What first attracted you to NLU?

What first caught your attention from NLU?

For me, I remember somehow stumbling across the now defunct vine account and just absolutely losing it. That pushed me to research what they were all about and eventually checking out the podcast.
I’m now 100 percent on board. Easily the best golf coverage on social media etc…


Back in the day I followed a ton of golf accounts on Twitter, and NLU was by far the best and funniest one. A few years later now and they are taking over golf media.

I came in late to the game, within the last year really. The podcast was mentioned on the dumbass morning show I listen to in STL and I checked it out. Enjoyed the flow and the banter, took a deep dive in the interweb and here I am.

A pal sent me this Tour Sauce Primer and I was all in. https://nolayingup.com/2014/01/30/a-primer-on-how-to-act-like-a-pro-toursauce/


My buddy sent me a link to the GIF of JT killing a guy with driver off the deck. I immediately followed them on Twitter and then got sucked in with the podcasts.


I read about them on a list of the best podcast in golf (don’t remember who wrote it) and they were recommended on Shackhouse which I also listen to regularly.

The podcast interviews are better than any of the other podcasts out there.


I started playing a year ago. I love podcasts, so when I really got into the game, I searched for “golf podcast.” Here I am.

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Best Twitter in the game for like 4 years now. If I’m watching golf I’m constantly refreshing twitter to get #hottakes from the NLU crew. Same thing I do with EDSBS and the Shutdown Fullcast guys during college football.


Twitter. I started seeing other golf Twitters I follow retweeting tour sauce stuff and I loved it, especially the in-round, live commentary and jokes at Tour events.

One of the first tweets I remember seeing was something about Zach Johnson asking his caddie for a lay up yardage on a “long” par 3. Looked at the rest of the timeline, laughed my ass off, immediately followed and haven’t missed a tweet since.

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Was in the middle of the 10th fairway with Soly at Kinsale in Powell, Ohio when he told me he had recently started it. Been involved ever since…


There can only be one show to which you’re referring… #FreeDotem


Found them a several years ago through Golf Twitter. I was drawn to them for the different vibe. For awhile, I thought NLU and Tron were the same person and the Tron account was for their takes that were too scolding hot for the NLU one.


First time poster…Hey.

I found the podcast one day and started listening. Makes my plane rides more tolerable.

I needed something in the post eldrick era, started following in the fall/winter of '13 I believe, amazing how much they’ve grown since then

I know it’s been said over and over but keeping it real?

I feel like I am saying to myself the same things they are tweeting or doing on a podcast. The scary this is what are they not saying??

I think it was Shane Ryan. Liked his “About Last Night” column on Grantland (RIP Terrence). He had linked to a podcast he was the guest on, and it was NLU. Been listening ever since.

Stumbled across the Tour Sauce article somewhere online. Thought it was hilarious and I’ve been in since. The podcasts are great. More Trap Draws please!

came across the twitter account in 2015 & that opened everything up