What Clubs Do You Play


Pure, so pure. Their wedges look sick

I’m in the market for a driving iron, too. Thinking GAPR low or whatever the Srixon is called. How does that 4 iron perform?


Ping Rapture I’ve had for a decade
Ping i25 3W XStiff shaft.
All irons are +1/4" X100 AMT Tour White shafts
3i 718 Titleist T-MB
4-6i 718 Titleist CB
7-9i 718 Titleist MB
46* SM7 F Grind
52* & 58* Vokey Design Wedges
Odyssey DFX 2-Ball Blade

Coming in 2019 is a TS2 Evenflow White at 8.5* and 3 new SM7s to get my wedge gapping right. The irons are new as of last month and I can’t get enough of them. So pure.


strong, but not “driving iron” like. Although, on a lark, I dug up the Ping Eye 2 beryllium 1 iron butter knife I have, and tried to hit it. I hit the 4 iron same distance. About 210.


Rogue with Evenflow Blue 6.0

Mizuno CLK 2 and 3 hybrids. I just bought the 3 hybrid. They both have the stock 75 gram speeder shaft. I tinker with the lofts quite a bit. But the 2 hybrid has settled into a full on 3 wood replacement at 14 degrees.

Mizuno MP33 2 iron sees some play. DGS300 in that.

Mizuno MP18 FliHi 2 iron that i hate. I hit it way worse than my blade 2 iron.

Mizuno MP18 3-P. Project X 6.0

Mizuno T7 53/10 has supplanted the Vokey SM6 54

Vokey SM6 58/8 is holding its own against the Taylor Made Hi Toe 58. I really really like the Hi Toe in the sand, but i feel like the Vokey has a much more forgiving sole.

Cameron Futura 6M putter.

All of this was supposed to be in a new Titleist bag this year, but the bag broke after 2 months, finished the year with my 9 year old titleist bag. Just ordered a Shapland that my wife doesnt know about yet.


I’m a Mizuno loyalist, and I HATE my FliHi 2 iron.


Its so frustrating. It SHOULD be way easier to hit than a 10 year old blade 2 iron. But, i cant hit it for shit. Thank god i finally found some hybrids i agree with.


And the sound it makes on a clank/mishit is rotten - I don’t want to put it back in the bag for fear that it’s contagious.



Sounds terrible. Goes nowhere.

We’ve got a short par 4 that for a time i was using it on. But after a few mis hits, i realized i was better off putting a driver in the water and making up and down for par, than trying to make par from 150 in hay.

I’m seriously considering taking a bench grinder to it to fix the sole. Im fairly certain its the giant sole that i hate.


pics/vids like this warm my heart. And actually make me like Garcia more.


I can relate, exactly. I carried it behind a 13* 3 wood, and at some point realized that I was carrying a 16* hollow aluminium can that occasionally flew 185 yards. It was demoralizing. I wonder if the bench grinder would work, considering the hollow build.


I’ve got a welder here at work.


On another note, I overheard a conversation at the weekend where two guys were talking about drivers “wearing out”. One was on about them losing their spring after ~2000 shots / three years and that they need to be replaced. Sounded like bullshit (or he worked for TM) to me - anyone else got a take on this?


Its complete bullshit. If anything, Theyll become hotter.



Titleist Ts3
Titleist 917 3 Wood
Cobra One Length Hybrid
Cobra One Length Irons
Cobra One Length Wedges
Cameron Tour Rat
Pro v1x 2019 Ball


Yeah that’s BS. I believe manufacturers say they can withstand 10,000 hits in the sweet spot, at tour level speeds, before any worry about “wearing out.”

Some weekend warrior isn’t wearing out his driver with his 90 mph swing speed and inconsistent face impact.


I would think crappy (really crappy) range balls could have a negative effect on the face but that’s it.


easy now, that’s hitting a little close to home


Driver - Taylormade 2016 M1 7.5; Project X 7.0 83g
3 wood - Titleist 913FD 13.5; ProjectX 7.0 83g
Hybrid - Titleist 913H 17; Aldila RIP 100g X Flex
Titleist 712 - 712u 4i - AP1 5i - CB 6/7 - MB 8/9/PW X100 DG XP
Wedges - Cleveland RTX 3.0 KBS Tour Stiff 120 | 52; 56; 60
Putter - Scotty Cameron Studio Style Newport | 35 Inch

Spent the most money on wedges, everything else is 2nd hand eBay (Too many deals to help myself)

How many people take much time looking into the shafts they play? Just curious


I bought the FliHi in 2 and 3…the 3 (19dg) is a lovely club, easy to hit off the deck. The 2 iron is a disaster, I had it bent up to 18.5dg and it now lives in my second set in Scotland.


TaylorMade M2 Driver with Oban Red (only 44" despite me being a tall lad, get fitted everyone)
TaylorMade M1 5 wood
Mizuno MP-18 FliHi 3 iron
Mizuno MP-18 SC 4-5 iron
Mizuno MP-18 MB 6-PW
Vokey 52, 56, 60
Odyssey #7 Mallet (face balanced, who knew?)


“now lives in my second set in Scotland”

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