What do you want to see next out of NLU?


Soly hinted at this topic during the 2nd stint of the mailbag pod. So what do you want to see next out of NLU or alternatively stay away from. For me:


  • More of the same content: Strapped, Tourist Sauce, Pods (yes, we know its coming and will continue)
  • LPGA coverage - those girls are damn good and the Refuge is the hardcore golfers that will move to it, great start to this last year
  • Tournament recaps from all major tours, maybe not weekly, but monthly - I want to know what I missed
  • NLU golf pools for the refuge, refuge tournaments, etc - we have bought in, now lets start to meet each other (yes this was mentioned on the pod)

Stay away from:

  • All things equipment related - there are other forums that do this in spades and do it well.
  • Architect stuff - Same as point above, don’t shy away from it, but don’t deep dive it anymore then you already do

Looking forward to everyone comments. Cheers (or should I say “Crack On”),


NLU hasn’t made a white belt joke in nearly a year. Shame.


Just thought of this.

Big Randy going through some lessons to try and get better, his own Paper Tiger adventure. Its not at all that he might have the most to improve on, but his personality and depth of character will be amazing to watch this transformation, of his game, knowledge, and ultimately his soul.

Titled - I am coming for you SOLY!


I agree with different outings. Would be a fun way to meet some of the Refuge and get some fun games in. I just went to Sweetens this weekend and am already dying for another reason to go back.


These are all good. But part of what I like about NLU is not having to think about this and just having the utmost confidence that they will deliver what I want. And they have.

I fully expect them to keep getting better and better. Strapped is the perfect example of this.


I would say this resonates true for me as well. What has made NLU great for me is the variety in content that you don’t always get through other mediums. The variety has kept me coming back time and time again. Strapped was a great step in an awesome direction, but even the behind the scenes videos of @TheMerchCzar and @Randy walking around at PGA events was great stuff.

Keep the #munilife vibe strong


checks Callaway website for white belts



I think this is pretty much spot on.


More @Randy

Sometimes feel like he gets the dropped from TV coverage treatment!


More Strapped. More @Randy. More @TheMerchCzar. Less architecture. More coverage of week to week PGA events, not just majors.


I’ve taken (or attempted to) the lead on pools for the majors. looking for a partner to do the tech work to maintain scoring, etc. there is a thread out there on it I started…plenty of lead time before the masters.


Not sure what kind of access (if any) is available but the high level amateur tournaments would be cool to get coverage/recaps of. I know all of the USGA AM stuff gets covered, but tournaments like Azalea, Crump cup or even the Timuquana Cup should be easy if any access could be given. That level of golf is pretty cool, I think.

The strapped series is awesome, can’t wait to see how that takes shape in the future.

The idea of group outings was mentioned in the pod. There was alot of of hate on the ringer in this forum (valid or not), but I think something like that would be really cool for the NLU fanbase. With Ohio/Illinois being the hometowns of a few of the guys and TFE located in Chicago, my hope is that there is a hybrid event in the works that would be easily accessible from Indiana!


@Clarkebar nailed it for me - these guys just get it. The only quibble I was starting to have was that some of the Pro-Am/Callaway/BMW stuff, while providing ridiculously cool access and footage that would have never been possible before, started to feel a little less accessible to the everyday golfer. And then Strapped fell from the heavens (much like Icarito himself).

The only thing I will say is that the #LPCP hashtag has withered on the vine. It makes sense, as the guys are actually interacting with tour pros instead of criticizing them from afar, but it was still fun to debate which millionaire pro golfers truly stunk and possessed negative pop.


And with TPC Deere Run near and dear to their hearts.


More Strapped. NLU’s version of Adventures in Golf for the hardos.


Awesome! Thanks @Clarkebar


Second the call for more coverage of the cocktail circuit, aka the elite amateur tournaments that Jeff Knox is known to win.


I’m honestly just hoping for some NLU travel. Just for the guys to get around to some parts of the country and play the courses we have to play and to do meetups. I know @Soly and @Tron referenced this in the last mailbag pod but I’m hoping for something on a smaller scale as well. Being a guy who has a family and a job and school. It’s hard to just up and leave because I’d like to attend something that they put on that’s on a huge level. If you guys were to just take a poll and do like 2-3 cities in some of the major states that you have feedback from that would be prime.


I’m really hoping for a midwestern outing, preferably in MN. MN has many, many public courses that could accommodate.

Keller Golf Course would be a great place to do it hold it at. Great blend of architecture, history and affordability.


Funny, I was trying to think of local places as well and Keller was one that came to mind.