What Clubs Do You Play


A few years ago I ran into a sporting good store looking for some golf balls and just saw that the Srixon z stars were about $10 cheaper per box. Grabbed them and realized I liked them waaaay more than the pro v1. Ever since that I have been an absolute srixon fan boy. Maybe it’s because they are a bit less common but ultimately I got the 545 irons p-3 and the 745 driver. They’ve come out with two new versions since but I don’t play enough to be anywhere near needing an update. I loooove my callaway apex 2 hybrid although it can treat me dirty when it balloons high and left when I sweep it off the tee instead of hitting it more like an iron. That’s my only wood. And then three Cleveland wedges 48 54 60. I got a seemore putter but I haven’t figured out if I like the center shaft yet or not. I want to try the Huntington Cleveland putters just to stay on the fan boy side and they look like quality blade putters without a Scotty price tag.


The current line-up:

Driver: Callaway XR16 10.5⁰ - Fujikura Motore Speeder 765X – 44.5”
Driver: Taylormade M2 (2016) 9.5⁰ - Mitsubishi Tensei White 70X– 44.5”
3W: Taylormade Jetspeed 3W 15⁰ - Matrix Velox T69S
Driving Iron: Taylormade Tour Preferred UDI 2-iron (18⁰) - KBS C-taper S
Hybrid: Nike Vapor Flex 19⁰ - Mitsubishi Diamana S+80 S
Irons: Nike Vapor Pro Combo 4-PW - TT DG PRO S300 - +3/4”, 2⁰ up
Wedges: Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0 50⁰, 56⁰ & 60⁰ - TT DG S300
Putter: Odyssey White Ice #5


My second set in my old bedroom in my mum and dad’s house in Scotland that is. We’ve all got to come from somewhere!


Sad face. I had dreams of RACDG meets in romantic baronial castles in the Highlands. :disappointed:


The Huntington Beach 1 is a peach. Rolls really well on mishits, but also makes it very clear with sound and feel when you hit one where you’re supposed to.


Feeling pretty settled at this point. Depending on course, woods and hybrids interchangeable.

Driver - Cobra F7+ 9.5*
4W - Callaway GBB Epic 17*
Heavenwood - Callaway GBB Epic 20*
Hybrids - Cobra King F8 (19/22/25)
Irons - Cobra King F7 (4-GW) Recoil 460
Wedges - Callaway Mack Daddy 3 (54s/58w)
Putter - Bettinardi BB56


Thoughts on the UDI? I think it’s time I replace my HiBore 5 wood… it goes, guess this, pretty high lol


I love the thing, might be the best investment in my bag. It’s a great option off the tee, especially when it’s dry. It’s pretty playable from the fairways as well, especially for someone who is as terrible with a wood in his hands as I am.

I have the older Tour Preferred model, and from what I hear the new models like the 790UDI and Gapr are even better.


I’m never not gonna read that as “gaper” :laughing:


2017 M2 10.5* (deeply love)
SLDR 15* (meh)
Mizuno MP-18 FliHi 3 iron (love)
Mizuno MP-H5 4 iron (love always and forever)
5-PW Mizuno MP-54s (love when I’m swinging well)
Vokey 50*, 56* & 60* (love them all)
Scotty Cameron Squareback Select (will use forever)


Driver - TM Burner 2.0
3W - TM M2
3-4 Hybrids - Adams A3 (just can’t bring myself to replace these)
5-PW - Ping G - Red Dot
50, 54 Wedge - Callaway Mack Daddy 4 (Shoutout Callaway Preowned Black Friday Sale today!)
60 - Adams Performance Grind (Ran out of money to update this haha)
Putter - Odyssey 2 Ball

Ball - Project (a)

Now to just wait until May to play again :frowning:


How are you finding the MP-18 combo?

I’m playing MP-32 PW-5 and have my old MX-23 4 and 3 to try and achieve something similar at the moment. Needless to say I’m keen to move forward to something made in the last decade and want to stay with the Mizzys.


Big fan of the MP-18 combo exactly what i was looking for when it came time to get new irons and I highly recommend them. If you’re looking for a combo set and want to stay with Mizzys you can’t go wrong.


DRIVER Calloway Rogue 10.5
4 WOOD Ping G25
7 WOOD (5wood shaft heaven wood) Calloway
456 HYBRIDS Ping G400
7 8 9 PW 50 54 PXG 0311XF (great deal for active and former millitary, Thanks Bob P !!)
Lob Wedge Taylor made Hi-Toe 58
Taylor made Spider putter
Adult manifestation of childhood ADD!


Some of you jumped at TwistFace when you should have been waiting for ScrewFace. TaylorMade bringing it back to the persimmon days apparently.



Titleist 913 D3 9.5*
Titleist 910 FD 13.5*
Titleist 910H 19*
Titleist 915H 24*
5-6 Titleist 712 AP1
7-P Titleist 712 AP2
Vokey SM6 50* 54* 58*
2015 Scotty Cameron GoLo 3


Can we get an @djpie WITB. Very interested in how he goes about dealing with multiple sponsorships.


Yeah I’m curious to know what all the guys have in their bags. @Tron @Soly @TheMerchCzar @djpie @Randy I saw a glimpse in the last YouTube video and someone was rocking an old odyssey putter.


Rogue Subzero driver and 3-wood
X-forged irons
Mack Daddy wedges
O-Works 7 putter

Gonna be doing some WITB video stuff in January when the new stuff launches.


PXG wedge out of the bag from the Jon Rahm Pro-Am video? Don’t think the gearheads here miss a beat…