What Clubs Do You Play


Just curious as to what others use? Figured we can branch our threads out some and see what’s going on in the refuge bags.
I currently game:
Cobra F6 Driver
Nike Vapor Fly 3 Wood
Nike VRS 3 Iron
Nike Vapor Pro Irons 4-PW
SM7 50,54,58
Nike Converge B1-01 Putter


TaylorMade Rocket ballz driver, 7.5*
Titleist 906f 13.5* 3 wood
Mizuno T zoid Mx20 3-pw circa 2002 (most solid irons in the history of the free world)
Titleist 52, 56, and 58* wedges. (58 degree wedge is from Webb Simpson, true story)
TaylorMade black putter like DJ’s, can’t remember what it’s called.


My bag is a bunch of pieces from different manufacturers thrown together into something that works out decent enough for me:

Ping G30 Driver (the original version, when turbulators were the new rage)
Nike Vapor Fly 3-Wood
Taylormade P770 Irons, 3-PW (just got these in the bag, only two rounds with them being in use, nice little butter cuts are a recurring theme with them)
Titleist SM7 48, 52, 56 Wedges
Some Maxfli Putter, a blade, that has no sense of modern technology in it, but it rolls smooth and it won me two high school tournaments so it stays in the bag until I find something that better suits my playing style)


You might have to look some of these up in the history books:

  • TaylorMade SLDR driver
  • TM Burner 3 Wood (the original one)
  • TM Hybrid 4
  • Callaway X20 Tour 4-PW
  • Cleveland wedges 52, 56, 60
  • Odyssey Rossi


There is already this if people are keen on the topic:


I have absolutely nothing to do at work today. So.

If my bag were a sitcom family, here’s the roles they’d play:

  • Driver: Ping G400 (2018). The hip cousin who moves in from LA because his parents split up. All the kids in school want to hang out with him, and his uncle/aunt who he moved in with definitely love and care for him, but they can sometimes get exasperated at his wilder tendencies.
  • 3-wood: Callaway Big Bertha War Bird (1998). Grandpa and patriarch. Old yet spry, somewhat temperamental, but always reliable. It took his son (the 5 wood) years to identify with his idiosyncratic ways, but now that he’s grown up, he realizes that for all his quirks and imperfections, he’ll always be there to help.
  • 5-wood: Callaway Big Bertha (2004, R flex - was my grandpa’s). Dad. Extremely kooky, think Tommy Pickles’s dad in Rugrats. Constantly tinkering with inventions/machines/chemistry in his basement laboratory. Able to produce sublime brilliance and shocking failure in equal measure and without warning.
  • TaylorMade RocketBladez 4-PW (2013). Crazy horde of children. Each with their own distinct personalities, unique abilities, and deep-seated issues.
  • Cleveland 53 degree wedge (Year unknown - also was my grandpa’s). Mom and superhero. Somehow able to keep her head above water while running this entire silly ship. Fixer of wounds, maker of dinners, savior of many close shaves that every other family member has gotten themselves into over the years.
  • TaylorMade TP 60 degree wedge (2010 - bought from a guy on Craigslist in the parking lot of a Waxy O’Connor’s) Cooper, the family dog. A rescued mutt who was found in the parking lot of a Waxy O’Connor’s, and now is the most universally beloved member of the family by both the family and the audience.
  • Cleveland Huntington Beach 1 putter (2017). New baby in the pilot episode who grows up to be the adorable kid throughout the series. Think Michelle from Full House. Consistent laughs whenever he’s on screen - second most beloved behind Cooper.

(Disclaimer - I just came up with all of this shit off the top of my head. I don’t actually think of my bag as a family. That’s some Bryson-level nonsense. I just like writing.)


Taylormade M2
Calloway RAZR X Black 3 and 5 wood (hand me down)
4-GW Mizuno JPX 850 Forged
54 and 58 Cleveland Tour Action 900 (hand me down)
Odyssey ProType Black 2 (hand me down)

Bag: Sun Mountain 2018 4.5 4 way all black

Will upgrade the hand me downs at some point but few like they have the lowest ROI.


we need a LOT more of this attitude in here!

(btw, you’ve got to be pretty young, based on the Tommy Pickles reference…I only know that because MY KIDS watched it)


recently replaced irons and driver, and now I want a freaking Mackenzie bag after The Ringer.

