What do you want to see next out of NLU?


In terms of content the guys do an awesome job coming up with new, highly entertaining productions, so I’m not under the impression I know what’s a good direction to continue on. Given the brilliance of Strapped and Tourist Sauce, and the continuing high level of podcasts coming out, they know how to keep things fresh.

One thing I do hope they shy away from is equipment-stuff. Besides the fact this is an incredibly subjective topic, there is so much equipment content out there, and I am rarely entertained by it. Another possible negative would be the added presence of OEM. What I love about NLU’s involvement with Callaway is the fact it’s relatively subdued; we know Callaway sponsors them, and they use and promote their products, but it’s in no way intrusive to the viewing or listening experience, quite the contrary.


More of the same… But hosted by Peter Kessler. Stellar.



Potential podcast guest, or is that story too tired?


More @Tron deep dive pods. Have a round table with the boys discussing everything Tron finds on a topic. The deep dive Big Cat pod is still one of my favorites.


here’s what I’ve liked a lot in the short time I’ve been watching: OB chain, Tilt game, bullshit bar games…

We need a book of NLU games.

P.S. I don’t know if it’s just me, but do you guys really only have one beer per day?


On beer would be “laying up.” Randy might be a teetotaler, but I’m pretty sure @TheMerchCzar has seen the bottom of many, many beer cans.


This is very far-reaching, but maybe partner with one of the tour pro’s foundations and co-host an event where a handful of spots are auctioned off to Refuge members?

That would be a very legit way for them to connect the NLU fans with the behind-the-scenes stuff they’ve been getting access to the last year couple years since @Soly went full time on the Pro-Am circuit.

Think about it, JT will no doubt start a foundation at some point in the next couple years. How cool would it be to be able to play in its inaugural event, meet a couple of the tour pros who would be there supporting him etc.

Other than that, definitely more Strapped. The banter between @Randy and @TheMerchCzar was the hardest I’ve laughed in quite a while.


off day rounds with professional golfers where NLU gets paired up 1 each with a touring player and you play Nassau’s, or wolfhammer, at their clubs.

An NLU RYDER CUP. THIS HAS TO HAPPEN. Maybe it’s NLU vs. Fried Egg or TGJ or something. Any iteration will be fine.


A decent number of us have worked on grounds for our local courses. I would love to see Soly and the boys get on some mowers for a day or two and hang with a superintendent. Start the day with a 4:45 a.m. wake up call, grease and gas the mowers, and start cutting. Ask the super questions about their life, the hours, and what pisses them off.


And not the super of some swanky club. Just a decent public course…soooo many characters.


You learn so much about golf by working grounds. Those little boxes next to the tee markers? You put unwanted/broken tees in there because mower blades can become damaged/dull from hitting them.


Cut cups and mowed greens (obviously a lot more as well but those primarily) for 7 summers. Aside from the wake up time it was 100% awesome.


I would watch the hell out of that!


So this is all just stream of consciousness inspired by watching today’s new episode of Tourist Sauce (and, so help me, I will NOT be thinking any of this through before typing it out and posting)…

What about a Strapped/Tourist Sauce crossover event? Go someplace not obvious, give it the full Tourist Sauce production treatment, get it sponsored by local companies, and do a deep dive into Ohio (with the home state spin for @Randy and @Soly) or Michigan with its incredible public courses or Colorado with its various recreational activities? Or, wait, how about a state-by-state look? Swing State?

Also, (and the more I think about this one the more I love it) maybe a series where we send @Randy alone with his thoughts and a single camera to explore golf in college towns. He can make it a book event. Introvertical?


You’ve peaked corporate’s interest


I’m not sure the Colorado episode of Swing State (could it be called anything other than “Tee It High”?) will ever get off the ground with the C-Suite duo calling the shots. Although I’m sure Doritos would pick up some slack after they lose literally every other sponsor.


A good in depth analysis of what it is like to be a regular golfer in America, GB & I, Australia etc.

Maybe difference between small town America, metro areas, country club v public courses. GB members clubs (it’s not as rosy as it’s always made out to be).

Cost, access, competitions, culture, courses, etc,

How accessible golf is and what kinds of things should be happening in to promote it and improve it.


would love to see NLU have a “the match” type series between themselves (or whoever) at interesting tracks. i think i’d watch an embarrassing amount of this sort of thing. love all the tourist/etc video stuff but am always wanting to see the holes shot by shot. as long as you have some sort of connection with the person playing, non-professional golf can be incredibly endearing. followed my cousin playing super small college tournaments a few times and it was honestly some of the most fun i’ve had watching golf. also i wanted strapped to be a netflix show with 20 seasons


Keep an eye out in the next couple of weeks. They are doing a Wild World of Golf style show that hasn’t been released yet.


Yeah and the first one is supposedly a game of Wolfhammer with Ben Crenshaw!? Sign me TF up!!