking about to be more fair about the things you say.

Regarding getting too chummy with the tour/c-suite/etc: It’s something we’re for sure cognizant of. We’re very picky about who we partner with, what events we go to, and make sure that above all, it fits our message. You wouldn’t believe the amount of stuff we turn down in that regard. The goal will always be to use our access to inform and entertain our audience. Hopefully that comes across in the content. At the same time, we’re all learning an industry that we had zero prior experience in, and have risked it all to make this work, so it’s all going to continue to be a learning process.


Aside from the snarky tweets and great gifs, I would say the sweet sounding laugh of Soly is my #1


Thanks for the reply. Yes, as any organization’s audience expands, there will be many more people “who don’t get it” than before. I also suspect that not tweeting some items and judging “is it worth it?” is not only the time trying to justify/educate your actions but also explaining to sponsors, players, caddies, etc., that there really is NO STORY and it was just something misconstrued by a few people.

I will tell you from personal experience that I have written stuff that was deemed great by an editor but they would not publish because it did not make the Tour come off in the best light. To paraphrase their response - “We don’t want to publish this because we hold our media access to the Tour above anything else.” That’s when I stopped communicating with them…because fuck that.


That’s 100% never going to be the case here. We’re often critical of the tour, and will continue to be when necessary. So far, they’ve been pretty great at letting us do our thing, and working with us on our criticisms to either address them on their end, or further our understanding of the issues. Gotta hand it to them on that, because they easily could have decided to just shut us out and not work with us at all.


It sounded like this was the case from comments in several podcasts, but is nevertheless remarkable and commendable action by the Tour. Kudos to them. I also find fact that CBS is actively addressing concerns regarding coverage in the broadcast remarkable. They obviously have constraints and no magical solution will be found overnight, but the fact that they have recognized the criticism is a positive step. Well done, NLU crew.


First podcast I listened to the group was trashing white belts and listing things they would ban if they were commish. I’ve always had a rule that anyone playing with me wearing a white belt incurred +2 strokes a side. I knew I was in the right place right then and there.


Found them on iTunes and binged about 10 episodes of a week and a half while taking train into the city on short term project.


The CPG interview that a friend told me about. Funniest thing I’ve heard in a long time. Got hooked. Also stumbled across the Wolfhammer video which sealed the deal.


I only found out about a year ago that Tron’s twitter avi was Spencer Levin. Always thought it was actually him #NLUconfessions


First golf podcast I’d heard that at least talked sometimes about not the Tour. Right about the time you had the UK/Ireland guys on talking about where you played over there, was when I started listening on the regular.


Twitter led me to the pod, which led me to living vicariously through these guys. #wishicouldquitmydayjobtoo


I came for the laughs, stayed for the fashion advice


The journalistic pedigree


I thought it was a Joost Luiten run podcast. However when I found out it was Solly I still stayed as he’s pretty good