What Clubs Do You Play


Had my first ever fitting today. I hit probably 8-10 different irons and ended up with the new Apex irons 5-PW and a utility 4i. I have a Callaway Epic Sub Zero in the bag as well as a Nike Vapor 3w and 3h. Will get fitted for Driver and Woods in February but It will be really hard for me to let go of the Nike Putter I have.

*Side Note - Fitter gave me a sleeve of the new Callaway E-R-C golf balls.


Almost forgot - Nike wedges *52 & *56.


Can you lend Rory your Nike wedges please. He hasn’t hit a green since he dumped his.


Callaway Rogue 9*
Callaway XR16 Pro 16*
Srixon z745 (3i-PW)
Callaway MD3s (50, 54, 58)
Odyssey OWorks Black 1W


Haven’t made any updates to my bag since high school due to not playing college golf (victim of the disgustingly deep class of 2011). That changed today.

Swapped out my OG 710 AP2s with the 718 T-MB/AP2s and my old SM4s with SM7s. Grew 6 inches, gained 50 pounds, and picked up about 15mph of club head speed since my last fitting in 2010, so hoping some properly fit irons to me currently will help shave some strokes.

The podcast with Mark Broadie convinced me to get new irons and wedges first. Hoping to update the woods in a few months. The Callaway Flash line looks awesome.

Anyway, bag now looks like:
Titleist 910D2 9*
Ping i15 3W 14*
Titleist 718 T-MB 2i
Titleist 718 AP2 4i-PW
Titleist SM7 50*, 54*, 58*
Scotty Cameron Newport 1.5


I can take those extra sets of Miuras off your hands… Or a trade for some TM TP CB/MB combos…


Has anyone hit Hogans since their rebrand or whatever that was?

I’m in the market for irons.


Depending on the iron your looking at, they have a demo program. I’ve been curious about them for awhile too, but they’re always “out” of the blades to try.


M1 440 speeder 757x
917 13.5 F3 speeder 85x
3-P MP4 x100
50/54/58 SM7 S400
Bettinardi BB1

well, that’s what gets used the most often, but i’ll bring out other stuff depending on what i’m doing, who i’m playing with, conditions, etc. there’s more stuff in the basement, a set of the 680 15AE irons in a box, etc not pictured. i’m a gearhead not just in the traditional sense, but in golf too.


Jesus, that’s impressive. Or worrying!


I like those VR’s on the left. If you ever wanna let em go give me a shout. I’ve got a set but they are gonna wear out eventually.


Nice try Tommy.



nope. i don’t sell anything.


  1. i10s 4-W w/zz65 that were the first set i ever bought.
  2. s56 2-P s300 was next, and probably what I’ve played the most rounds with. i bought these as like a 12 and played them down to ~3 index.
  3. the VR Pros which were the first set I ever “built.” I didn’t do a great job and I might take them apart and do them right this time. I also have a 2i VR Pro with s300, and a 2i pocket cavity x100 for this set. i haven’t had them out in a year or so.
  4. titleist 714mb with x100. i did these with custom red/white/black ferrules, x100s, and put an extra wrap under the tour velvets. played these for a year and some of my best golf. they’re getting worn, and i tend to use these for my “half sets” i play in the winter, or when i’m going to beat a million balls.
  5. mizuno mp4 3-P with x100 MCC +4 and +1 wrap, with white/blue ferrules. The best set I’ve done thus far. I think I got all the weighting right within 2 grams, used new X100s for the first time, and bent them all back to standard loft/lie. best feeling irons i own for sure.
  6. Hogan Apex+ 3-P s300. Got these off of WRX for like $125. Bring them out on occasion with the persimmons for fun in the winter. If nothing else they look good in that old Hogan bag.
  7. Walter Hagen Ultradyne II with some crazy twisted shaft. These were my grandfathers, and he was the one that got me my first half set of austads clubs when i was 13. I never really played growing up, but when he passed his clubs and his Hogan bag (his favorite player) was something I asked my parents if I can have. I basically have him to thank for me being into golf. I’ve never hit these, but someday I probably will.
  8. Titleist 1/75 680 15th AE with X100 and MCC +4 +1 wrap. I bought these on a whim one night as they were very limited release and hard to get. They’re still in the box in the plastic. I don’t know if I’ll play them, sell, or put on the wall as decoration.

Assorted SM4, SM6, SM7 wedges, Ping tour S, Ping Glide too. There’s a Ping Redwood ZB in there I used for a long time I like. A Ping Scottsdale Anser, Ping Scottsdale B60, but I’m not a big putterhead.

Drivers/woods go all the way back to the original burner driver/3w/5w. The burner 3w I ended up putting a nice Aldila voodoo NVS shaft in and played for quite a while. Taylormade Superfast TP…then things got out of hand. I probably have 3 of the original VR Tour driver with various shafts and lofts. VR Pro II Ltd Ed driver and 3w, driver I hardly used, 3w I played for probably 3 years. I have the original Covert Tour, Covert II Ltd (all black one), and the Vapor Flex which was awesome. I won a random drawing on WRX and got the M1 for free, and bought the 917 F3 a couple years ago.

There’s also a few persimmon MacGregor drivers 3w/5w in there, and I picked up some Hogan Apex 3w 5w a couple weeks ago.

I keep a left handed set on hand for when my dad is in town too.

That might be it? I’m really not sure.


I don’t really keep wedges or drivers but damn if I don’t have a good many sets of irons and putters around. My wife gets annoyed sometimes because they are all over the house but I’m too attached to get rid of them.


Man, you got it bad!


Us 2011 burnouts gotta stay strong! Recently upgraded my irons to 718s as well and the fact that you also have random Ping i15 3W is a bit jarring. Kindred Spirits, I think!



Any recommendations for small practice putting mats? Non-bathroom variety


Birdieball makes the best stuff.


How’s the M3?
I hit the M6 tonight and it was a CANNON. The head is a bit too big for my liking, though… But if it out performs everything else, so be it.

The new Epic Flash 3 wood looks so clean, though.

I’m torn.