What do you want to see next out of NLU?


I second that motion!


I’d love it if you all explored 7 / 8 club minimalist carry. Have 14 clubs in the car by all means, but pick 7 on the day. Really get into pencil bag carrying, Randy ditch the trolley, shot shapes, knock downs, health, imagination etc etc. Make a cult out of minimalist approach. Deep discussions on wedges for days, bounce on links etc. But more of the same is fine, I look forward to all NLU content, except when Neil shouts. :+1::golfing_man:t2:‍♂


I would make dramatic reenactments for anything the PGA tour turned me down for.


Not sure if this is up NLU’s alley, but this is just an idea I came up that’s a combination of Cash Cab, Punk’d, and The Match.

Basically, some well-known tour pro goes to a muni or lower-level public course and attempts to get on as a single. The person making the tee sheet then pairs the pro with another group, with the group not knowing who the single is until the big reveal of him walking up to the first tee.

After the pro introduces himself, he then asks the group if the they want to play a 3 v 1 9 hole match versus the pro, potentially being a scramble, best ball, or some other game type. If the group wins, they get a relatively large cash sum (in weekend warrior terms). Meanwhile, if the tour pro wins, the group has to give the pro like $5 or buy him something small such as a beer or hot dog (I think it would be amusing to watch some random guy by Rickie Fowler a hot dog).

The group would have the option to win more money if they beat the pro by more than 1 up, with bigger cash incentives for the greater the victory. There could also be a 1 hole double or nothing option once the match is over, as well as smaller “one-off” challenges within the match.

Production-wise, there would be a “host” who takes a relatively back seat role. He or she would act to first allow the random group of people to introduce themselves to the audience, and then ask the players about their mental state as the round continues. The person setting the tee sheet would be in on the production, so the tour pro plays with a group of guys that play the course frequently and are somewhat connected to the course.

The more I think about this, the more I find it to be (surprisingly) feasible. All in all, I think it would be pretty cool to watch while offering tour players a chance to gain fans/exposure beyond the typical avenues.


I’d watch this, but not sure there’s too many tour pros that would subject themselves to that from a golf point of view.

They clearly risk getting beat off a few hackers and don’t stand to really win anything, other than a bit of PR.

Remember golf is work for these guys. Maybe a retired or semi-retired guy might go for it.


Hahaha this is actually what I’m doing!!! Gonna be mega exaggerated


How about getting Micha on from irration ? He can tell us how he covers the ball ao well for a big guy.

Seriously I would like to hear how he got into golf and when and where he gets to play. Seems like a top bloke.


I NEED @Tron to fire up a collaboration with either Club Corp or Concert golf the next time they take over a struggling country club and participate in the renovation. I think Tron’s hotel experience makes him the ideal candidate to be a Jon Taffer / Bar Rescue type person for the country club industry. Spruce up the food and beverage offering, make some GCA takes & suggestions, teach the Men’s Golf Association Wolf Hammer… the list goes on. The NLU crew could churn out 10+ videos on one country club alone. Imagine what the CC Rescue, Pimp my Club (name still TBD) franchise could turn into… I’m envisioning a world where I no longer have to watch the legend of bagger vance on the golf channel. Instead I’m treated to Tron screaming “shut this place down” upon discovering a club’s plans to add additional cart paths and fountains.


Architects would come in and pitch their renovation plans and Tron would grill them. Maybe have Tommy Raynor come in and do a presentation that the members absolutely love and then Tron threatens to quit the project. BEAUTIFUL TV.


Taffer is the ultimate menace/alpha. I’m honored and humbled to even be mentioned in the same paragraph.


This is hilarious. Would love to see this match captured in a video feature.


Swing theory: Is it the SoCal San Diego vibe that had you guys using Golfholics-esque music on that one? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Killhouse version of Cribs. Specifically I wanna know what is in the fridge of this joint? What is the spread like during Prime Time Tour viewing?


If I can watch Sergio doing bad swing impression and love it, then I need this too!


How about a series of @Randy getting instruction from a different person every time?


It would be funny, but I’d hate to see him do that to himself. Would be way too many swing thoughts.


How about a series whereby @Randy tries to get to 100 MPH clubhead speed? :slight_smile:


I love the idea of following a tour pro for a week. Obviously something nearly everyone would want to see and would never be a part of, besides a select few. Seems like THE tour would have too many restrictive things on allowing this, perhaps a WEB guy. They seem more agreeable to different ways to distribute content and publicity.


Seriously though, can you guys get Taffer on a Trap Draw to talk golf-adjacent F&B? I have this probably-not-too-woke hunch that you guys and Dan Katz have a significant cross over of audience, and perhaps may be cordial w/ each other. His interviews with Jon are some of PMT’s best content.


My advice would be to give the people what they want, and apparently, the people want to see tour pros fly their irons past @djpie 's driver.