What do you want to see next out of NLU?


These also exist for the NBA stateside. I’m not sure if they’re legal or not, but these guys are pretty respected hoops writers/podcaters, and do their NBACast for various national TV games through Twitch and Periscope. I’m not 100% sure if they’re allowed to do it, but I would imagine they’ve cleared it with the league as they’re credentialed for quite a few games as well. That said, the NBA has a very social media friendly policy on these things, and I can’t imagine any amount of #LivingUnderPar campaigns would bring the Tour close to pro hoops in this regard.


Maybe this is happening already but is there a recap (even a short one at ten min or less) for most events? I know there is often a pre and post coverage of majors but I don’t do a great job of keeping up with many pga events throughout the season. I’d love to get a quick recap of each event so I can keep up with the season better even if I don’t watch on Sunday.


Yeah I couldn’t comment on the legitimacy of it at the beginning, I think it was pretty below the radar but as the popularity grew it became much more of a mainstream thing and no doubt had boxes to tick from the broadcasting commission eventually. Things are definitely more lax in NZ, the old “asking for forgiveness is easier than asking for permission” mantra goes a long way down here, probably not so much in the US?


It’s somewhere up in the middle of this thread but I’d like to reiterate the grounds crew work for a day idea. Might even be able to volunteer the course I worked at this past summer (provided the stodgy, old membership would allow it).

Basically what I’m saying is, yes, I’d like to see the joy creep over Randy’s face as he rides a greens roller


@Randy was born to operate heavy machinery, he just hasn’t mentally pictured himself doing it yet.

Speaking of large agricultural equipment, could we get a live-from video/pod from the 5th major, aka The John Deere Classic?


Put it this way. I asked the PGA Tour for 19 seconds of audio from an event in 2004 to plug into a podcast, and they denied the request.


God forbid the PGA Tour help you guys do their marketing department’s job for them (for free!)


This isn’t so much content-related, but could we add a search feature on the nlu main website? Right now it’s easier to google “escape from pyeontaek” than actually finding that gem on the website.


+1 It would make it much easier to find #content.


How about a competition using only late night golf channel commercial clubs? The perfect strike, C3i wedges, GX-7 X metal etc.


There could be a selection of 28 obscure clubs that roughly round out two full sets. Then you have a back and forth “draft” of the clubs between two guys to see what set they’ll play with for their match. “With the first overall selection of the garbage club challenge, Soly takes The Perfect Club”.


Part of the fun is that all of the clubs would be 25% drivers, 25% fairway woods, 40% wedges/illegal chippers, and 10% putters. I don’t think there’s any infomercial irons. 100% in.


I bet a full send with a dual sided chipper goes a long way haha.


More of Randy and some steep hills. With a bit of golf thrown in.

I Would rally like to see a Uk version of strapped. Just drop them off in Middlesbrough, York or Leeds and see how they get on.


Yes. Totally agree. And second on the Duck.


the only way this would work well is if you played as one group…since you sure as HELL don’t want to buy more than one of each of these things.



This. And the recruitment of @djpie


I’d like to know more about the origins of their relationship with ZB.


I would like to second the idea of the “follow a PGA pro for a week” during a tournament. That would be great.


I’d love to see a behind the scenes tour of the Callaway Pre-Owned facility. Maybe get the guys to put together budget bags and play a round with them?