What do you want to see next out of NLU?


So I was recently listening to Shane Bacon’s podcast with Xander. It was kind of annoying that he had 5 advertisements in a 30 minute podcast.

One thing that the NLU guys get right, and I believe Soly mentioned this recently, is that they don’t litter each pod with commercials (even though they could). They usually have 1, maybe 2, over a 60 minute podcast.

Not a huge deal, but makes the listening experience way more enjoyable for me.


Yeah, I unsubscribed from that pod for that reason. Also, because it’s pretty vanilla since he can’t upset the people that employ him by saying anything controversial.


Pretty much this for me. I don’t mind commercials because I understand it pays the bills but Bacon’s podcast has been on a sad decline and is basically just a podcast version of a press conference. No interesting questioning, no challenging of guests, etc. It’s a good problem for him though because it’s a result of him moving up the ranks.

The Karen Crouse interview post-Ryder Cup was a journalistic abortion and when I hit the unsubscribe button.


Just more Ransy (that was a typo but I’m keeping it)


That was pretty unengaging from both sides.

On a related note, does anyone know why Shackhouse stopped production?


I’d love to watch @Randy take a half hour lesson with Hank Haney. Just record the whole thing…every shot Randy hits, what Hank says, their conversation, how he improves throughout the lesson, etc. This is not a jab at Randy at all, I just think watching that would be really interesting and funny.


Better yet…
A 30 minute session between @Randy and Bob Rotella discussing his proprietary “mental miss” approach.


I will admit that the content that is being produced is “inferior” to what had been produced in the past. I assume that this is based on Bacon being stretched pretty thin right? He’s a…pretty busy guy these days, and it’s pretty awesome to see him do what he’s doing.


I’d like to see a putting lesson from @Randy further breaking down the “mental miss” strategy. I’ve employed it as far as I understand it. Limited results, but I like it.


Randy getting a lesson with anyone would be hilarious. As long as it includes constant jokes about how long his sticks are.


Content I am dying to see, and something that I think NLU would be a great fit for:

I really want to follow a tour pro behind the scenes for every waking minute of a tournament week. Starting the moment they land in town on Monday. What is their prep like, what goes on Monday-Tuesday…Do they go out for beers in the evenings? A few other players hanging out at their house some? How much are they chatting with the Ams during the Pro-Am? What are the nerves like on Wednesday night? Do they work on their putting stroke in the living room like I do? When they get back to house after round 1, what are conversations like with their caddies and coaches? What is the mood like around the rental house after a 74, or after a 64? Everything from making breakfast, to game planning, from trips to the equipment truck, to their NetJets waiting on Sunday night…
I’d be lying if I said I don’t fantasize about what a week would look like if I would be in the big show. I would absolutely love to see an in-depth, day-by-day look at what it’s actually like.

Some strings would need to be pulled, but I think it would need to involve

  • A tour pro that NLU has some relationship with, since one of them would need to stay at the same house. Basically hanging out with the player as one of their team members.

  • Walking with the player inside the ropes. Could also bring a Tiger Tracker style tweeting during the round. A mic on the caddie? I’m sure not possible, but a boy can dream.

  • Limited interaction with the player, a few conversations here and there, but largely just observing, but then bringing a recap at the and of every day. Of course it would be ideal if the player makes the cut, but it would be interesting to see what happens when they don’t. (Do they leave town yet that night? Who lines up the jet?) I am picturing a 15 minute piece for each day.

  • I’m thinking not a major tourney, but not a dud either. Something that will at least carry a few nerves. Something on the West Coast swing? Maybe Arnold Palmer Inv?

  • I don’t care who it is. There are plenty of players on tour that I wouldn’t give a second look, but I might be blown away ins seeing who they are off the course and between rounds.

I am picturing something like Vice does with their HBO series.(opinions may vary on this, but their reporting is often eye-opening) Just one or maybe two people, one camera, right in the thick of things.

A huge undertaking, and I am sure there are a ton of things that I am not thinking of, but I would eat that content up. I have seen little behind-the-scenes clip here and there, but never week-long dive that shows the downtime, and what goes into a PGA pro’s week.

Long post, pipe dream…make it happen.


Paul - this is a fantastic idea. I’m sold. Gotta find the right guy, and the right time, but this is now on the list.

A lot of what you mentioned is more than impossible, but I think we could do this in an interesting way. Thanks for the idea!


Paul nailed it. Yes yes yes


This made my day, can’t wait to see what you guys come up with, I’m sure it will be killer. Cheers!


Has to be a Callaway guy, no (just given the relationship)? If so, Leish seems like a super obvious choice + I doubt it would faze him at all from the limited things I’ve heard from him. I would be pumped for that. Imagine if he won or was in the hunt…

If not Leish, why not someone like Aaron Wise (presuming Xander wouldn’t do it)? Young up-and-comer, still probably figuring out tour life a bit, would probably be more interesting than a grizzled vet but just my 2 cents.


This, but follow Jason Day around for all four rounds with a giant clock. His prior approval is not a necessary component. Don’t even need the cameras, really.


A few things on this…

  1. Awesome idea
  2. I would not limit it to just following the player. You could get some killer footage of a player’s significant other or family during the round. Imagine their husband just shot a 76 and you hear Soly off-camera say to the player’s family, “What are you going to say to him?” The sig other looks straight ahead not facing the camera, sighs, and then says, “That we love him and we’re thankful that we’re here with him.” Followed by a tight-lipped smile. :skull::skull:
  3. If you get a player that is staying on property for the tournament, that would be awesome.
  4. I would also follow their caddie for tournament prep. One of the caddies that I have spoken to told me how he goes out and measures yardages with other caddies, makes notes for potential pin placements, etc.


Agreed let’s just have @Soly follow Justine Reed around for a week and report back. I’m sure it will go fine.


Yes, great additions. The family/friends dynamic is interesting. I often hear these guys talking about groups of friends that were in town for the weekend, it would be interesting to see how social they are during a tournament.

I’m not sure that it would have to be, unless Callaway is opening the door to the opportunity with a certain player. I know they are a major sponsor, but I don’t get the feeling the limit content all that much. They might need to sensor some of the conversations in the equipment truck, if there are any, but other than that it could be pretty neutral. Perhaps better to have the story or series sponsored by BMW, at a tournament that they are supplying the courtesy cars. (picturing some great shots of listening in from the back seat as the player and caddie make the drive to the course in a pristine X5)


Great idea but would add lottery instead of auction. $10-$50 per ticket. Select 10 winners. Makes it less buying a spot and more luck. Live drawing would be a nice touch too