Driver - Taylor Made M4 - 2018 - S - (buddy who can order TM at cost, once a year) - after 3-4 years of hitting wicked low hooks, finally figured something 18 months ago, so bought a new driver for first time in 5 years.
3 Wood - TM RocketBallz - 2013 - S - “the crutch” consistently my favorite club. Can hit 250+ off the deck, 265 off a tee. I’m sure some “trampoline” nerd can explain why I can sometimes hit this farther than my driver, but no need.
19 deg rescue - Callaway…(2011?) - who knows. Needs to be replaced.
4-PW, 50, 54, 58 - PXG Gen 1 - steel fibre wrapped shafts, S, 1 degree flat - ex-mil, so I got them for $140/club, shipped. Best golf purchase I’ve made in 10 years. Touchdown. May coincide with my love affair with golf being rekindled, so may be more about me than the clubs. I doubt it. They’re that good.
Odyssey 2 ball putter - maybe 2005? vintage - buddy gave it to me and it’s been in the bag 95% of the time since he handed it to me and said “get rid of this fucker” - I sent it back to Odyssey this off-season in the hopes of them making it like new again - SuperStroke mid-size grip.

I’m ready for new 3wood and rescue. The rest I’ll keep for next year, most likely. Although I did research, and the PXG Heroes program means new clubs from them are SUPER cheap (putters less than $200)


Taylormade M4 Driver
2016 M2 3W
2017 M2 3 hybrid
4-P Nike Vapor Pro Combo irons
52,56,60 Cleveland Rtx 2.0 wedges
Odyssey O works #1 putter

I’m pretty happy with my bag right now. If I had to change anything I would probably move to 50,54,58 on my wedges since I almost never use my 60*. I like the equipment side of the game but I bet the Callaway association for NLU makes it hard for them to talk about it much outside of their stuff.


28 - don’t quite have the finances to buy a whole new setup so I’ve embraced my Frankenstein situation


if that’s the case about the Callaway relationship, I hope it’s a REALLY big number.


I would just guess you wouldn’t want to spend time talking about other equipment when a company pays you to talk about theirs for 60 seconds. That’s just me though.


Titleist 905T, 9.5’
Titleist 906F2, 15’
Titleist 585H, 22’
Taylor Made X300FCI forged, 4-9 iron
Vokey SM7 black - 48, 52, 56, 60 degree
Oil Can Napa that is somewhat rusting

I probably need some new clubs (just got the wedges this year but have had everything else for ~10), but these look so cool.


Go on…


Need to preface this by saying I badly need to update my sticks. I’m hoping this winter will be the time I get to upgrade my clubs for the first time since gasps the beginning of 2013.

Driver: Taylormade RBZ 10.5*
Fairway wood: Taylormade RBZ 18*
Hybrid: Nike SQ 20*
4 iron-P wedge: Nike VR pro-cavities
56 and 60 degree: Mizuno MP-T11 wedges
Putter: Yes! Ann C-groove. I won this at my high school golf raffle my senior year and this is the one club I don’t ever see myself giving up. I’ll use this thing for years and years to come.

I do only carry 13 clubs and have given thought about adding another to reach 14 if/when I replace my bag these next few months, but I’m not sure what I would add, and I’m plenty comfortable with what I’ve currently got.


Driver: Taylormade M4 D-Type 10.5*
Fairway woods: Taylormade RBZ Stage 2 Tour 14.5*, 18.5*
4 iron-P wedge: 716 AP1
50, 54, and 58 degree: Vokey (SM6, SM5, SM5 respectively)
Putter: Oddesey Versa #9.

Currently trying to find a reasonably priced, either currently playable or refinishable, Newport 2 Tei3 (left handed) and will probably upgrade the fairway woods in the next year or two but otherwise pretty happy with my setup.


Driver: Callaway Epic Subzero
Woods: Callaway Steelhead III, the OG with the purple/yellow UST shaft
Irons: Mizuno JPX 800 Pros 3-GW
Wedges: Cleveland 56, 60 (forgot the model)
Putter: Odyssey Exo 7, first mallet in a loooonggg time. Love it so far.

I am not an equipment junkie, but irons are about ready for replacement. I’ve always prioritized play/travel over clubs.


Driver: Nike Vapor Speed 9.5°
Fairway: Titleist 913 F 3 wood 15.75°
Hybrid: Titleist 816 H1 19°
Irons: Cobra Amp Cell Pro 4 iron - PW
Wedges: Cleveland RTX 588 54° & 58°
Putter: Ping Redwood Anser

Currently shopping those sweet sweet black friday deals for a New (or gently used) Callaway Epic Sub Zero driver. Hit the piss out of it when it first came out, but didn’t want to drop $400 on a new one.
Then I’m going to need to re-gap my wedges (likely add a third and go 52,56,60)
Everything else is gravy!


Ping Redwood gamers, assemble!