What do you want to see next out of NLU?


Is “The Match” (Tron/Soly, Curtis Luck/Someone whose name I cant remember) going to drop anytime soon? @djpie


Wild World of Golf


January 16. Day after Tourist Sauce Ends. Strapped Trailer shortly after that, Strapped Ep 2 airing January 22. More details on the podcast posted tonight


:disappointed_relieved: Say it ain’t so!


Thanks. Couldn’t remember the exact name, but remembered this dropped around the time of Tiger-Phil


Keep an eye on Strapped…


Strapped is my favourite thing you guys have done.


I love it! @Randy should be known as The Professor!


I’m hoping that strapped can get out to the PNW sometime in the future. Would be interesting since there is hardly ever any talk of courses from this area.


@Soly @djpie you guys are fucking savage. TS has been all time but for me I’m losing focus watching them…but now that I know Stapped is right around the corner I’m all amped again.


When Stapped Season 2 is gonna be lit:

image https://66.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lo375mgtCP1qfdu3lo1_500.gif


Would have to up the budget from $500 to do Strapped in the PNW…


Can we get a highlight reel or clip show of greatest NLU on course ejections and commentary?

On that note, I feel like you guys could do a show at TopGolf but somehow there would be a shot of @djpie hitting out of a 7 foot bunker with a creek running through it.

Starting to feel like a running gag a la Brad Pitt always eating in Oceans 11.


Tough to contribute anything original with all the good responses in this thread.

So many logistical hurdles + expense for grand ideas, so I’ll throw out something simple and cheap.

How about a spotlight on golf mobility technology + the OEMs that manufacturer, sell, rent, maintain carts or whatever. Certainly not as interesting as other topics but it’s a huge part of the American golf experience.

After typing this I realized how boring this actually sounds but whatever. :neutral_face:


Maybe you and Greg should get together. :slight_smile:


Fak I don’t know how to feel. I’m slightly triggered and slightly intrigued.


Na there is plenty of air bnb’s around that budget good and there are lots of quality local tracks around for good prices. Just depends on what courses they were trying to play.


Live NLU streaming commentary for final rounds of each of the majors. With sound effects board so we can sync it with the live coverage. Please.


Not my idea just FYI. There is a crew here in NZ who do alternative commentary for the cricket and it’s outstanding stuff. They stream through an app and it’s super easy to sync it up with the live broadcast with a bit of pausing and restarting. So much inappropriateness and hot takes from these guys, it’s seriously funny but they all know their shit when it comes to the game so it’s the perfect balance. It’s ripe for NLU to do the same.

Here’s some of their very early stuff, it’s just gotten better and better…



Not sure what the laws are like in NZ, but this is so very much not allowed here.